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Jan 15, 2020 4:50 am
TribeNet is a Play by Email, build-campaign, strategy game with a quirky mix of broadly medieval moods and set in a dynamic multi-player environment. It has over 50 players, and has been running a long time, but we are always looking for more to form new alliances or to bring new dimensions to existing alliances, and to carve out their own piece of real estate in the vast TN world.

TribeNet is not easy to characterise, though the genre is very recognisable. It is a hybrid of the exploration, expansion and building aspects of Civilization, the warfare components of Risk, the strategic positioning and negotiating elements of Diplomacy and the skills development and culture components of AD&D or a good RPG. There are elements of mega gaming about it as well.

It can be played fully by e-mail but there are Facebook groups that players can choose to join to flesh out the experience. Some players choose to go it alone & readily enjoy the game without the social media add on.

TribeNet offers a gameplay world of tremendous depth and sophistication that is matched by few others, and it is constantly evolving as players contribute to both the rules and the game concept itself. It's a collaborative community in which many players have formed strong bonds of friendship. You can play it is a a relatively simple game, on a par with Civilization, but, if preferred, you can choose to delve into its more complex and obscure aspects. There is no clear path to victory in TribeNet. There are numerous routes that could lead to success in the game, and everybody has a theory as to which will ultimately be most successful, but nobody knows for sure. Good diplomacy skills will be a big asset, that much is true, and that depends as much on your real-life skills as your game skills.

Finally, TribeNet is something of an antidote to modern graphics driven tech games. It allows time for personal escape and reflection, for personal interaction and depth of strategic thinking with no compromise on intensity.

If you can’t get to a live gaming event often enough, can’t find enough people at the right time to play your favourite tabletop board game, can’t set aside lengthy blocks of time to sit at your computer or console, are generally time poor, are sick of games with superficial style and little substance or would just like an engaging game with plenty of depth TribeNet could be for you.

TribeNet players contribute to my costs in running the game but, as a special offer, players will be given AUD $200 credit (a year of free play) to get a feel for the game.
Jan 16, 2020 3:27 am

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