Forum Rules


  1. Only join or run games that you intend to see through. Users may need to leave games because they didn't match their expectations, values, or because of unexpected life events. However, it is always unacceptable to join or start a game that you did not intend to finish.
  2. Switching to a new account is permissible. People are entitled to a fresh start or to change their username. However, any disciplinary actions that applied to your old account will apply to your new account. Creating accounts to circumvent disciplinary actions or engage in inauthentic behaviour will result in an immediate ban.
  3. Do not post on the site from two different account at the same time in secret. If you have more than one account that you are using, please declare this information in your profile and when you apply for or run games so that other users know who they are gaming with.

General guidelines for the forums

Gamers Plane is open anyone, regardless of age, and as such, members are expected to follow certain guidelines.

  1. Treat all members with respect.
    1. Any use of racial, ethnic, religious, or gender slurs will not be tolerated.
  2. Keep all discussion PG-13 (with minor exception, see below). That basically means:
    1. No pornography or descriptions of pornography
    2. No heavy cursing
    3. No violence or depictions of violence
  3. Posts should not be spammy. Keep a post limited to 3 images, and make them images somewhat relevant.
  4. No insulting people, directly or indirectly. Don't insult another player, a player's family, a random stranger, etc.
  5. No hot button topics outside the gaming realm, including but not limited to politics, religion, etc., unless permitted by a moderator.
  6. Do not post anything libelous or threatening.
  7. Promotion of commercial products may only happen in the designated subforum and only with the moderators’ permission.
  8. Any actions meant to harm GP, its server, or its content, or actions meant to circumvent its security are prohibited.

Gamers Plane is explicitly a safe haven to all groups of people, meant to be a stress-free hobby environment. Hot button topics such as politics should be avoided. Despite this, GP does not believe that all opinions are equal and it will always stand for the right of minorities and marginalized groups.

I'm sad I have to actually put this as a rule, but if you join Gamers' Plane just to promote material on other play-by-post sites, I will just go ahead and ban your account. I don't mind people talking about other sites, if you're an active participant here. But coming here just to get people away from here is crass and rude.

Rules for specific forums

The General Discussion forum is for most discussions that don't belong in other forums. Discussions on games should go in the appropriate Game Discussions forum, ideas/problems about the site under Site discussions, and game requests under Games Tavern. Anything else goes in General Discussions.

Threads/posts should have a content and purpose, be it to introduce yourself or start a discussion on a topic.

We will allow the rules for language used in Game Forums (other then the Games Tavern) to be looser, as long as it is clearly printed at the root forum/game details. However, players are still expected to treat each other with respect, to not use slurs against other players, etc.

Media discussion rules

Everyone should have the chance to see a new movie, read a new book, etc. But people who've already done so may also want to talk about new media, as that's half the fun! So if something new comes out that you want to talk about but others may not yet have gotten the chance to check out, follow these rules based on when it came out:

  • < 6 months since release - Any thread about a recent release that includes any information that easily available publically should be marked with [Spoilers] at the start of the thread title. If it's just a thread mentioning a release, or talking about what's easy to find, the tag isn't necessary. If you're in doubt, add the tag.
  • 6 months or more since release - At a certain point, people have had a chance to check it out. If you start up a thread about something that came out half a year ago or more, no tags are necessary. However, if whatever it is exists in some sort of perpetual state (like a game that releases content every month over the course of a year), be mindful of that. Again, if in doubt, add a tag.

Moderator responsibilities

The moderators can decide whether a post meets these guidelines or not. You are welcome to contest a decision via private message, but simply whining/arguing may raise your punishment.