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Jul 29, 2021 10:34 am
Similar to the Repository for Character Sheets, I figured it might be useful to have a place to list codes for the new Dice Highlighting feature available under "[ + ] Advanced rules definitions".

Please contribute any that you find to work in your games.

Alphabetical index:
AGE (Expanse, Dragon Age, Blue Rose, Fantasy)
Blades in the Dark (colorless)
Burning Wheel (incl. Mouse Guard)
Cypher System
DnD 5e
Star Wars D6
Tales from the Loop
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Jul 29, 2021 10:34 am
[ +- ] Blades in the Dark
[ +- ] Star Wars D6
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[ +- ] All systems
[ +- ] DnD 5e
[ +- ] I want only the dice sorting
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[ +- ] Blades in the Dark, without colors
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[ +- ] Tales from the Loop
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[ +- ] AGE (Expanse, Dragon Age, Blue Rose, Fantasy
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[ +- ] Cypher System,Numenera, The Strange
Nov 2, 2021 9:43 am
[ +- ] Setting a game background image
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Setting a game background image
Be careful of setting a background image, this choice can make the page very hard to read on some people's systems. Keep it subtle or avoid if unsure.
Dec 9, 2021 12:16 pm
[ +- ] Burning Wheel, Mouse Guard
Jan 17, 2022 5:06 pm
The definitive list of the dice rules json

These conditions are ANDed, ie. they must all be true for the effect to be applied.
You can apply multiple dice rules for OR conditions.

rolled Matches part of the dice being rolled.
e.g. 'd20' matches 1d20, 5d20 etc. 'd' would match everything.
case insensitive so d6 matches 3D6
natural * If the die result matches this number.
ge If the die result is greater or equal to this number.
le If the die result is less than or equal to this number.
paired Two of the dice show the same value.
last Special formatting for the last dice in a roll.
d100double If true and a d100 shows 11, 22, 33, ..., 99, 100 then this condition is met.
reason If the reason field of the roll contains this text (case insensitive).
total * If the total of the dice is equal to a value.

* natural and total both support expressions. Examples:
"natural":5 matches if a dice roll is exactly 5
"natural":"<15" matches if a dice roll is less than 15
"total":"10<=x<=15" matches if the total is between 10 and 15 (inclusive)
"natural":">=15" matches if a dice roll is greater or equal to 15

If the conditions are satisfied then the system applies effects specified in these parameters.

highlight Highlights the die, and combination of the following separated with spaces:
bold, success (green), fail (red), info (blue), invert, underline
content Changes the content of the die result. Emoji can be used for content.
contentAppend Appends the content to a dice result or total (depending on the condition used).
hideTotal Hide the total.

If set to true then all the dice in this pool (matching the rolled condition) are sorted. Other conditions are ignored. This is used by games who always want to see the dice rolls in order.

autoSort Automatically sort the dice into numberical order

{"rolled":"d20","natural":20,"highlight":"bold success invert"}
If any number of d20s have been rolled and if any of them show a natural 20, then highlight them bold, success (green), invert (white in a green background)

{"rolled": "1d20", "reason":"[injury]", "ge": 5, "le": 7, "content": "Internal Injury"}
If 1d20 is rolled and the reason contains the text '[injury]' and the roll is between 5 and 7, then change the content of the roll to say "Internal Injury"

{"rolled":"3d6","paired":true,"highlight":"info bold"}
If 3d6 are rolled then highlight the last dice by underlining it.
If 3d6 are rolled and any two dice match, then highlight the last dice by making them blue and bold.

{"rolled": "2d6","total": "<=6","highlight": "fail bold invert", "contentAppend":"😫 Miss"},
{"rolled": "2d6","total": "7<=x<=9", "contentAppend":"😑 Partial Success"},
{"rolled": "2d6","total": "10<=x<=11", "contentAppend":"😊 Success"},
{"rolled": "2d6","total": ">=12","highlight": "success bold invert", "contentAppend":"🤩 Exceptional Success"}

Different highlighting and content appended to the result depending on dice total.
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