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Faladon General Information Index and Map

May 22, 2015 9:13 pm

Heres a general blue print of the town of faladon. The buildings are normally a couple of stories tall in order to hold the residents that live in the town. The buildings are made out of a mix of the materials from the cave and synth steel for the more luxurious places.

Red Dot: Town Spire

This is where most town gatherings are held. It's a spire like structure grand in its presence. Many blue baubles illuminate the structure. The structure has many stories for the various town workers. At the very top of the Spire is where Ernie Bauxtapau resides. The view from his floor is breath taking, and with it hes able to see most of the town just from being up so high. Some decorative fountains exist outside of the spire as it is also a frequent gathering spot for the citizens of the town. They work hand in hand with the faladon mining company so there is frequently a lot of faladon mining employees entering and exiting the spire at all times.

Blue Dot: Faladon Arena

There is not much room in the town for prisoners. Those with petty crimes are usually the ones granted the cells. For those partaking in the more heinous of crimes they are offered the arena. The arena usually partakes every 7th day. Faladus himself had the arena constructed to his liking and, via a crevice in the top of the cavern, there is natural sunlight that beams into the middle of the arena. This is the only place in Faladon that offers natural sunlight. All of those put up into the arena are set to battle each other to the death for their freedom. Spectators may sponsor and bet on the prisoners as they see fit. Those who win regain their freedom. Some citizens like to partake in the arena for sport most notably, "The Duke of Death" Arso Laman. He is glorified for his impressive streak of kills in the arena. He bears a large scar across his chest from the only time blood has been drawn from him in battle.

Green Dots: Faladon Mining Company

The Faladon Mining Company owns a plethora of buildings near the depths as a mainbase for their operations. They are normally used to process and ship the various baubles that are mined from the depths. All miners and their families live in the right most building. Most of the employees either live on the premise or in the spire as work is often very long and with little time to rest besides the 7th day. Ernie Bauxtapau is the leader of the company at the moment, having taken over from Illpaw Faladus 5 years ago. Their is resentment in the company over Ernie's direction of the company and as a result, there is word that they may try to separate themselves from him soon.

Yellow Dots: Falladon Guard

The Falladon guard was established 45 years ago as a measure of providing peace to the town as they were often being targetted from bandit cults and other thieves looking to steal what they have mined. They have grown into the policing force for the town. They have 3 main hubs throughout Faladon, each stationed near an entrance. Those leaving the town with any sort of bauble must pay a toll and are accompanied by guards until they reach the nearest town, Sylvus, which is 2 days away. The buildings hold cells for the more petty criminals such as thieves. At all times there are a total of 4 patrols walking throughout town. Each patrol has 2 swordsman with a shield, and a nano. The nanos have been trained to use non lethal ways of incapacitating criminals. Faladon guard had offered up their men for the first search party but were denied. The second search party however will include a few of their guards and a nano.

Purple Dots: Pubs

With a lack of sunlight, citizens of Faladon are bound to be a bit stir crazy if it werent for the local pubs around town. While the pubs are pretty similar the bigger one, named the Dragons Breath, hosts prize fights every night. Participants box to the glee and money of the spectators. It was from here Arso Laman began his career in fighting for sport. Word travels quickly through these pubs so once you're kicked out of one, you're normally not allowed in the others. Various spirits can be found here and with the right connections, some work can be sought out through the patrons there.
May 22, 2015 9:21 pm
Orange Dots: Shops

1. Smelter
Owner: Julius Firebeard
Former faladon mining smelter who now works for the public. His experience with his craft has allowed him to smelt many of the exotic materials found in the cave. He may be a bit pricy, but Julius is known to drop the price when he knows hes dealing with someone who knows their metal.

2. Jeweler
Owner: Quincy Twitch
Quincy Twitch is the newest of all the vendors with the last jeweler leaving town in favor of Sylvus. Shes often very meticulous with her precious gems but she is also known for botching her orders up sometimes. Her prices are relatively fair for the amount of quality that comes from her work.

3. Weaponsmith/General Weapon Selling
Owner: Fay Raydon
Fay works with The Spire and Guard. Her swords have been used by the Faladon guard for the last 20 years as she knows how to make her blades very quickly. She often buys weapons from merchants that pass on through so she offers a wide variety of weapons but may not be as knowledgeable about them as she is with her blades. Her prices reflect such knowledge.

4. Armorsmith
Owner: Albus McGreary
Albus has worked closely with the Faladon Mining Company for the last 10 years creating gear went to withstand the tough conditions of the depths. He also works to make extravagant pieces of armor for commercial use. His greatest work is the chest armor he made for Arso Laman which features a crystalline sort of chest piece with sharp jagged pieces of blue bauble protruding out of the shoulders. His prices are moderate and he hardly budges on them due to the amount of time it takes for his work.

5. Weaver
Owner: Sinnus Wittlebottom
Sinnus is one of the more charitable people in the town of Faladon. He is known for making high quality cloth wear at a very affordable price. There is word though that he deals with some shady people as he is known to go missing for days on end before returning to shop. Rumor has it he practices some sort of obscene magic.

6. General Shop
Owner: Faladon Mining General Store
The company owns the general store in Faladon. People normally buy their food and supplies from the general store. Their prices are set by policy so their is rarely any variance on them. They do offer some higher end products such as a couple of cyphers and rare baubles.
May 24, 2015 11:04 pm
Brown Dots: Points of Interest

1. Geologist Johanaves Dandy

Johanaves is a quirky individual. He is in his late 30's with dark skin and long braided hair. His voice has a tropical dialect on it and he has many colored markings on him. Johanaves has dedicated the last 20 years to his studies of the rocks here and since hes the only one that has worked with them for so long, people tend to believe he is correct regardless of whether or not he is. He believes the baubles hold a spiritual presence within them and will go to extreme ends to experiment on the things he gets his hands on. He is very eager to work with things he has not seen before and his personality is very extrovert.

2. Professor Limitus's Academy

Limitus is an old man who has been here since the very beginning of Faladon. When settlers began coming into Faladon the need for some level of education was solved with the opening of Limitus's academy. Those who were born here are required to go through the academy as the exam at the end of it determines usually where you are supposed to work. The highest socring work for the spire where the lower scoring ones end up as miners or petty merchants. Limitus is always in need of some extra hands for some jobs he requires of. He is rather short of patience and is quick to believe that his assertions are correct.

3. Oliver Newton's Gizmos

Once a very promising scholar under Limitus and Johanaves. Oliver Newton's brain was rattled as a result of one of Johanaves's experiments. That isnt to say however that Oliver's brilliance is completely gone. He is a early 30's man with wirery hair and a pair of spectacles that are tinted so you do not see his eyes. he talks very fast and some times speaks incoherent gibberish. Oliver has been known to craft cyphers from time to time when his work is actually succesfulll but most of the time the stuff he makes is best left as a decorative piece to a house.

4. Faladon Arena Memorial

This building houses some keepsakes from the greatest warriors of the Arena's existence. Every prisoner that has earned their freedom is adorned on a golden-like plaque at the end of the building. One of the most controversial items in the memorial is a black-steel long sword. It is with his blade that a prisoner was able to draw blood from Arso Laman.

5. Mayor Bauxtapau''s residence

Bauxtapau's residence is a humble house near the arena. It houses his family as well as some guests from time to time. At all times there are four guards at the entrance of the house. Trying to trespass the building is a surefire way to enter the arena. The house itself is well kept thanks to Bauxtapaus wife. The top of the building has a couple of Faladus baubles that seem to charm and calm down those who pass near it.

6. Memorum of the Lost

Those who die in Faladon are not buried due to the nature of the cavern. Therefore cremation is usually the preferred choice of dealing with the dead. The smoke usually billows out of the building during their cremation cycles. Some of the most notorious individuals of the town are enshrined here including Faladus himself. There is also a temporary memorial set up for the search party that has gone missing in the depths. Lots of baubles and what resemble to be crude floral arrangements have been set up here by those who are grieving.

7. The Hall

The hall is a place where records are kept on various things in Faladon. Basic things such as the history of the town and some literature on the baubles that have been found/ rumored to exist lie here. The place isn't very populated with information now but if it weren't for the books here a lot of information on the rocks and baubles found here would be gone permanently.
May 24, 2015 11:09 pm
Most Common Baubles

There are a few types of baubles that sell well including the run of the mill Azure bauble which glows blue and causes those who frequently handle them to have a blue glow about them. Then theres the Acadius Bauble, which is a brightly shining orange bauble that if not handled properly will severely burn the hands of those who do not take its warning. Lastly there is also the Falladus bauble, named after the founder Falladus which shimmers an iridescent green glow and hums silently. Mayor Bauxtapau's house is lit by these baubles and they are one of the most valuable baubles one can mine. There are a few other extremely rare baubles but either they are just myths or there is good reason as to why they cant be found.

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