Battletech: A Look to the Past [ EDIT ]

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The date is May 18th 3051. House Davion and House Steiner have joined together through marriage to form the Federated Commonwealth, the largest Inner Sphere alliance since the Star League. Many believed this shift in the balance of power between the five great Houses would allow the galaxy to once again unite under a single banner. This hope has since faded as mysterious invaders arrived in Inner Sphere space from the periphery and have managed to attack all sectors at once. World after world has fallen to their superior technology and skill. Now with seemingly little hope to stopping the invaders the Federated Commonwealth has turned to the past as its final hope. Lost archives of Star League technology buried on dead worlds throughout the Inner Sphere. The government has turned to The Galactic Prospectors Institute, a group devoted to recovering and studying lostech, to find something (anything) that may turn the tide of this war against the invaders.

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All characters will be Federated Commonwealth military forces assigned to the GP Institute expedition. The PCs are asked to provide security and supervision to the expedition which has been funded by the Federated Commonwealth to the tune of 750,000,000 C-Bills. Character creation will be done by me with names and gender being randomly created. The character type will be determined by you. In addition you will select a number of life modules to give you a basic background and build out your character's stats, skills, traits. At the end I will allow you to tweak what I created and you are encouraged to elaborate on the basic background through play. I will post a chargen thread in the game forum.


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