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Session 2 - The Darkness of Loss

May 26, 2017 9:23 pm
Mythic Session Records

Character List
* Rakunapten - Leader of the Priests of the Sun God and father.
* Kanutkumen - Fellow West Temple priest and lover.
* Herhut - High Priest of Anubis.
* Musim - Agent and Priest of the sect of Anubis.
* Merit - The lone city guard in the village that houses the West Temple.
* Pekhi - Older priest brought in to replace Kanutkumen.

Thread List
* Locate Kanutkumen.
* Convince Kanutkumen to return with me.

Current Chaos: 8

Scene 1:
Setup: Confronting Kanut' s replacement as he blesses a newborn calf.
Chaos Roll: 8. That is more than the current Chaos so there is no change.

Boosting Chaos by one since the tension is rising. My dad is coming here! Bad news.

Scene 2:
Scene Setup: Standing outside the temple at dawn awaiting my father's caravan.
Chaos Roll: 5. That's lower than Chaos and odd, so the scene is Altered. Perhaps instead of a priest's caravan, it's a company of soldiers.

I think the Chaos is going to stay the same. Tension is the same.

Scene 3:
Scene Setup: In the temple hearing what my father has planned for the temple.
Chaos Role: 1. Lower than Chaos and odd so the scene is altered. Father doesn't want me present for the discussion.

Chaos goes up by one as the tension has increased.

Scene 4:
Scene Setup: Calling my father out to meet me and the mob to convince him to leave the temple and Medallion here.
Chaos Roll: 5. Lower than Chaos and odd. The scene is altered. Perhaps the soldiers form up in front of the temple, worried that the mob is going to attack the High Priest.

Tension has gone up so Chaos steps up again as well.

Scene 5:
Scene Setup: I stand before the High Priest, my father, as he closes the temple.
Chaos Roll: 6, less than Chaos and even. The scene is interrupted. Random Event is: PC Positive, Ruin, Balance. Perhaps Anubis' s priests managed to convince the God-Empress that my father is less than worthy of his position so he's called back?

I'm going to leave Chaos where it is. Tension didn't change in this very short scene.

Scene 6:
Scene Setup: Arriving at the capital, Nekhibyr, and being intercepted by soldiers loyal to the priesthood of Anubis.
Chaos Roll: 7. That's lower than Chaos and odd, so the scene is altered. I think that I'll add in the hanging corpse of a priest of Ra to up the tension.

Scene 7
Scene Setup: Meeting my father in late evening to ask about Kanutkumen's whereabouts.
Die of Fate: (Decided I want to roll a Die of Fate to see if a random event happens and use the Gm's Apprentice cards instead of Mythic.) 2, no random event.

Scene 8:
Scene Setup: Things have been a little sedate and I'm not sure where to go from here. Drawing a card for a random event: Warn, Nearby, Monster. So, someone warned Anubis' s priesthood. They're totally sending an assassin.
Die of Fate: No need, this is already a random event.
May 27, 2017 12:20 am
Scene 1

I push through the tall grass of the field approaching the stable where I know I’ll find the person I’m looking for. Pekhi, my new companion at the temple, is here for Ra knows what reason. His reasons don’t concern me. I have to speak with him.

The stable appears to be empty of people as I approach but I hear his voice coming from behind the building. Angrily I walk around it until I can see him. His arms stretch out above a small calf laying on the ground next to its exhausted mother. A young man and his wife stand close by watching Pekhi work.

I pause. I can’t interrupt his prayer, as much as I want to. Instantly I feel my rage chill and bubble over into remorse. I I glance my eyes up to the burning orb in the sky and silently ask Ra to forgive me. Looking over I smile at the couple and nod to them in greeting.

I wait for Pekhi for a minute more until he is done. With this prayer complete he says goodbye to the couple and then walks over to me with a serene smile on his lips. “Hello Cumatuken. What can I do for you?”

I hang my head in shame. “I hope you can help me find my Kanutkumen. I miss him.”
I already know that my relationship with Kanutkumen is something that is not really accepted. So I want to know if Pekhi here accepts our relationship or if he does not. So let’s ask the Fate chart. It’s probably Unlikely that he does accept it. 69 v. 40, Failure!
Pekhi’s face darkens and he shakes his head. “Forget him, Cumat, and concentrate on your work here!” He continues walking, leaving me behind.

I hurry to catch up to him. “Please, just tell me where he was sent!” I beg.
Ok, gotta roll to convince him to tell me what to do. Rhetoric is to win an argument. I don’t have rhat, so, Beginner’s Luck. My Perception is B6 and it’s versus his of B3 (as a normal person). Double On penalty, looking for 6 successes on my 6 dice. Me: 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 6. Ouch. Not even close.
Pekhi whirls on me, getting close, in my face. “Drop it. No. Concentrate on your service and forget him.” He breathes angrily for few seconds before continuing. “Your father will arrive here in a week. I will be giving him a report on your performance then. Do not give me anything to complain about.”

His declaration makes me stop short, panic fluttering in my stomach. My father? Here? He’s rarely taken a direct interest in me unless my actions reflect poorly on him. To have him on his way here must mean I’ve done something to disappoint him.
May 27, 2017 3:39 pm
That whole week, I concentrated on my service. I kept the temple clean. I traveled to the small villages nearby and prayed over their houses, their crops, their families, entreating Ra to give them a bounty of his golden light. Amidst it all, I walked the markets and spoke with anyone I could find, argued with them, trying to find the skill within myself to win. I made some progress.
Spending the week practicing Rhetoric. It's not enough time to gain a test, but it moves me towards it.
May 30, 2017 5:15 am
Scene 2

I stand outside the small temple at dawn, waiting for my father’s arrival. He arrives with Ra, setting himself up as, not quite, an equal with our god. As I look to the East, watching the road, I notice that the host that accompanies him glitters like the great river at noon. It’s also considerably larger than I expected. What is this?

Pekhi gasps beside me. “He’s brought a company of soldiers with him!”

I feel a chill in my chest. “Why would he do that?” I ask, half turning to look at him. Normally he would travel with an entourage of priests and perhaps a small squad of temple guards. But a company of soldiers? No, something is not right.

As the company approaches, a voice calls out, saying something I don’t catch. The soldiers do, and they stomp to a halt and turn to face the temple.

The sudden silence throws me off guard. A man in gold trimmed robes steps down from a litter and walks confidently up to Pekhi and myself. I recognize my father’s unique swagger as he approaches.

Pekhi bows low, his arms spread out to his sides. “High Priest! You honor us with your presence.” Rakunapten smiles a half smile. I’m never sure if he’s smiling or sneering when he does that.

“Yes. Here to inspect the most humble of Ra’s temples. And visit you, my children, who labor so hard in his service!” he says, looking between me and Pekhi. “So, you are he who has my son so infatuated?” He continues, talking to Pekhi. “Goodness, son. I thought you’d stay closer to your own age. At least do the order that favor!”

My face flushes in embarrassment and anger as I too bow to him, not quite as low as Pekhi. “No, father, I’m sure you know that this is not my Kanutkumen. In fact, I’m positive that you know exactly who this is and why he’s here!”

He smiles at me, fully this time, but it’s the predatory smile he loves to wear when he warms up for a fight. “Of course I do. I even met your Kanutkumen before he traveled to his next temple assignment. He was, shall we say, not so bright?”

I clench my teeth in anger. He always baits me, insulting me and what I’ve accomplished and who my acquaintences are. And I always rise to the bait.

“Do not insult him. He is an amazing man and a true priest of Ra. Do so again and I’ll make you regret it!”
Ok, I want to make him take a step back and see me as an equal. Likely not going to happen, but I gotta try. Beginner’s Luck Intimidation v his Will of B5. Will B5: 1, 2, 2, 3, 6. Only one success. What I expected. Got another test for Will though!
He throws his head back and laughs, and my embarrassment gets even greater as I duck my head to hide my shame. “You make me regret it! Don’t be silly, little boy. Let’s go inside so we can talk. And you,” he points to me, “You can serve the two of us, adults, while we discuss.” He laughs again before he turns to look at the company captain. “Captain, set your men around the temple to protect it.” The captain salutes him and turns, giving orders, while I follow Pekhi and my father into my temple, the temple I’ve worked so hard to serve and make beautiful.
May 31, 2017 4:28 am
Scene 3

After serving my father and Pekhi, I take a seat at the table. My father looks at me, amused, and says, “You can leave, Cumatuken. We’ll finish the discussion.”

I shake my head. “No, I’m sorry, I can’t leave. Pekhi has been here for just over a week. I’ve served here for two years. I know what’s going on more than he does. I will stay.”
This is definitely a test for Rhetoric. I’m still rolling Beginner’s Luck at double Ob, so I’m sure this isn’t going to go the way I want it to. I’ll say his Perception is 4, so that’s Ob 8. I’m rolling my Perception of B6. Roll: 1, 2, 2, 3, 5, 5. Yeah, hoping for some 6s, no dice. Fail!
He chuckles a bit and simply points to the door, dismissing me. Gritting my teeth, I leave the room. However, as soon as I’m out the door, I lean against the wall to listen in on the conversation. I have to know what is going on.
Gonna roll Perception to listen in. If I fail, I’ll have to go talk to the guards to figure it out. Ob 3 seems appropriate. Going to FORK in Temple-wise because I’m familiar with the acoustics here and know where to stand. Rolling B7. Roll: 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, 6. Just made it.

Ok, let’s figure out what he wants. I think he’s trying to move the Medallion to a different temple to close this one. Since that hits on my Belief, I’m not even going to ask the Fate Chart. That’s it.
My father begins by explaining how disappointed in me he is and how this temple has deteriorated since I began serving here. He tells Pekhi that this temple is vulnerable and the people are served by other temples to other gods and so don’t need this one. He tells him that he has decided to move the Medallion to a safer spot and to close this temple.

Pekhi, being an obedient priest, simply agrees with Father and asks how he can help.

This is outrageous. I cannot accept this. This temple is necessary! It serves people who are far from the cultural center. I’ve got to do something about it.

I step away from the doorway, quietly moving away until I’m sure I won’t be heard. Then, I break I to a run, moving towards the center of our village. As soon as I arrive, I leap up onto the edge of a well and raise my voice, calling to these people whom I have served for these two long years.

“Friends! I come to you bearing bad news! The high priest of Ra has decided to shut down this temple and move the Medallion to a different temple, one farther away! He wishes to rob you of your connection with the god that watches over you during the day, during tour labors! We cannot accept this! March with me to the temple! Let’s show him how important this site is to is all!”
Ok, so I’m trying to get them to march to the temple to protest the plan to move it. If I fail, let’s say Merit, the guard, will arrest me and take me before my father for attempting to incite a riot. Rolling Oratory B4. FORKing in Suasion for +1D. Ob is 2. Roll: 5, 5, 6, 6, 6. That’s a great roll!
The people of the village heed my call, and march with me towards the temple.
Jun 5, 2017 3:20 am
Scene 4

As we arrive at the temple, I notice immediately that something is wrong. The small company of soldiers that accompanied my father are formed up in from of the temple, their shields and swords out and ready.
Does The presence of these guards ready for a fight make the mob angry? Are they going to start a fight here?
Seems Very Likely. Rolling on the Fate chart. Got a success, so, yes a fight is going to start.
I'm out in front of the mob, approaching the formed soldiers. I see them steel their gaze, bracing for the inevitable clash. No! This is not what I wanted! I need to speak to my father, not these soldiers. And I certainly don't want blood spilled.

I leap in between the groups, my arms outstretched towards both sides and scream at them, "No! We're not here to fight! We don't want to shed blood, we want to speak with the High Priest and show him how much this temple and it's artifact mean to us! Stand down! Don't fight here when no violence needs take place!"
This is definitely another Oratory test. Ob is 3,
The most common Will. I'm rolling B4 Oratory. I'll FORK in Suasion for +1D. 1, 2, 3, 3, 3. Crap. Utter failure.
A rock flies overhead, banging into a soldier's head. A stick whirl out of the mob, clattering against another soldier's shield. A shout sounds from the formed soldiers and they raise their swords and Sprint towards the mob, yelling a battle cry. I'm caught in the middle, exactly where I don't want to be. I turn and run.
Ok, this could be a Speed test to outrun them or a Power test to push through the mob. I think there are probably too many soldiers, so I'll test Power. Ob will be 3, I think. I'm rolling B3. In the likely event that I fail, I think it makes the most sense that I'm wounded and fall to the dirt. That's a B5 wound.

Too scared to pray. Rolling straight. 3, 4, 6. Spending a Fate to open end that, 5! Success!
I manage to push past everyone, falling and scraping up my elbow in the process. Turning, I see that the "battle" was very short lived. The mob has scattered in the time it took me to flee and two people lie bloodied in the dirt around the soldiers.

"What have I done!?" I moan as the realization hits me that I potentially got two people killed. I stumble forward towards the prone individuals.
Rolled a d6 to see how many wounded there are. Do the soldiers think I'm there to continue the fight? 50/50, probably. Fate Chart roll says No.
I fall to my knees as I reach the first body and I search for signs of life.
Gonna Roll a Graduated Perception test. For each success, that's one person that's still alive, up to two, of course. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 5. So, both.
I see that both are alive, but wounded. Lifting my gaze to the sky, I look upon Re and beseech him to aid and heal these poor unfortunate.
Ob 3 Faith test, but im going to increase that by one because I'm praying for both. Looking to give them a +1D to Health to recover from their injuries. 1, 2, 4, 5. Nope. I'm going to say they suffered Light Wounds,
So need to succeed on an Ob 2 Health test to recover.
Of they fail, they die, because that'll be interesting for my character. They have B4, 1: 4, 4, 5, 5. 2: 1, 4, 4, 5. They are both gonna be fine.
My prayer finishes and I feel an emptiness fill me. E'2s has turned his eye from me, or i did not pray hard enough. However, both of the people are able to sit up and leave the scene on their own after several minutes.

I stay in the dirt, distraught by the consequences of my actions. This is not at all how I hoped it would turn out. When i finally look up, I notice that the soldiers are still formed up, but that my father stands within their ranks, looking at me, coldly.
Jun 5, 2017 4:22 am
Scene 5

The temple is silent as my father stands before me. He's gone on for over an hour about the disgrace I am to the sect and the family. I have to agree with him. Things never seem to turn out right when I'm involved. Hes worn down to the time that he issues his punishment or ultimatum. Im very familiar with this routine. However, just when he is about to issue the command that could end my service, the door crashes open and a young initiate stumbles in, out of breath.

"High Priest, you've been recalled to the capital," He gasps. "The priests of Anubis have stolen the God-Empress's ear."

Of course this gets my father's attention immediately.
Does he demand I come with him to the capital to keep an eye on me? 50/50 chance, I'd say. But with Chaos being so high, it'll probably happen. Rolling on the Fate Chart! It says Yes.
Stepping down from the dais on which he'd stood, he points his finger at me, "We're not done. Pack your things. You're coming with me."
I think I'm going to do just that. A trip to the capital sounds like fun.
Jun 8, 2017 3:24 am
So we travel. For how long? Let's roll a d6+1 and find out. 5, so six days. I'm going to get that many days of practice in Rhetoric.
Jun 8, 2017 4:01 am
Scene 6

We enter the city of Nekhibyr, the capital of the empire. The road is wide and well traveled and the people get out of the way for us, a large group of soldiers and priests.

Everyone gets out of our way except for another group of soldiers. They wear dark clothing and have painted their faces with the emblem of Anubis. Behind the group I notice a spike sticking out from the ground, upon which hangs a body…

The leader of the dark soldiers holds up a hand.
Are they trying to arrest my father? Chances are good. I’m going to draw a GM’s Apprentice card: No. Huh. Ok, why are they stopping us then? Probably to escort us to the new temple since we’re not welcome in the palace anymore.
He calls out to my father, “Rakunapten, a word, please.”

My father steps up towards him and they speak in low voices before my father returns, looking very angry. As the dark soldiers turn away, my father tells our group to follow them.

“Father, what’s going on?” I ask.

He glares at me, as if I should already know. “We are being escorted to our new temple, as our place at the palace has been taken by the priests of Anubis.” He takes a deep breath, seeking to calm down a little before continuing. “This soldier owed me a favor and is escorting us to our new ‘accomodations’ to save us the embarrassment of being thrown out of the palace.”

I nod and follow with the rest of the group.
Jun 8, 2017 4:41 am
Scene 7

The light in my father’s chambers is dim as I step in. A haze of smoke clings to the ceiling. I look around for my father. I hear him before I see him as he coughs in one of the corners.

I clear my throat and he looks up, his eyes tired. With a sigh, he asks, “Yes? What is it?”

“Father, I know this might not be the best time for this, but im sure there is not a right time.” I pause. “Will you tell me where Kanutkumen is? I need to speak with him. We left a lot unsaid before he left.”
Does my father get angry with me? Even chances, I’d say. NO! says the card. Interesting.
He sighs and his eyes water a bit. He wipes the tears away and approaches me, embracing me. I stiffen up. The last time my father hugged me was… I can’t remember.

As soon as he releases me, I take a step back. He must sense the awkwardness of the moment as well because he clears his throat and says, “Yes, well, I’m sorry. He asked that I not tell you. And… well, I won’t.”

I speak with him, back and forth for several minutes, trying to convince him to tell me. I tell him that it’s also for the good of the priesthood. Neither myself, nor Kanut are whole without the other. We serve better together.
Going to make a Linked test of Suasion and then beginner’s luck Rhetoric. If I fail he will tell me only if I help him regain the spot in the palace, close to the God Empress. Suasion, Ob 5, FoRKing in Bureacracy, total of 6 dice. Going to spend a Persona for +1D as well. 7D v Ob 5. 1, 1, 3, 3, 4, 6. Damn, not worth a Fate point. That’s +1 Ob to Beginners Luck.

Ok, so BL Rhetoric, rolling Perception B6 v. his Perception of 4, doubled, +1, Ob 9. 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Fail.
After an hour of going back and forth and discussing it, he finally agrees to tell me, as long as I help the Priesthood of Ra regain our position at the right hand of the God Empress first. I readily agree.
Jun 10, 2017 3:06 pm
Scene 8

* Assassin sneaks into our chambers.
* Does she go for my father first? Good odds, NO! Ok, coming for me first. Emphatic no means there are two assassins.
* Something wakes me up and I feel not-alone. "Who's there?"
* Must test Observation (which I don't have) v. their Stealthy. Their Stealthy is B4, I roll Perception at double Ob penalty.
* I roll 3, they roll 2. I need one more to succeed. Will spend 1 Fate to open end. Rolls 6, then 1. So tie! Since I'm defender, I succeed.
* I hear two people moving in the room. I want to yell for help and then attack.
* "Guards! Help!" Leap out of bed and grab knife. I pray for boon (instinct) and attack one. Faith B4 v Ob 2. 1 success, fail.
* Suddenly feel lethargic, Ra is asleep and cannot help.
* Knives v. Knives, I've got B3, they have B4. My target rolls B5 for Help.
* My intent, kill one. Their intent, wound me with Poisoned blade. Me: 0, Them: 3 successes.
* They're using a knife and have 2 extra successes to spend. So they get me with a Superb hit, B6. Midi wound for me.
* Test Steel, B6 v. Hesitation of 6. 1 success, so I do hesitate.
* I drop my knife and run screaming! "Assassin's! Run for your lives!"
* My father is a major relationship so he's not going to die out of hand. Is he wounded? Even odds, Yes. So just wounded, not poisoned.
* It makes sense they would use a Deadly Poison which gives a B10 wound. Need a Health test to resist.
* Looking at the book, not sure i do resist. He poisoned me so I suffer a B10 wound. That's to the right of my Mortal Wound.
* I stagger and collapse, foaming at the mouth. My body convulses. I'm not ready to let this character go so I spend a Persona point for Will to Live.
* I am found and brought to my father who calls for healers.
* Makes sense for Surgery. Ob 7. I'll open end it from prayers offered. B5 for them. And, of course, not a single success. Ok, treating the Midi, Ob 3. 2 successes. Still a failure.
* Recovery time for the Mortal Wound is 4d6 months: 12.
* Because treatment failed on the Midi, one die is permanently removed from a Stat. Agility makes sense as it's going to heal really stiff.
* Gotta roll Health Ob 6 to heal the Mortal Wound stage. 3 successes. Man, I'm on a roll...
* Gain the "Mortally wounded by poison" trait and Forte is capped at 5.
* I'll make the rest of the Treatment and Health tests later.
Jun 11, 2017 3:48 am
* Ok, so I spend a year healing from the Mortal Wound. I'm going to wipe the Midi wound from the knife. The intent was to poison me and that happened.
* Getting treatment for the Traumatic portion of the wound. Getting surgery at B5 and open ended like before. Ob 5 to treat the wound. 1 success. I'm rolling Health 5 v. Ob 5. Spending Fate to open end that, booyah! 5 successes. Heals in 3 months.
* Treatment for Severe Wounds, Ob 4, succeeded. No extra successes, but treated.
* Failed the Health roll. ...

So, with all these failed rolls, he's super debilitated. Multiple stats are being reduced by at least one and caps are being places on them. This character is not really going to be able to work towards his goals in that state. Now that I've got more of an understanding of the injury and healing rolls, I see that he's in trouble without some serious Help from companions.

I think his story is done. Maybe I'll see him in this setting with other characters.

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