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Takeover at Whisper Base

Oct 31, 2015 3:08 am
This will be the main game thread.
Nov 14, 2015 1:00 am
Each of you have, over the course of the past 6 to 8 weeks found yourselves relocated to a top secret Rebel base, used by the Alliance to train up new agents for Alliance Intelligence. Here on the world of Reyniu you are "new employees" of the Cliffview Resort. Prior to the CLone Wars, Reynui enjoyed a brief boom period as an exotic destrination for the galaxy's rich, drawing interest from the nearby Eriadu system and Seswenna sector. Resorts catered to sail barges and air cruisers that would trace the canyons and take in the considerable natural landscape. However, when the Clone Wars broke out, Separatist space envoloped the world. This cut it off from the Republic stronghold of Eriadu and, consequently, the tourist trade died off. Long after the war, a few enterprising casino owners and starship liners tried to restart the trade, but had very little success rekindling Eriadu's interest and soon moved on. As a result, Alliance Intelligence was able to purchase the Cliffview Resort from its previous owners, who were all too happy to be rid of the shuttered vacation spot. The Cliffview "reopened" shortly there after.

The resort primarily hosts Rebel staff and agents -- as employees and "guests". It does occasionally provide a vacation spot for outsiders, and for the past two weeks has been hosting the family of the nephew of an Imperial Moff. You've each been given jobs that brings you occasionally in proximity with the family as part of Cliffview's famed eclusive and luxurious personal service. Because your training remains in-progress, you've been employed as staff in order to hone some of your acting skills. Fortunately, part of the package of the Cliffview is the occasional disappointing meal and sub-par service in order to discourage repeat visitors or getting too popular.

OOC: Feel free to roleplay a little bit here. Once Keleth is ready we can collect the threads, get you guys set up and get you on your way. I can provide more background on Reyniu or The Cliffview as requested. Consider for yourself a job and whatnot -- have some fun.
Nov 14, 2015 5:54 pm
MISSION DATE 32:09:18:0930

Over the last few days G had been enduring the humiliating set of tasks assigned to him by Commander Rale'tu. Clean this hallway, clean that air ventilation unit, tweak that temperate sensor so it would be out of sync with the main building automated system control... all that did was to is make certain sections of the resort uncomfortable for organics and waste precious resources that the base needs.

R2-G5 liked working with organics, but he was designed to be a self propelled computer specialist and carried enough equipment in miniature form to make most of the other techs on the base envious. He did get plenty of opportunities though to refine his programming when it came to interacting with the guests various accounts while they were off enjoying the amenities of the resort.

This morning he was strolling down the main hall of the resort at snails pace...what does that even mean....he had been told by the Commander during many mornings briefings to "Work the hall at a snails pace...", which usually meant that he was to take his time; dusting the furniture, changing fixtures, escorting guests to their rooms, and keeping tabs on the various recruits as the interacted with the Resorts Staff and guests.

Today though was different. Today he received very specific instructions from the Commander to assist the new arrival, one titled "THE NEPHEW".

Apparently the nephew fancied himself an important person due to some family connections, but to R2-G5 it was clear that the wife was who was in charge when they were checking in. R2-G5 rolled passed the couple at his usual snails pace as he dusted the cushions of some of the seating arrangements nearby. He was not supposed to approach any "Guests" unless specifically called for, part of the service that the Commander wanted him to portray.

"Droid...ooh Droid.... I do say, be a good chap and take our bags." stated the nephew. G stopped what he was doing, set the duster down, and spun around to answer the guest call. The astromech droid traditional rugged exterior had been temporarily modified to provide a visual appearance that he was wearing a tuxedo along with a bow tie, to better serve the welfare of the guests, is how the Commander explained it to him. G had just wished that the color selection was more traditional. Instead of the standard Black and White, he had been painted to deep maroon with white and gold trim. Nobody asked G how he felt about this, made him feel like on of those pimps he had seen in some of those holovids the recruits watch back at the common area.

The nephew handed G his suite key card. He pause a second as he looked over the droid.

"I never understand why these resorts out here refuse to use the more modern butler droids.." he clamored on as his wife waved him off.

"Charles, we are on vacation. You promised me a fun filled trip to an exclusive resort..." she announced with a charming grace as she remove her long sleek gloves from her arms, she turned and leaned into her husband's personal space and gritted her teeth and spoke with a controlled anger, "THis Is not should be more worried about weather or not I am happy, WHich I am Not." and with that she spun around and waved her husband off again.

"And have what ever that thing is take our bags to the room, I hope for your sake dear that the have a spa..." G and the Nephew each swivel their gaze to each other for a moment before looking back at the woman that has called G a thing.

"Aw the things I do for Love.." stated the nephew as he started at his wife as she strutted off further into the resort.

G did a quick double take with his dome. He stared at the nephew. You sad sad little man he thought to himself.
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Nov 15, 2015 2:41 pm
"Time to start a new day" Brosck thinks as his eyes open from his sleep.

It is early morning as Brosck wakes. He sits up, stretches at the edge of his bed, then gets up to start exercising. Each exercise, each routine, he thinks to himself "I am the best. I will be known. Brosck is the mightiest. He would workout for hours until a knock from his friend at his door would stop him.

"I think you has worked out enough," his friend said outside the door. "We need to get to our duties."

This was morning ritual has been going on everyday since they were both was sent to this station. He had joined the Rebellion because his friend had talked him into it. The fighting. The glory. The recognition. These were things he was told he can find if he join. So far nothing can came true.

"My duty of doing grunt work." he thought to himself. "Fight the empire by lifting heavy objects."

He snorted to himself as he toweled off and put on his normal padded armor and proceeded to open up the door. Outside is friend greets Brosck with a smile and sandwich.

"You can't be fighting the Empire on an empty stomach." he chuckled. He always was positive. Always smiling.Sometimes that wore on Brosck, however he couldn't be here without him.

"Yeah ... fighting... that would be nice." Brosck grabbed the sandwich and proceeded down the hall. Taking bites from is as his friend would talk about the list of duties that were assigned to them today. Just more of the same menial physical labor. Same as the last day, and the day before that, and the day before that.

They start walking through the lobby and make their way to the back,HIs friend still going over the list as Brosck looks around. HE sees some of the same crew he sees everyday. However He over sees a new Pair of people standing by an R2 unit.

"Charles, we are on vacation. You promised me a fun filled trip to an exclusive resort..." he hears. HIs heart sank. He wants battle. he wants glory. He wants to fight... "When?" he thinks

He is lost in his Thoughts as he stares into space.

"Hey Brosck! Get back here with me buddy! We have a crate to move." His friend shouts from the backdoor snapping Brosck out of his trance.

"Alright i am coming" He says back and then snorts under his breath. "It better come soon"
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Nov 15, 2015 8:59 pm
The woman reaches the top of the stairs first. Her strut tells me that she thinks herself the most important person in the room, and the hurried pace of the man at her heels tells me that, as long as he's the only other person in the room, she is. I smile as they approach, "Greetings. Welcome to Cliffview Resort." I bow slightly, "Let me show you to your room."

The young man, smiles and steps forward, "It's 32B. One of the rooms with a double bed."

I smile back, "Indeed. Please follow me." I turn and stride down the hall, and use my keycard to open the appointed door. I step aside and the man enters first, followed by the woman. I enter last.

The man turns to his partner, "This is great! A big double bed and a jet tub. I promised a jet tub, and there's a jet tub!" He almost seems to be pleading with her.

Even though I am standing behind her, I know that her eyes were rolling. I step forward and hand a card to the woman, after all there's no point in dealing with underlings if it's not necessary, "This is my comm code. Please, inquire if there is anything you should need. If I can't tend to it, then I'll be sure to find someone who can".

The woman smiles, takes the card and says, "I'll keep you in mind if there's anything I need." I bow politely and step backwards over the threshold. The door closes and I start down the hall, walking with purpose but to no particular place. I've already been warned once that it's important to look busy, even if there's nothing to do.

As I turn the next corner I see a flash of a scene in my mind. The woman from the room standing over me, wearing nothing but a thin shawl draped over her shoulders. I shake my head to clear the image. Not likely, I murmur to myself. I do, however, make a mental note to keep an eye on her - if she's that disrespectful towards her partner, she might be spy-material.
Nov 16, 2015 4:13 am
The days pass, and The Nephew and his family make use of the resort. G5 finds himself relegated to poolside drinks service on one day, much to the amusement and delight of the children of the family, and subsequently to many of his fellow agents who pose as other guests. On that same day Brosck is tasked with managing the laundry while Kael looks after the special dinner plans put forth by the Nephew.

As usual, all goes according to plan. Brosck is suitably surly and slow to manage the towel service (though he doesn't have to act too much to do so), G5 manages to spill an icy drink all over the Nephew, having "accidentally" bumped into a table and Kael ensures that the meeting is sublime, but alas dessert has just a bit too much alcohol for the Nephew and far too much salt (!!) in his wife's dish. So... The usual fare of not quite good enough to come back.

The following few days the family is off on a cruise hosted by the hotel, leaving you three to focus more on the actual partsnofmyour job. Brosck manages to get some gym time in sparring with a particularly large Trandoshan, G5 is asked to rework the algorithms for the climate control of the guest quarters to be a little more devious and Kael manages to skip out on serious tasks and wins 123 credits in a game of cards with several other, now poorer agents.

The family is due back tomorrow for another three days before their stay at the Cliffview ends.
Nov 16, 2015 7:57 pm
...G5 is asked to rework the algorithms for the climate control of the guest quarters to be a little more devious...

Working down in the facilities Mechanical Room was a bit of a change to G's normal routine, but a welcome one. Finally able to shed that ridiculous "Bellhop" configuration they had him wearing , allowed him to interface with the resorts various mechanical and computer systems as the Commander had order G5 to establish a series of algorithms that would keep track of certain guests and "indirectly assist them" during their respective stays.

Between modifying the resorts bio scanners, fire suppression, and water reclamation systems, the new programming would also alter various settings associated with the Holovid stations and several other systems used across the resort. Each tweaked to the Nephew and Nephew's Wife unique Bio Signs.

Most items would run normally for the other guests, but the same item would behave just a little different when they where in proximity or direct contact with the item. Organics seem to get very touchy when Warm water goes ice cold in the refreshers, or when they hail a cab and the destination programmed into the caller, mysterious gave the driver another location.

Each nuisance was designed to effect only it specific guest and only piratically to keep the guest on their toes.

OOC: Establishing the Algorithms - Devious Nuisances
I believe that this would be a simple check based on access / tools / permission
+1 Boost for having specific access codes from the Commander to modify the system, not trying to break in.
+1 Boost able to get detailed scans of guests during previous encounter, easier to tailor to their specific Bio Scans
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Establish the Algorithoms

1 Success, 7 Advantage

Total: 1 Success, 7 Advantage

Nov 17, 2015 3:51 am
Kal's alarm goes off in his room, the ringing is like someone beating his head with a hammer. "Ugh, I should not have finished that bottle of whiskey last night." he says to no one as he smashes his alarm clock's off switch and drags himself out of bed. After a refreshing cold shower, he's feeling more like his usual self and he heads out to see what his latest "assignment" would be. Maybe I can at figure out some way to fly a ship today, at least the air speeder we got here.
Nov 17, 2015 3:52 pm
Each of you receive a small blip on your commlink, asking you to report to the administrators office. As you are not in the presence of one another, you don't realize that you're being gathered together -- but quickly come to that realization once you arrive at the office.

Last to arrive is a Mon Calamari, who appears to be recently arrived at The Cliffview. The rest of you (Kal, G5, Brosck and Kael) have seen one another around the resort and may have shared some friendly words. The hotel's "General Manager" invites you all to join him at a conference table adjacent to his office. You know him as Jorit Valkrik -- but you're not sure if that's his real name or an alias he uses in his role of General Manager.

"Thank you for reporting so quickly." He presses a few buttons on the table. "Excellent, we are now secure. AI Command have identified a unique target of opportunity in the Onderon system and have requested a special forces team to take advantage of the situation." He turns and smiles, somewhat like a predator. "It would appear that Moff Dardano has built a secret listening post deep in the jungle of Onderon in order to spy on one of his rivals... an Admiral Corlen. We've decided that this is a perfect opportunity to send a team to infiltrate and take over the base. This will give us a secret listening post in the critical Japrael system -- close to the Core Worlds. Before I get into any more details, any questions about the broad mission objectives?"
Nov 17, 2015 4:23 pm
Brosck eyes widen in excitement and stands up quickly.

"I WILL TAKE THE WHOLE BASE DOWN MYSELF!" He shouts very loudly with a cletched fist. "finally" he thinks. To others they would feel akward since no one else is saying anything but just staring at him but not Brosck. He wants it to be know he is ready.

Joritn without saying a word eyes at Brosck to sit down again, which after 5 seconds he does.

"well i could. " he mutters under his breath.
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Nov 17, 2015 5:41 pm
Kal pats Brosck on the shoulder. "I'm sure you could, but then there'd be no fun left for the rest of us." He reassures the large alien. Then he slouches back in his seat and asks, "So how long till we ship out?"
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Nov 17, 2015 5:54 pm
The administrator smiles as Brosck sits and responds, "Preferably by the end of the day. Onderon is far enough away that we'd like to jump on it -- and it may be that while the base is still coming up to speed it'll be more lightly garrisoned. Will that be a problem?"
Nov 17, 2015 6:07 pm
I smile, "Hardly. Have we got anything to help us get inside - uniforms, keycards, a reason for being there? Or, do we just have to get... creative when we arrive?"
Nov 17, 2015 6:32 pm
Brosck jumps out of his chair again, "WE CAN GO RIGHT NOW AND CRUSH THEM!"

Again there is silence in the room. Again Jortin makes an eye motion for Brosck to sit down. Again... With a loud sigh Brosck sits down.
Nov 17, 2015 6:56 pm
"There's going to be a fairly long trek through the jungle -- as a result, you'll be given camos. Everything else is, I'm afraid, up to you once you're there. We don't have the time or available assets there to provide you with anything more that would be helpful. It's not completely clear to us how deep the Imperial presence will even be since this is all under the radar -- so it's a bit of a blind jump, I'm afraid."

He smiles.

"Perfect for SpecFor, right?"
Nov 17, 2015 6:58 pm
Largely quiet, listening to his compatriots discuss/argue over the situation, he pipes up. He pulls out a small computer, maybe twice the size of a standard datapad, and begins taking notes. "Do we know anything about the contingent at the base at all? Perhaps who's in charge?"
Nov 17, 2015 7:14 pm
"What the Bothans could tell us," Jortin offers, "is that there's, at best, a moderate presence of Imperials there. The plan is for you to infiltrate quietly to the base and cut its comm line to a remote communications tower. This will not only prevent a call for help, but should get someone high enough in the hierarchy there to investigate. Subduing them should provide you with the requisite accesses to get deeper into the base."

"Overall, your objective is to capture the base so that we may use it -- and ensure that no one escapes to warn Moff Dardano that his base has been overrun."
Nov 18, 2015 10:14 pm
"I WILL TAKE THE WHOLE BASE DOWN MYSELF!" He shouts very loudly with a cletched fist

With the sudden motion from the Klatoonian startled G5, as he hastily move in reverse to avoid the large arm swing gestures of Brosck as he announced his stead fast confidence in himself. Afterwards G5 moved back forward slowly while eyeing over the excited alien.

Joritn without saying a word eyes at Brosck to sit down again, which after 5 seconds he does.

"well i could." he mutters under his breath.

Upon hearing that, the droid took two awkward side steps away from the Klatoonian and issued a soft sign, "wwhrr" as he looked at Brosck and the rest of the rooms participants.
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Nov 20, 2015 10:58 pm
"If there's nothing else, perhaps you should gather up what supplies and personal affects you'd like to take with you and then be on your way?"
Nov 21, 2015 11:24 pm
After Jortin is done Brosck is the first up from the table and rushes to his quarter to get his gear.

"What should I bring? What should I bring?" he thinks to himself as he scans his room. His eyes focus on one piece of equipment. HIs vibro Knuckles.

"YES! I WILL TAKE THE BASE ONLY USING THESE!" he shout as he makes his way out the hallway. He shouts to no one in particular but trying to get the attention of anyone that passes. He says this all with a big smile.
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