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Nov 2, 2017 8:33 pm
Here's a thread where you can post notes relating to the overall plot/storyline of the campaign. Feel free to ask me any questions here if you've forgotten anything.

A quick recap of the current state of the "main quest" as of this posting: the party has just returned from Vorch, where they learned that the Iron Sphere was enchanted to be used as a gateway into the city of Hazard. On the road back to Hazard, they learned that the cohort of soldiers the Hierophant sent to rescue Martjan was slaughtered en masse, possibly by a dragon. The last they saw Zora, she was leaving for parts unknown with Vad. She left the party with a clue as to the Sphere's location, advising them to seek out a particular fish shop in Sthombo for further information.
Nov 3, 2017 12:01 pm
Copied from nubs' summary in the last chapter with a couple of edits:
-The Iron Sphere had no special properties ("nothing more than crudely-worked sky iron" - it's 2.5ft across)
-Pafthinel was hired by the House of Orjo to enchant the stone so that it could be used as a bit of a "trojan horse" to enable an invasion of Sthombo. The cities were making peace but Hazard wanted to get revenge on Sthombo.
-the Stone acts as one end of a portal - it can be moved to wherever
-the second end of the portal is the Shrine of Culsu in Hazard; the proper arrangement of magnetic stones in the Shrine will open the portal to wherever the Stone is. ("I was able to attune the Sphere to a fixed point in the Werld. A proper arrangement of ordinary magnetic stones at that point would collapse the magnetic field around the Sphere into a vortex, creating a conduit between the two from anywhere in the Multiverse")
-Culsu is "patroness of doors and passages, but her true divine station is to stand at the gateway between the Werld and the planes beyond" - so an obvious link to portals.
-But the portal is bi-directional; it could be used to send whatever is at the Stone's location to the Shrine. I think we should assume that the 6PC has the knowledge to open the portal.
-Destroying the Stone is our best bet - Pafthinel also suggested dropping it in the ocean, but my fear with that would be that the portal can still be opened and let in the ocean/a Kraken, etc.
-Moving to speculation, I think the Cult's plan is to open the portal once the Stone is act a location that would cause both a natural disaster (flooding) and possibly one that involves a large magical beast that will wreak havoc
So the 6PC nicked the Sphere now intending to use it for their own purposes:
"The Iron Sphere of Sthombo has been invested with a terrible purpose. One day or another, that purpose will be fulfilled. It could be for the acquisition of base, temporal power, as was originally intended, or it could be for something greater, something new in the Werld, something unbound by time." - Adan

Some older stuff related to the 6PC:
-Adan and Edvers "communed with the First Servant in the deepest crypts of Nethuns' temple".

-The Temple of Nethuns in Sthombo was visited by the 6PC:
"In the catacombs beneath this temple, in the deepest parts carved out when this was a house of many gods, there is a crypt whose sealing-stone is engraved with that symbol. It has perplexed us for generations.
A year ago, two men from Hazard came to the temple and asked to see the crypt. They called it by the same name as you know it: 'we wish to see the tomb of the servant of the six-pronged crown,' they said. They seemed decent folk. They brought offerings to Nethuns. And so one of our priests led them down to the catacombs. He said afterwards they did nothing but stand before the crypt for the longest time, staring at it, saying nothing. And that was all they did. When they were finished he led them back up, and they left, and we never saw them again
." - Nethuns priest

-Presumably that was Adan and Edvers.
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Nov 3, 2017 12:17 pm
Who or what The First Servant is is unclear. I think there's more info about what exactly the 6PC was hoping to awaken but I haven't found it yet.
Nov 5, 2017 5:30 pm
So the 6PC nicked the Sphere now intending to use it for their own purposes:
I think The Sphere hasn't been claimed yet so far as we know; Zora gave us a clue as to where it was hidden in the 2nd home by the sea:
" you remember that fish shop in Sthombo where we had lobster pies? If you ever go back there, ask them where they get their pricklebacks from, and...go there."

Now, that information comes from Martjan, who is in the clutches of the 6PC, so I think we can assume they have a good idea where it is, if they haven't gotten it already.
Nov 5, 2017 8:53 pm
Oh, yes, sorry I meant that they had nicked it intending to use it, but obviously Edvers hid it instead of giving it to them.
Nov 6, 2017 6:08 pm
I'm taking some time off later this week and will take some of it to go through notes/etc to compile a bit of a summary of what we know/suspect.
May 6, 2018 5:18 am
You're close to Hazard, you've got a new possible source of information chatting with you, and you've been off on side quests for a long, long time. Who needs a recap?

This is all stuff your characters should know and remember:

1. The cult was founded hundreds of years ago by someone known as the "First Servant." He's buried in the crypts under the Temple of Nethuns in Sthombo. Adan and Edvers visited the crypt and had a silent communion with him about a year ago.
2. The cult is currently led by a scholar/wizard named Gavrel Gorham. He burned down Chorcarz's estate, kidnapped Martjan, and fled somewhere to the north.
3. They plan to use the Iron Sphere to open some kind of gateway between the Sphere itself and the Shrine of Culsu in Hazard.
4. They also seem to have an interest in the remains of Ilhaz buried beneath the Mastaba.

1. You have contacts with both of the ruling factions: The Hierophant's agents (Gethro) and the Innocent's family (Chorcarz).
2. The Hierophant helped you get Zora into hiding, got you transportation to Vorch, and sent a cohort of soldiers to try and rescue Martjan.
3. Rumor has it that the soldiers were wiped out (by a dragon?) and the Hierophant is losing the support of the people.

1. Zora told Mordred that by making inquiries with a certain fish shop in Sthombo, he can determine the place where the Sphere is hidden.

Any questions? Here's the map of Hazard again...
May 7, 2018 11:58 am
That's very helpful PBO. Where exactly are we on Bload at this point, and, um, what were we doing? I feel like we got the Black Beast sidequest while on our way somewhere, but damned if I can remember where we were headed and why...
May 7, 2018 3:04 pm
You're on day seven of a twelve day journey back to Hazard, following the road that runs along the north side of the Ophid river. You were on horseback, returning to warn them about the Sphere being key to a portal into Hazard (and find out if they got Martjan back, although it sounds like they didn't).
May 7, 2018 5:24 pm
How long, on horseback, to Sthombo?
May 7, 2018 5:45 pm
Maybe nine additional days? So it would be a fourteen day ride if you skipped Hazard and went straight to Sthombo from here.
May 8, 2018 2:58 am
I'm gonna have to re-read this entire forum sometime soon lol I feel like I've forgotten so many details that we've uncovered...

Remind me again what we know about Ilhaz?
May 8, 2018 4:03 pm
Prophecy about the sphere, just for safe keeping

See what lies on Culsu's door:
Sleeping sea-horse, curled in a ball.
Tickle him awake, and your city will fall!
Ice and flood through the broken gate
An early death is the last Child's fate
Set a crown of frost on the tomb of the Old
And never again will men dwell upon Bload.


Ilhaz was a titan who reclaimed the Isle of Bload from the Lord of the Beasts; he died in battle with the Serpent of the Ophid River and where he fell is the island in the river at Hazard; the island is named after him; his remains are said to be buried under the Mastaba and apparently the 6PC tried to break in there at some point.
May 8, 2018 4:08 pm
Ilhaz was a titan who lived in Bload in primeval times and made it safe for mortals to inhabit by slaying various legendary monsters. He is said to have died in battle with the Great Green Serpent of the Ophid River, and where he died became an island in the middle of the river, later the site where Hazard was founded.

The Mastaba was built to serve as a shrine to Ilhaz and to protect the site from plunderers. Many believe that the remains of Ilhaz, if any can still be found at the site, contain incredible magical powers.
May 9, 2018 10:32 pm
As we head into refocusing more on the main plot, I've been working on a campaign bible/wiki type project to bring the scattered plot and worldbuilding references from the last three (!) years of this game into one place. I've got four chapters done so far, so this stands a good chance of actually getting finished and going live!
May 10, 2018 8:32 am
Three years! Thanks for the hard work PBO. The wiki sounds great, I'd hate for your intricate plotting to be lost.
May 10, 2018 12:46 pm
Wow, three years. I'd be stoked to contribute to a wiki, if you'd like.
May 10, 2018 6:44 pm
Just capturing some of the latest details - would also be stoked to help with the wiki.
Garho looks skyward, thoughtfully. "It comes in the part where she is describing the royal court of Hazard. She has been asked to read their fortunes, and when it comes time for the king to have his fortune told, he tells Aligoon about his brother-in-law, a man learned in the ways of magic, who had been exiled years ago for disloyalty.

"The man was cast out because he had become a zealot, and was known to say that 'only the wearer of the six-pronged crown is fit to rule in Bload.' He settled in Sthombo after his exile, and lived freely there as a sage and healer, styling himself as 'the first servant of the six-pronged crown.' He was well-liked in the city, and had the ears of its lords, and the King of Hazard was worried that he was plotting intrigues and vengeance against him, so the king asked Aligoon to prophesy the fate of the 'first servant.'

"They brought out some old jewelry that had belonged to him, and through these objects Aligoon looked into his future. She told the king that before his reign was over, the First Servant would be entombed alive within the crypts beneath the Temple of Nethuns. The king was satisfied. And that is all that Aligoon had to say on that subject." Garho smiles. "Until many years later, when she writes her marginalia. This is what caught my attention, relevant as it is to the interests of my profession.

"In the margin, she writes that she has since learned the meaning of the 'six-pronged crown.' It refers to a tale told of the eighth circle of Hell. Long ago, during some long-forgotten infernal war, a colony of ice devils were called to muster at the fortress of Caltlikrath. For some unknown reason, six of them strayed from their path and encamped on an isolated glacier. They slew the devils sent to admonish and retrieve them, holding the glacier as their own fiefdom in perpetuity thereafter. Eventually, the glacier came to be known on Hell's maps as Seglogron. Which translates to 'six-pronged crown.'"
Garho reaches into his garments and removes something from around his neck: a wooden pendant of a fish with a hooked snout. He passes it to Leth. "If you wish to find me again, pray to Bahanzin. Perhaps he will send me to you. I have few friends on Bload, but if ever you find yourself in Felboc, seek out Velenix Silver-Chain. I have not met anyone in this land whose expertise in goetic matters matches hers."
May 10, 2018 10:53 pm
Well, it's not a wiki yet, but here's a Google Doc:

The Secret History of Bload Sourcebook.

This is a first draft and not 100% complete, but it's pretty darn close to complete. Every important clue, character, and piece of backstory should be in here. It includes some character-exclusive information that could have been shared (Vhezyen was chock full of privileged info!), so there might be a few things in here that are new to some of you. For the most part, however, this only collects and organizes information revealed in the text of the gameplay itself. I will go back and clean up the writing and work in some of the info from the About Bload thread etc, but I wanted to make it available now.

If you'd like to edit or add to it, message me your email address so I can give you permissions!
May 11, 2018 11:56 am
Awesome! I just started reading it, but it already brought me joy in that it reminded me of the time we (specifically Leth, I think?) no-scoped a flying Adan, accidentally killing the Big Bad in Act 1.
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