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Stray Dogs - Background Info

Aug 4, 2015 6:50 pm

The Empire
Less than half a century ago, the Terran Federation was overthrown in a revolt and an Emperor was enthroned. What followed was the establishment of the Imperial Hegemony, which suppressed and monitored its own people - the revolution had turned into something worse than the regime it opposed. However, in recent events the Emperor Aurelius Mazura I - The Eternal - has been weakened and his enemies in The League and Voidspace are regrouping.

The League
The League of Non-Aligned Worlds, comprised of countless star systems, is at war with the Imperial Hegemony, the successor to the equally hated Terran Federation. Recently, the two have come to a fragile truce. Good trade relations and mutual military support holds the league together, along with a charter that grants all residents civil liberties.

The Voidspace consists of those lawless zones between the worlds of The League and the Empire where independent corporations, such as the Ejo Corporation, free traders, smugglers and pirates make their home. So far, neither The League or Imperial Hegemony have dared to occupy the territory, which would inevitably end the current ceasefire. Once war breaks out again, Voidespace will play a crucial role.

Sector X
A dreaded expanse of unexplored space. Little is known about this sector of space as few have ventured there and returned to tell the tale. It is from this area that the psi-powered, insect like Xerx Swarm originated. It was this alien swarm that forced the Empire and the League to come to a truce to fight a mutual enemy. At great cost the swarm was beaten back into Sector X. It's only a matter of time before the truce ends - or the Xerx regroup and attack again...

The emperor's most deadly and loyal troops were known as the Starslayers - for their devastating ability to literally destroy systems in their waging of war against the enemies of the Empire. Raised from childhood to be a killing machine, Starslayers loyalty was ensured by a device implanted in their brain known as a Psi-bro (a play on Psychic Brotherhood). A Starslayer could be made to kill his own homeworld's people if instructed by the Emperor.

When the Xerx attacked and were ultimately routed, a psychic shockwave spread across the galaxy and all at once every Starslayer's Psi-Bro ceased to function. The soldiers had their freedom. Most revolted against their former leader, many fled into Voidspace. They are still hated by most for what they had done, and now have no support from the Empire. Attempts to remove the Psi-Bro implant always ends with the death of the patient. Most Starslayers fear that the Emperor will be able to turn the deice back on and they will lose their new found freedom and become a slave again.


Scoundrels, smugglers, freelancers, pirates, adventurers. Those who do not work for a corporation or government are considered "Star Strays" or "Stray Dogs". They roam across the galaxy making their fortunes, sometimes doing less than legal activities. You are a part of such a group. You are salvagers, scrappers who find derelict spacecraft, abandoned facilities, forgotten ruins and scour them for valuables. You are not above breaking the law, but not necessarily criminals - but anyone not working FOR the Empire is an enemy of the Empire and the League expects everyone to join the Militia in service of preserving freedom within the galaxy. Neither of these appeals to you or your comrades.

You own a ship, it's a piece of junk, but it's yours. Sure, you owe some money to a crime lord for some 'enhancements' you made to it, but it's a living, right?

Feel free to design your ship's layout. Think about the size of the Millennium Falcon. A stock freighter. Don'y worry about stats, weapons and stuff because none of that has been written yet, if we get into a space battle we'll wing it. Don't forget to name her, either!
Aug 4, 2015 8:58 pm
Great! I love the background world so far. Can't wait to see what we come up with, for the ship. An idea: we could each individually design a specific part of the ship (including the name).
Also, is there background for the different species? There was a little for the Humavari, but what about the other two?
Aug 4, 2015 10:44 pm
I've translated everything we've been given so far on the races. If you look at DS, each race gets about 2 sentences - granted those races are fantasy standards...Feel free to embellish
Aug 4, 2015 11:25 pm
Dextolen says:
I've translated everything we've been given so far on the races. If you look at DS, each race gets about 2 sentences - granted those races are fantasy standards...Feel free to embellish
That makes sense, thanks.

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