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Session 1 - The Light Goes Out

May 12, 2017 9:56 pm
Mythic Session Records

Character List
* Rakunapten - Leader of the Priests of the Sun God and father.
* Kanutkumen - Fellow West Temple priest and lover.
* Herhut - High Priest of Anubis.
* Musim - Agent and Priest of the sect of Anubis.
* Merit - The lone city guard in the village that houses the West Temple.

Thread List
* Find the Medallion of the Sun God.

Current Chaos: 6

Scene 1:
Setup: Cleaning the West Temple to get it ready for the day when it's discovered that the Medallion is missing.
Chaos Roll: As this is the first scene, there is no Chaos roll.

Chaos stays the same as nothing super chaotic happened in this scene.

Scene 2:
Setup: Leaving to find a night guard in this village, to see if he saw anything amiss.
Chaos Roll: 4. The roll is less than the current Chaos and even, so the scene is interrupted.
Random Event: Remote Event, Trust, War.

Chaos increases by 1 due to the events in the scene.

Scene 3:
Setup: Returning to the temple to look around and find a clue.
Chaos Roll: 4. The roll is less than the current Chaos and even, so the scene is interrupted.
Random Event: NPC Positive, Intolerance, Wishes. Rolled d4 to pick the NPC, 2 - Kanutkumen.

Chaos increases by 1 because of our fight.

Scene 4:
Setup: Arriving unnoticed at the temple of Anubis at mid-day the next day to begin looking around.
Chaos Roll: 1. Roll is less than current Chaos and odd, so the scene is altered. I am greeted by a couple of priests as I arrive.

Chaos stays the same. Tension didn't really go up or down in this scene.

Scene 5:
Setup: Wandering around the temple, trying to find a spot to sneak inside and look for the Medallion.
Chaos Roll: 8. The roll is more than the current Chaos, so the scene is unchanged.

Chaos stays the same. I escaped the temple, but I'm being chased. Tension is the same.

Scene 6:
Setup: Fleeing the town and being chased. Trying to get to my village before I get caught.
Chaos Roll: It wouldn't make sense to interrupt this scene or alter it. I'm not rolling.

Chaos will reduce by 1. I made it back to my village and tension is definitely less.

Scene 7:
Setup: Returning to the West Temple and placing the Medallion in its place and meeting Kanutkumen there.
Chaos Roll: 5. That's less than Chaos and odd, so the scene is altered. I think that I'll return to the temple to find that Kanut is gone and a different priest has taken his place.
May 13, 2017 3:56 am
Scene 1

It's the morning of the solstice. I get up early to do my chores and get the small West Temple ready to greet the sun god Ra's light. I work for a couple hours and just as the god begins to peak his gaze over the Eastern horizon I am shocked to see that it does not fill the room as it should. I look and see that the sun God's medallion, that golden plate that spreads his glorious rays throughout the temple, is missing.

Dropping my broom I scurry over to look at the floor beneath the place it usually hangs on the wall. It normally hangs behind a stone chariot, a representation of The Chariot that Ra uses to sail his way across the sky every day. The Medallion is not there.

I begin to panic. Without the medallion, my temple loses its purpose. It is our lone artifact, our only connection tongue god we worship, the sun god. As I realize that it is gone, I begin to scream for my partner, Kanutkumen.
May 13, 2017 4:26 am
He runs out from the chamber he is cleaning and, seeing my distress, grasps my arms, pulling me close and looking me in the eye. "Cumatuken, my love, what is the matter?" he asks. With his touch, my fear and distress morph and change into grief and I point at the blank space on the stone wall where the Medallion should be hanging. As he sees that it is gone, his grip tightens painfully on my arms.

"Ra's Medallion! But... where is it?" He rushes to look behind the stone chariot, just as I did when I saw it was gone.

"It's no use!" I say. "It is gone. Someone took it in the night while we slept." By this time, my cheeks are wet and a tremor has entered my voice. Tenderly, Kanu walks towards me and takes me in his embrace, his muscular arms wrapping around my neck, pulling me into his shoulder.

"Cuma, it will be all right. We will find it and return it to its place behind Ra's chariot," he whispers to me, stroking my bald head lightly with his fingers.

Miserably, I shake my head. "I wish we could, but we cannot abandon the temple. One of us must stay." Pulling away, I look him in the eyes. "My father will never forgive me for losing the Medallion, so I must be the one to find it."

(Does he argue with me? Likely, 35 v. 70. Yep!)

Kanu shakes his head, "No, we were both here when it was lost. We must both go and find it."

"Kanu, no, we cannot leave the Temple unguarded," I return, perhaps more forcefully that I should. "Even though this is the smallest of Ra's temples, it must be cared for else Ra might not return tomorrow."

(Rolling Suasion B5 v. his Will B4. 3, 5, 6, 6, 6. Success!)

Kanu sighs in frustrated resignation. "Fine. But go quickly, find the Medallion and return to me, to this temple. Ra needs you as much as he needs me."

With a smile, I pull him close in a strong embrace. "Thank you. And I WILL find it."

With that, I move quickly to my cottage that sits behind the temple and grab my few belongings. My knife slips into its sheath on my belt and my bow is slung across my back. Perhaps I'll get lucky and bring home some meat along with the Medallion.
May 13, 2017 4:46 am
Scene 2

In a dark temple, some miles away, a middle-aged priest is ushered into the dark and smoky chamber of the leader of sect. His palms sweat with nervousness as he stands in front of his venerable leader, wondering why he was summoned at such an early hour.

Before him sits Herhut, the first priest of Anubis, half reclined on his couch. With a half-wave of a decrepit hand, he motions the priest forward. "Musim, come forward. It's so hard to see you in this light."

Boldly, Musim takes a step forward, determined to hide his nerves.

Herhut sighs in contentment and leans back on his couch a bit more. "Thank you for coming. I know the hour is late. Or early. Have you slept, yet? No, it doesn't matter."

He pauses for a few seconds before continuing. "I know you must wonder why I have summoned you. It is to tell you that the beginning of our war for dominance has begun. The first blow has been struck."

Musim chokes on a breath and coughs. "War? What war? The Empire is not at war with anyone," he blurts.

Herhut nods his head slowly, permitting the priest his confusion. "The Empire is not at war. We, the priests of Anubis, are at war. Too long have we labored in the shadows cast by the sect of Ra. Too long have we been brushed aside and our council ignored by the God-Empress. It is time for us to rise up. We will humble the sect of Ra until they are the basest of us all and, by so doing, will elevate the sect of our patron to have the ear of our God-Empress."

Musim's head spins at the revelation, his confusion making him gasp. After several moments, he shakes his head, stopping the chaotic fire of thoughts through it. "High Priest Herhut, I am honored to be brought into this war. What might I do to assist?"

Herhut smiles at him, yellow teeth showing through aged lips. "I hoped you would be eager to join us," he chuckles. "You will meet our agent in Kisebis and retrieve a stolen artifact and bring it back here." He pauses a second and then says, "Make sure to give the agent his coins for the ferryman." Herhut's eyes burn with barely obscured meaning.
May 13, 2017 4:58 pm
Back to Cumatuken

Leaving the temple, I walk out onto the dusty streets of the village that houses it, and us. With Ra already completely above the horizon, the villagers have been up for several hours, going about their daily activities. Looking around, I try and spot the lone city guard who works in this village.

(Going to try and circle him up to see if he saw anyone around the temple last night. It's going to be a flat roll of my exponent B2 against Ob 1. 3, 6. Success!)

As I walk the streets of the village, I hear Merit's unique voice, laughing at some story a cook tells her while she enjoys the breakfast they prepared for her. I point myself towards the sound and soon come upon her as she finishes and hands the bowl back to her host.

"And he didn't know it was you the whole time?" she asks. The cook responds, talking around his own laughter, "Yes, he honestly thought it was the river god, come to take his hand for thievery!" They both share a final laugh, doubling over in their mirth. I come to stand before Merit.

"Merit, good morning, may I have a word?" I ask, a smile on my face. She looks over at me, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as she stands up from her seat.

"Of course, Priest." She claps me on the shoulder and draws me away from the cook, a slight smile still playing on her lips.

"What can I do for you this morning?" She asks.

I clear my throat. "Ra suffered a serious grievance last night. It must be put right before he completes his journey across the sky today." I pause before continuing. "Did you notice anything out of the ordinary last night? Perhaps someone unfamiliar around the temple?"

The thin veil I pulled over my words don't fool Merit and her eyes widen in alarm. "The Medallion?" she asks. I nod. She blows out a breath, all levity gone from her demeanor. "No, I didn't notice anything by the temple. If I had, I would have raised the alarm." Her voice is laced with anger. I can't tell if at me, at herself or someone else.

"Of course, I understand," I say, trying to sooth her anger. "Your abilities as a guard are not in question; I know you are wonderful at your job with the eyes of an eagle. But the Medallion is missing and I need your help."

(Trying a Beginner's Luck test at Soothing Platitudes. Her Will is 3. I'm suffering a double ob penalty, so I need 6 successes. Ouch. My Will is 4. Maybe I'll roll a bunch of 6s to open end with a Fate. 2, 2, 2, 5. Ouch.)

My words only serve to anger her more. "No, I know that you priests always look down on us soldiers. We may not have the ear of the gods, but we protect you and your temples and we deserve respect!"

Her words touch something within me and my anger flares, hot as the light of Ra. "That may be your job, but you failed in your duty last night!" As soon as the words leave my mouth, I know they were a mistake.

Merit steps towards me, her red splotched face inches from my own. I can smell her breakfast of fish on her breath as she hisses, "I have not failed. You lost the Medallion. Recover it on your own." With that final word, she whirls around and stomps off.
May 14, 2017 4:30 pm
Scene 3

I return to the temple, my anger still blazing inside me and come to a sudden stop as I enter the small building. My dear Kanutkumen stands before Ra's chariot with another priest, of higher rank. I quickly bow to him, showing him the respect due his rank. "I apologize for barging in, I did not realize you were here and occupied with Kanutkumen."

The priest sighs, "Do stand up. I came to bring good news and am given bad news in return." I stand and look him in the eye.

"Good news?" I look at Kanut in confusion. "I'm sorry, I don't understand."

The priest quirks an eyebrow and looks at Kanut. "You didn't tell him?" he asks.

Kanut shakes his head. "No, I didn't want him to worry." Stepping forward, he grasps my elbows as he looks me in the eyes. "I asked for permission to tie my service to yours. So that we could be together, always." He pauses. "He is here to tell me that my request has been granted." He smiles and his eyes beam with happiness even as they fill with tears of joy.

I open my mouth. And close it. I don't know what to say. Do I even want this? "I... that's wonderful, Kanut." I smile back at him, hoping that the turmoil in my soul doesn't show.
May 17, 2017 2:38 am
I instantly see that my attempt to hide my feelings failed as panic twists his face. "You're not happy about this? I thought you'd be happy about this!" His voice raises to the point of almost yelling and the visiting priest takes a step back quickly.

Before I can say anything, the priest interjects, "The arrangements are made. This is happening. It took a lot of convincing for quite a number of our order for them to accept your relationship."

Panic shoots through my being at his words. I don't have time for this. I must find the Medallion before Ra rests for the night. I smile at the two of them, "No, it's fine, really, I love it. I'm just very, very preoccupied..." I let my words trail off, hoping they accept my lie and let me get on with my search. I can figure out my true feelings later.

(This is a Falsehood roll, which I don't have. I'll be rolling Will against his Will for this, with a double Ob penalty, so I'm shooting for 8 successes. Yeah, there's no way. Failure will get Kanut to refuse anything to do with me until I figure it out for myself. If I succeed, obviously he'll buy my lie. 1, 3, 3, 4. That's one success. Ha! At least that's a Difficult test for Will.)

Kanutkumen's mouth falls open and his eyes fill with tears. "You don't want this?! I was sure... I can't..." He takes a breath to calm himself and steels his expression, straightening himself and throwing back his shoulders. "Fine. So be it. We're stuck together for our temple service, but that doesn't mean we have to have anything else to do with each other." With that, he turns on his heel and quick-walks out, his sandals slapping the stone floor.

The visiting priest sighs and shakes his head, rubbing his temples. "Your father was right, this was a bad idea." He also turns and walks out, leaving in the small worship room all by myself.

My emotions are in turmoil, my heart turning from hot to cold and back again in rapid succession. I don't have time for this. I need to track the Medallion and return it to the temple.

I go back to the place where it hung on the wall, and examine the ground. Looking around, I try to determine where the most likely entrance/exit point would be for a thief to steal it, then follow that outside, examining the ground for any clues.

(Rolling Perception. The Ob is 2. I'll be working Carefully so I don't miss anything. Perception B6 +1D for Carefully, 7D rolled v. Ob 2. 1, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 6. That's 5 successes! This was just a routine test, so doesn't count towards advancing Perception.)

In my search, I find fresh wagon tracks on the ground. They run Eastward, and I follow them. When I get to the edge of the village, I notice something shiny on the ground. Going to pick it up, I realize that it's a badge or clasp of some sort with an image on it. It's the image of Anubis, the god of the Underworld.
May 21, 2017 3:11 am
(To wrap up this scene, I want to roll Temple-wise and say that there is a temple to Anubis just a day's travel away. That's definitely an Ob 1 challenge and I'm rolling Temple-wise B6. 1, 1, 1, 2, 4, 6. Wow, lots of traitors, there. But, I succeeded!)

I look to the East, my eyes narrowing. A large temple to Anubis is but a day's travel away. But, why would they steal the Medallion? I adjust my bow and begin the trek.
May 21, 2017 3:51 am
Scene 4

It's been a tiring journey, but I arrive at the small town that houses the temple to Anubis, the god of the Underworld.

(Is the town busy today? Even odds, drawing a card from the Game Master's Apprentice set: Yes.)

The townspeople are busy, out and about with their tasks of the day. Slaves follow their masters, wealthy merchants or farmhands. A few soldiers patrol the streets, a wary eye out for trouble. The street is alive with the sounds of business, happiness and toil. In the center of it all stands the bleak form of Anubis, backed by the stone columns of his temple. I take it all in with a weary sigh and stomp my feet on the bottom stone step to knock some of the road dust free of my sandals.

As I begin to walk up the steps to the temple entrance, two priests, their skin darkened with ash, appear at my sides. "Please, honored guest, come with us. The local head priest would like to meet with you." I am startled at their appearance, but simply nod and gesture.

"Lead the way. I am anxious to meet them," I say.

They take me into the large stone structure. It is completely enclosed so all the passageways are dark, lit only by guttering torches or small oil lamps set in corners. Finally, we emerge into a small, austere room. On a reed mat in the center kneels a figure, nude except for the dark loincloth covering their groin. His skin is streaked with sweat and ash.

With a wave of his hand, he dismisses my escort.

(Is he going to tell the truth about having stolen the Medallion? Bad odds. Drawing another card: No.)

A nasally voice echoes off the wall in front of him to reach me as he says, "When I heard a priest of the Sun was coming to our temple, I was curious. What brings you here? Surely it is not to consult with the god of Death."

I shake my head even though he's not looking at me. "No, I'm in search of something that was taken from my temple. I have tracked it here."

He chuckles. "We have nothing taken from the Sun. That light has no place in the home of our master. You made a mistake." With a smooth motion, he stands and turns to face me. He is tall and thin. His face is hollow and his dark eyes glitter at me through shadows. "What have you lost, priest?"

Confusion darts through me and it chills me. The thought that I did make a mistake is frightening, but no. It can't have been a mistake. "I don't believe you. You, or one of yours, took Ra's Medallion from my temple. Where is it? Give it to me!" I demand.

(The only skill I can find that seems to fit what's going on is Stentorious Debate... which I don't have. So, it's versus his Will which is 5. So, I'm rolling my Will at double Ob penalty, B4 v. 10. No chance. But gotta roll. 2, 4, 4, 6. Good roll, but didn't succeed. That's a Challenging roll for Will, so that means my Will bumps up to B5! Woo!)

He laughs at my demand and waves it away. "I cannot give you what I do not have. And, your presence tires me. I have half a mind to send you on your way to meet Anubis right now..."

(Even odds, does he take me captive? Drawing a card: NO! So, that's an extreme no.)

"But, no, I believe I'll let you suffer at the hands of your own priestly sect. Losing one of their precious artifacts is deserving of some fairly harsh punishments, is it not?" He snickers and waves a hand. Someone grabs my arm and yanks me out of the room and out of the temple. I stumble as they shove me down the stairs and onto the dirt street passing in front.

I don't believe him. At all. I know they took the Medallion. Ra has already set once without the Medallion shining his glory back to him and he will have to suffer once more, at least. Only one more if I can find the Medallion today. But, where could it be?
May 21, 2017 3:49 pm
Scene 5

I look up at the sky, at the golden disc of Ra in the sky, and shake my head. It's already mid-afternoon and I'm not much closer to finding the Medallion. With every hour that passes, I get closer to risking a third night that Ra will be without his Medallion.

I walk away from the temple, determined to return after I have disguised myself somehow and scout around it for another entrance. They must have the Medallion. Who else?

I begin looking for a weaver or someone who might provide me with a different set of clothing. (Circles Ob 1, rolling B2, 1, 3. Rats.) It's late enough that the morning seller stalls have been collected and I'm not familiar with this town enough to know where I might find a store-front. That plan is out the door.

Very well, after an hour of futile looking, I make my way back to the temple and begin to scope it out, looking for other entrances to the interior. (I'm not looking for anything hidden, just other entrances. Ob 1. If I fail, I'll have to sneak in through the main entrance, which would suck. I want something that's not watched. Perception B6: 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 6. Success! It's Routine so I don't get to log that test for advancement.)

After walking around the temple, I find a small doorway towards the back on one of the sides. It's small, likely for the removal of human and sacrificial waste. It'll do. Looking around, I walks swiftly to the doorway and slip inside. (I'm definitely trying to be Inconspicuous here. Is there anything interesting on failure? Nah, if I fail, my quest to find the Medallion will be halted again. Let's say Yes.)

This hallway is tiny and I feel like the whole weight of the temple rests upon my head and shoulders. Smoke stings my eyes as I creep forward, listening for anyone else. (Let's make this a Perception roll, Ob 3. If I fail, I'll encounter a low priest. With a success, I'll make it into the temple proper without encountering anyone. Perception B6: 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5. That's a failure.)

I turn a corner in the tunnel and am stunned to see the dim light glinting off of sweaty skin. "Wha? Who...?" the figure manages to get out. I can't risk exposure, I have to retrieve the Medallion, no matter the cost. My knife is out in a flash and I try to grab the figure and slash their throat. (Intent is to kill them with my knife. Rolling Knives to do so, B3. I'll be testing this against their Speed. I figure, as a low rank priest, Speed is probably just B2. My knives: 3, 3, 4. Their speed: 2, 3.)

My blade flashes in the dim light and the small space is filled with the sound of choking and spraying blood. The body slumps to the ground slowly and quickly falls silent. I wipe my blade off on the body's clothing, but keep it in my hand as I creep farther forward.

After another minute or so, the tunnel opens up into another room. (Is this their main ceremony room? The chances are good. Drawing a GM's Apprentice card: Yes, just a normal yes, not extreme. So, this is the ceremony room, but there's no ceremony in progress.) I pause in the doorway and take stock of my surroundings. There is a walkway at the edges of the square room, up against the walls. Each corner of the square has steps that lead down into the central pit wherein lies a pool of fetid water. Rising from the black pool is an altar. (Is the Medallion on the altar? Seems likely, so chances are Good. Drawing a card: Yes.)

Upon the altar, even in this dim room, shines the Medallion. I smile as I see it. Finally! My mission has come to an end. Leaving the doorway, I walk quickly to one of the corners and step quickly down the stairs. My feet splash as they hit the warm pool at the bottom. Quickly, I reach the stairs leading up to the altar and leap up to it, taking two steps at a time. My sandals slap wetly on the stone steps. The Medallion is warm in my hands as I lift it up and my soul is filled with joy. My joy freezes in an instant, however, when I hear a growl come from behind me. Turning, I see something lifting itself up from the warm, black water of the pond, the growl coming from its open, toothy maw.

(This seems like a climactic moment so I'd like to use a scripted system to reflect that. I want to run away and it's not right in front of me so that would suggest Range & Cover. I'm using the Walking Dead stats for this monster from the back of the Gold book.)
May 24, 2017 3:22 am
Ok, so did a little reading during the break and Range and Cover is inappropriate because neither of us have a ranged weapon. The room we're in is also rather small for a R&C. Going straight to a Fight, then!

Normally, the GM would script the actions for the undead while I would script out my actions. As I'm both, I've decided to randomize it a bit. I'll script my character's actions and then choose a number of actions for the undead. I'll then assign those to a playing card and shuffle them, face down. When that action comes up, I'll flip it over and compare it to my scripted action.

My Reflexes are B4, so I have 4 actions in this exchange. V1: Avoid, Strike; V2: Counterstrike; V3: Strike.

Enemy's Reflexes are B2. He's only got two actions, I'll choose Avoid and Strike. Avoid is the 9 of Hearts. Strike is the 2 of Clubs. He'll go in the first two volleys.

We don't test to Engage as we both have the same length of weapon: shortest.
I square off against the filthy creature, my knife in my hand. Fear chills my stomach and my thighs tremble. I take a step to the side to see if I could possibly get around this monstrosity, but it follows me for every step. Realizing that I'm not going to get past it without a fight, I rush forward, my knife held out.
Ok, flipping it's first card: 9 of Hearts. That's an Avoid. My first action is an Avoid, as well.
I duck to the side just as it lurches to the other side. Whirling back around, I swing at it with my knife.
My next action is a Strike. It's not doing anything for this action. My Ob is 1. My Knives is B3. I don't have any other skills I can FORK into it and I don't have any Advantages, either. I'll spend a Persona to get +1D. 3, 4, 5, 5. That's 3 successes! One meets my Ob, I'll spend the next two to raise my hit to a Superb, since my Run of the Mill knife is a Dirk. It does a B5 Superb hit. That is... only a Superficial wound. Crap. It's at +1 Ob.
My knife slices into its torso, opening the black flesh in a large gash. The flesh puckers and oozes a dark black ichor, but the monster appears to be unfazed.
Next Volley, I've scripted a Counterstrike. Flipping its card, 2 of Clubs, it's Striking. It's rolling 3 dice for its attack, I'm rolling 1 attack die, 2 defense dice. It: 1, 2, 2. Me: 5, 5 defense, 2 attack.
With a low growl, the monster's arm swings stiffly at my head. I duck under its arm and swing my knife at it again. I've unbalanced myself and I can't quite reach its body with my blade.
My final scripted action is a Strike. It has no more actions left for this exchange, so I roll v. Ob 1. 2, 4, 6, going to spend a Fate point to open end that 6 and hope I get lucky! It's a 4. So, 3 total successes! I'll spend those two successes to get another Superb hit. B5. It has two B5 wounds now. It's at +2 Ob. Bummer... I didn't apply that before.
Planting my feet, I push into the black and slimy figure, thrusting out with my small blade again. My blade slides into its torso again, opening more of the rotted flesh to ooze black ichor. I step past it and whirl around to face my opponent again. Again, my blow appears to have little effect.
May 24, 2017 3:57 am
All right, starting a new Exchange. I want to get the heck out of here. I hit this thing and hardly do anything to it and I'm afraid that it's going to eat me if it hits me even once. So, I'm going to attempt to Disengage. This thing, if it Vies for Position,
is definitely going to attempt to gain advantage. Testing its Speed B3 against my Speed B3 +1D. It: 1, 3, 6. Me: 1, 1, 1, 6. That's a tie, so I don't go anywhere! Luckily, we're at the same weapon length so it doesn't get any advantage over me.
Realizing that I will be hard pressed to defeat this evil creature, I try to maneuver past it, trying to rush the small door that leads to the corridor I used to enter the ritual room. As I do, the horrible creature steps in my path, preventing me from escaping. Fear stabs through my heart as I yell at it, "Out of my way, scum of Anubis!"
Time to script some more actions. I'm going to go with another V1: Avoid, Strike; V2: Counterstrike; V3: Strike.
It's going to do another Avoid (9 Hearts) and Strike (2 Clubs).

Revealing first actions: 2 Clubs. It Strikes as I Avoid.
The beast rears up, its arm raised to strike me down. I quickly dodge to the other side, attempting to get out of the way of the blow.
Its roll, B3: 1, 3, 5 (+2 Ob). Me: 3, 5, 6. I succeed!
I stumble through the shallow water, splashing the front of the disgusting creature as it swipes at me. Its arm misses, overbalancing it and it stumbles a step as well. Turning, I swing my knife at its throat, crying to Ra for his aid, "Ra, grant me your light!"
Rolling to gain a Boon to open end my Knives for this scene. Faith B4 with Ob 2. 1, 2, 2, 4. Failure.

So, testing Knives v. Ob 1 to hit it. 3, 3, 6. That succeeds and gives an Incidental hit, which is a B3. That's still Superficial, so it gets a third +1 Ob penalty, which turns into a -1D. Fantastic!
My knife slices into the creature's neck and more black goo gushes out of the wound. The beast stumbles and is now more noticeably affected by the damage it has taken. As I notice that, the darkness around me seems to deepen, as if Ra is less present. I glance up at the corners by the ceiling, searching for Him, even as I realize he must be testing me, seeing if I can accomplish this on my own. "I will not fail you!" I whisper.
Next volley is my Counterstrike v. its 9 Hearts (Avoid). Neither of us test anything.
I ready myself for another attack, but none comes as it stalks around me as it drips black into the dark water.
I'm going for my last action, a Strike. It has no action so I'm rolling against Ob 1. 1, 2, 4. That's another Incidental hit. Also, reading the rules, the Ob penalty only stays at +1 with the second Superficial. Wouldn't have mattered here, I don't think. I give it another B3, so it has a -1 and +1 Ob again.
As I realize that it's not going in for the attack, I rush in, slicing at it again with my blade. I catch it across the lower stomach and another cut puckers dark flesh and more of its foul fluid drips into the dark water.

This is my chance to escape. I turn and try to rush around it, making my way for the doorway.
Starting another Exchange and I'm going to try and Disengage. Speed v. Speed. It's at -1D and +1 Ob. I can do this!
Me: 1, 5, 5, 6.
It: 5, 5.
It got 2 and I effectively got 4. I'm outta here!
It lunges for me, but it's too slow and I splash around it and rush up the stairs, turning and running along the catwalk and through the doorway. I rush through the tunnel for a couple minutes before I'm back at the doorway leading outside. I burst out into the glory of Ra, the Medallion under my arm, and run for the street, running as quickly as I can to leave this town.
Ok, I've recovered the Medallion and I'm trying to head out of town, do they follow? Given that this Medallion is very clearly Ra's, not Anubis's, I'll say it's Very Unlikely. Rolling and... it's an Extreme Success. So, you bet they are giving chase.
May 25, 2017 3:53 am
Scene 6

As I reach the street, I glance behind and notice a small group of people rushing down the temple steps, looking right at me. I turn and double my efforts, running as fast as I can, dodging the people who crowd the streets. Looking back, I see that, while they aren't gaining, they are still hot on my tail. I search desperately for a dark alley to duck into, a cart to follow or distraction to cause so that I can lose them.
Going to make an opposed Perception roll against these jokers. They're just temple mooks, so they're just a B3.
Them B3: 1, 3, 6.
Me B6: 1, 2, 4, 4, 4, 6.
Running down the street, I see my opportunity. A donkey stubbornly refuses to budge from the center of the road, causing the cart it pulls to block traffic. Just beyond it is a small alley that looks like a good escape route. As I fly up to the donkey, I leap over the cart's tongue and smack the donkey sharply on the rump. It rears up, spilling the contents of the cart in the road. Chaos ensues as I dart down the alley, my sandals slapping heavily on the packed dirt. I reach a turn to the left and take it. After a couple more turns, I find myself out on the street again. Stopping, I look around to see if anyone takes an interest in me.
There's No Way anyone is on the lookout for me here. I roll on the Fate Chart with the current Chaos and get a failure. No one here is looking for me.
A few people glance my way, their eyes darting down the the Medallion, but they all keep walking. No one takes an interest in my as I lean against the building wall to catch my breath. After several minutes have passed I notice that everyone who walks by is looking at the Medallion. Glancing down, I admire how it shines in Ra's light and the realization hits me that, many people may view this as riches to take, rather than a sacred artifact to protect.

Looking up in the sky, I look at Ra, my eyes squinted almost shut. "Ra, great one, I have retrieved your Medallion and I will soon return it to its rightful place. Bless me with a covering for it, that I may carry it undisturbed."
Praying to receive a Boon (Ob 2) to open end Circles to find someone who can provide me with a sack in which to carry the Medallion.
Roll Faith B4: 3, 5, 6, 6. Rerolling 6s: 3, 5. Four successes total.

Rolling Circles to find someone that can provide me with a sack. Fairly simple, Ob 1. Circles B2: 3, 4. Success!
As I finish my prayer, I hear a harsh voice yell, "Hey, point that thing somewhere else, you idiot!" Dropping my gaze, I blink as my eyes focus on the land again. And, I notice that Ra's glory is reflecting off the Medallion, right into the face of an old man sitting by the road. I shift the Medallion so it is no longer blinding him.

"I apologize," I say to him. Then, I notice his wares. Stacks of roughly woven sacks sit next to him. I reach out and touch one. The fabric is coarse between my fingertips, but strong.

"Could you part with one of your sacks for a priest of Ra?" I ask him, looking him in the eye.

He huffs and smiles. "Of course, for five pennies."

"I don't have any money," I respond. "I am returning this Medallion to the West Temple and I need something to carry it in. If you were to give the sack, I could pray to Ra for a blessing on your behalf." I watch him, hoping he'll agree.
It's time to roll Suasion! Ob 3 for a normal dude. I'm rolling B5: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4. Well, crap.
He laughs. And laughs. And laughs some more, slapping his thigh, which causes dust to fly from his own clothing. "I will gladly take a blessing from Ra!" he shouts. "After you pay me the five pennies it costs!"

I shake my head and walk away from him. Looks like I'll be carrying the Medallion the whole way.

I walk swiftly to the edge of the Town and begin the long journey back to my own village.
So, I think that I'm still being pursued, so I'm going to walk quickly through the night. I'm going to call it a Vs. Forte test. They are B3 and I'm at B4. I'm going to give myself an +1 Ob penalty because I have to carry the Medallion by hand. Would it be reasonable to take a +1D Advantage because they can't be sure I left their town? Sure, I'll buy it.
Me: B4 + 1D + 1 Ob. 2, 5, 5, 5, 6.
Them: B3. 2, 2, 6.
I beat them. Phew!
I walk through the night, stopping only when absolutely necessary, and arrive at my village just as the rising sun begins to paint the Eastern horizon.
May 25, 2017 4:16 am
Scene 7

Wearily, I drag into the West Temple. I am exhausted, but happy. As I enter the small Medallion room, I call out, "Kanut! Kanutkumen! I have returned!" I walk to the wall behind the chariot and lift the heavy Medallion up with aching arms, placing it onto the hooks that hold it onto the wall. Stepping back, I admire my work. Perfect!

I turn, looking for Kanut. "Kanut!" I call his name again.

Through one of the open doorways, I hear the slapping of sandals on the stone. I rush to that doorway, a smile on my face. "Kanut! I'm back! I got..." I trail off as I see that the figure approaching is not Kanut. A different priest approaches. He is an older man, his belly large and hanging over the belt of his tunic. He mouth smiles in his round face as he approaches.

"You have returned! Thank Ra. They told me to expect you yesterday."

My blood turns to ice and my vision swims as I suddenly realize what has happened. Kanutkumen is gone. He no longer serves in this temple by my side. They have brought in another priest to take his place. "I... I, yes, I have returned," I say, in a voice barely above a whisper.

Pushing past me, the older priest looks into the Medallion room. "Ah! And you have brought the Medallion back! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!" He grabs my shoulders and shakes me slightly in his joy. Turning, he goes to another part of the temple. As he retreats, I hear him say, "I must send a messenger. They will be so happy to hear the Medallion has been returned!"

In shock and exhaustion, I fall to the floor, my legs buckling underneath my body as I come to sit on the warm stone.
That feels like the end of this session! I resolved my belief about retrieving the Medallion, "The Medallion is the only precious artifact in my temple. I must retrieve it at all costs!" My next one is definitely about getting Kanutkumen back. I did not expect him to leave or be taken away from me.

I think the new belief will be, "Kanutkumen is too important to me. I must find him and convince him to come back to the West Temple with me."

Now it's time to take a look at some Artha awards.
* Definitely drove the game forward with my belief about retrieving the Medallion. +1 Fate.
* I did this whole thing to give glory to Ra, which is a belief. +1 Fate.
* Resolved that Belief, so I'll take +1 Persona.
* I'll take Workhorse because it was a lot of work to get it back. +1 Persona.

That should do it. I don't think I had any odd skills that turned out to be just the right thing and, while I did make myself laugh a couple times, nothing super humorous happened. MVP, anyone could have done this, it was just me in the situation. Yeah, looks good.

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