The unofficial FAQ

Be sure to read and follow the guidelines for our forums.

May 3, 2022 6:04 am
This is the undercover FAQ, the streetwise FAQ. It was inspired by this introductions post from @seifi.

New user? How to get a game.

Upload an Avatar
Uploading an avatar in settings shows you've put some effort into your profile and makes it more likely that you'll be invited to a game.

Say hi!
Gaming is social. Saying hello in the Introduction forum shows that you're a social person.

Looking for a game
Change your 'looking for a game' status in settings, and tell us what sort of games interest you. Whilst you're still active on the site, your details will randomly appear on members' homepages. It's like getting your face known.

Where to find games
The Join a Game page is not where you go to join a game. Go to the Games Tavern instead and chat to the GMs in their threads.

What I wish I'd known

Character sheets
I recommend using custom character sheets instead of the built-in character sheets. Look in the Public Repository of Custom Games Sheets for community-supplied templates.

The documentation and site functionality can be a little disorganised. Nobody minds if you ask questions - here's the Questions and Help forum, or ask on the discord.

Red game menu
When you're in a game, there's a useful red menu at the bottom of the page.

PbP is slow. Many people play multiple games simultaneously to scratch their RPG itch.

Between gaming posts, you might want to hang out in the discord server and chat.

Leaving a game
Leaving a game you're not enjoying is normal. There's no shame in it - just remember to say goodbye. Everyone will still be friends.

Don't overextend yourself
Burn out is common. Some people start or join more games than they can cope with, then feel stressed due to the pressure to post. Just apologise and reduce your number of games. It happens; nobody minds.

Saying goodbye
If you leave this site either permanently or for a break, say goodbye in your games and the absences thread.

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May 3, 2022 4:41 pm
Is this to accompany the FAQ? With people having been on the site for awhile maybe Keleth would be up for revisiting that?

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