Recruiting: DnD 5e, player replacement needed

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Character are summoned into grassland surrounded by high walls and covered with magical class to no allow you to fly away. There are doors in the wall leading into the maze. The bravest of the people try to run the maze, so will you. You need to either find way out or return back to grassland by end of the day to continue on the next day. But monsters and traps in the maze become harder with each day, so you better do as much as possible each day...
Note, that in this Homebrew Scenario you will be awarded with Inspiration and even gear/items for cool role-play.
Technical info:
1. RAW, no custom rules from DM. No variant rules neither
2. You need to aim to do 6-8 medium-heavy battles per day or about 3 Deadly as per DMG. If you do that much you will be awarded with items if you do less... you may experience some complications during the night... and you don't want to start next day exhausted do you?
3. I expect at least 2 posts per day and your PC will do doge action if you do not do your turn in 24 hours (details and to be discussed there could be exceptions if you announce absence timely)
4. Experience expectation: I expect you to have some DnD 5e experience and hope you have red PHB, but I can try to help you learn the game if you are willing to spend your time reading resources I point you to. But I am not here to tech how to play DnD
5. Content: you will be fighting agains undead, fiends, monstrosities, etc. I will try to make it as frightening as possible, but there will be no evil Humanoids, so we shouldn't run into ethical or other sensitive issues

Nov 12, 2021 7:45 am
We started a DnD 5e scenario for more than a month ago, but two players dropped in last week, so I would appreciate if anyone want to step in.
Genre: 4-5 player dungeon crawling with social interaction "when back town for the night".
Characters: start at lvl 3, all official DnD sourcebooks (but no variants)
Experience required: we play rules as written and I expect you to know rules and have access player handbook.
How to apply - just come to MazeRunner or write me private message.

Note: I'm not removing original players as they expressed the desire to continue when have ore time for the game, I will be able to split you or let you all play together should that happen, don't worry.
Last edited November 30, 2021 8:36 pm
Dec 1, 2021 11:31 am
Hi, we need to replace one character again. First come first approved.
Dec 4, 2021 5:19 pm
We have all the players now, not recruiting any more (at least for now)

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