Whats the best thing about a game you don’t like

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Dec 25, 2021 4:36 am
WhtKnt says:
Best Thing About a Game I Don't Like: The simple elegance that is the advantage/disadvantage mechanic in 5E. It isn't really fair to say that I don't like 5E, as I both run and play it. I just don't care for the fact that it makes PCs nearly unbeatable. Anyone capable of using (who owns, of course) a wand of polymorph can take out a tarrasque. There's something inherently wrong with that. One of my players killed a nalfeshnee by dropping conjured warhorses on it from a height of 200 ft.

Worst Thing About a Game I Love: I dislike the Golarion setting for Pathfinder because it is so ingrained into the rules for such that it's a pain to adapt a different (or original) setting.
I am the exact opposite on both of these haha. Advantage/disadvantage is so binary and it's used for everything. What if two or more abilities give you advantage? Then it's a waste. What if you roll low on both or high on both? Shadow of the Demon Lord uses a much better system where you get to roll d6s to either add or subtract depending on advantage or disadvantage, but you can only keep 1. This lets you get multiple "advantages" and increases your odds of getting a high number, but only using one still keeps a limit on balance and retains usefulness.

As for Golarion, it's my favorite fantasy setting haha. The only 5e game I'm playing now I joined because it's in Golarion (and I wanted to really give 5e a chance).

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