Pitch for something different besides a One Shot

Jul 4, 2021 5:20 pm
Since someone asked about me running a game I didn't know about so they can learn the system it got me thinking of that plus if there's more people that can GM that means more games but if you don't know the system or how to GM is not as likely. So it got me thinking this isn't system specific and more would people be interested in prototype, user demoing versus trying to document a process first to go with so very spit bally to me:
[ +- ] When you want to learn to GM or Play a new system
[ +- ] All the Characters
[ +- ] Revolving GMs I guess Quarter long Ammo Clip versus a one shot
Thoughts about interest in any of these from someone who would want to be teaching or learning a system? The first two are more learning/training while the last is more akin to a normal tavern post.
Jul 5, 2021 6:46 pm
I like the idea in your first point. I could see helping the Trainee GM get familiar with an 'on the rails' starter adventure. Guide the GM and players through Character Creation, and then be in the background as support/advice for the trainee. Especially on GP, where the Trainee GM has plenty of time to ask for help on adjudicating player actions in the particular system. Depending on the system, the experienced GM's commitment would start to drop off after just a month or two. However, I'd like to think that once you build a Coach/Trainee relationship, that you'd always feel comfortable reaching out for advice.

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