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Character Introductions

Mar 3, 2016 7:39 pm
Please post intros/bios/relevant information about your characters here. One post per char please (use edit liberally!). Use the discussion forum to ask clarifying questions and whatnot. Feel free to designate stuff you want players to know, but not characters if you so choose.
Mar 3, 2016 7:53 pm
"Hey how yall doing... I'm a young and up and coming Bounty Hunter, self employed. I work out, stay fit, and I'm probably destined for Greatness. No really I am. I believe. It's called positive thinking man. But yeah, I go by the handle Green Mamba because I'd deadly, quick, unseen. I try and bring in my bounties alive usually. I mean anyone can kill somebody and bring in a body part. They know you got 'em though when you bring them in live... sometimes they talk on the way in and you get extra dirt on the client. Could lead to Blackmail down the line... Anyway I'm trying to make a name for myself. Green Mamba. Boom. You can say you meet me now."
Akhrirar is pretty cocky and probably the shortest person in the crew. If I had to gauge him I'd figure one part Kevin Hart meets a Bounty Hunter trying to get a look, branding, and name going and sprinkle in some Batman. I'm starting out as a Gadgeteer Bounty Hunter so instead of going in guns blazing I feel it's more likely to research and scope the target then wait and ambush them. After that get the hello out of Dodge you don't know who he has for friends. I'm looking at the Outlaw Tech & Assassin specs down the line. I'll be looking to keep modding out his weapons, armor and gear for the same color scheme as the picture. Oh I'm building towards Coercion, Heavy Ranged, Stealth, Coordination, and Perception.
Fuzil Tot: Shares an interest in Mechanical things, I can see myself helping him out with the ship at times or having someone to bounce upgrade modifications and inventions with. He's pretty chill most of the time.

Acaatha Zym: She's pretty serious most of the time. I seen her almost laugh this one time but it turned out to be a sneeze. When she can't hear me I have no quams telling people she'll rip the flesh off their face and fry it up before eating it in front of them. That no emotion resting face helps. We've been together now for a minute and she's good people.

Lin Darek: He's a pilot and like fast ships, looking good, and looks towards being the best at something. As long as he doesn't get us killed in the process I don't have a problem with him. He does think the world kind of revolves around him though I mean I don't have an ego but if I did I figure it would revolve around me not him... cus I'm better. He's pretty tall also.

Mala'doneeta: Oh the doctor? She's good people been with her and Acaatha for a bit longer than Tot and Darek. Once of the few people that enjoy shopping with me, you can tell she's got some stuff from her past she's trying to figure out but at least she's still trying to do good versus looking to lash out at people. Lin seems to get annoyed at her at times so I'll usually mess with him by checking in with her and blame Lin for the visit.
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Mar 3, 2016 8:01 pm
Fuzil Tot
Age :early 30s

- got the travel travel bug In his teens. Traveled planet to planet.
- from his travels he got an gonwith the flow mentality.
- worked odd jobs. Picked up mechanics on one stop and found out he was good at it.
- worked on driods allot fixing and repairing them. Got to know them well and the abuse some go through.
- one planet saw a bunch of "aquired" droids with restraining bolts
- removed all the bolts and released the droid
- on the run for past "owners"
- hooked up with a gang on different planet(Lin's)
- knew about the rift with Lin and the boss
- was knocked out during Lin's acquisition of a vessel
- after showing how to remove the tracker on the ship, a friendship was formed
- sold ship to buy a p.o.s. That has a hemmy and nitro under the hood after modifications

- good food
- new places
- turtle shaped ships

- confrontation (wont fight until right up on him)
- driods being abuses or controlled against their will
- flying super fast
Mar 3, 2016 8:17 pm
"Acaatha Zym. Don't bother trying, just call me Zym. Been workin' with the hunter' fancies himself a legend for a cycle or so now. I'd say we've got complimentary skill sets. You need someone found, need them alive, we can see to it; but we don't come cheaply. I hate the empire as much as anyone else out in the rims, which is why we're out here ain't it?"
Acaatha is, not surprisingly, secretive about her jedi upbringing. She's not afraid to use her force powers though, and any who have worked for her for a while would be suspicious, if not certain, that she's got a handle on the force. Her motivations are to settle the score with the empire, but she knows she can't do it on her own and has taken on the only lifestyle that offers her everything she needs. Challenge, cash, and opportunities to stick the empire at every turn.
Mar 3, 2016 8:34 pm
Lin is around 22 years old, cocky and full of sarcastic "wit". He's about 6' tall, trim and lean. Keeps himself clean shaven most of the time, though he gets lazy and the stubble comes out on long space flights. He wears a sort of punk homage to an Imperal officer's uniform; the cut of the pants, jacket and cap are very similar, but they are all made of rough cut chocolate brown leather, and there are numerous patches, pins and buttons sewn all over the arms and back of the coat. The cap sports a patch that is normally worn by Corellian Shipyard Security officers, but it is sewn on upside down.

Lin's attitude can be summed up as a self assured swagger. He boasts about his skill with a blaster and behind the controls of a ship way more than he should. The trouble is, he actually is pretty good at both things. He's the kind of arrogant braggart that makes everyone wants to deny his skill, but he really is good at what he does. Which can be frustrating...

When he stole the ship off the smuggling docks (right out from under his prick boss's nose), he had no idea Fuzil was aboard. In fact, he found the Duro bleeding from the head in the engine compartment while searching for the tracker he knew must be on board. He injected Fuzil with a Stim Pack, then without any introduction, apology or questions, demanded he help find the tracker. Lin genuinely likes Fuzil, though he has a funny way of showing it (mostly making fun of him as Fuzil covers his eyes during Lin's crazier space flight stunts).

Akhrirar rubs Lin the wrong way, probably because of their clashing arrogance self confidence. He secretly respects Akhrirar's ambition, but vocally mocks his love of gadgets and gear. He knows though, that when the chips are down, Akhrirar can be relied on to bring the heat.

As a side note, if anyone mentions that they particularly like or dislike Lin's flying, he will take an immediate shine to them. If they like it, he'll act overly friendly to them with a, "Hold my beer, watch this!" attitude. If they dislike his flying, he'll act overly friendly to them with a, "Hold my beer, watch this!" attitude with an added s&$t eating grin at their discomfort.

Deep at the heart of Lin, buried under all the brash bravado and smack talk, is a burning desire to prove himself. To prove he's better than the blue collar family he ditched. Better than the jerk smugglers he worked for. Better than the Corellian security wonks, those Imperial fascists, the ineffectual Rebel losers. He's always trying to push the limit, kick up the speed one more notch, hit the next thrill. All the while never question what exactly he is running from, with all possible speed.

Edits In response to further posts:

I think Lin has a bit of a mommy complex with Mala. He hates how she's always trying to be so practical and take care of the crew, but it reminds him of his own mother, who managed a household of over 10 people and was a pragmatic woman. He both rebels against Mala's suggestions, and pines for her attention.

Lin is a bit intimidated by Zym, but he can't figure out why. Something in her eyes. However, because he's Lin, this just makes him want to spend more time around her. He made many inappropriate suggestions at first, until (I assume) Zym shut him down forcefully. Now he just flirts with mock innocence and Zym tends to find Lin in her personal space a little more often than circumstances really require.

Lin refuses to call Akhrirar "Green Mamba", and frequently tells him how stupid a name it is. He calls him Akhy, which I can only assume is irritating as hell to Akhrirar.
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Mar 3, 2016 8:50 pm
I am Mala'doneeta, age 36. That's Mala of the clan Doneeta. Before I ended up on this ship with this crew I was living on Coruscant. I know, a bad place for anyone not human. I thought I was safe. I was living the grand life of being a very talented and expensive doctor for patients in the Upper Levels. I had a nice apartment, invitations to fancy parties, vacations at wonderful planetary resorts...

But that all changed. it was gradual, at first. some patients stopped coming to me, notifications from the medical board that due to new laws non-humans had to have higher requirements on their re-certifications, loss of social contacts... then the Empire actually came and seized my practice, froze my assets, and disgraced me for some poodoo reason they trumped up just because I was an alien... I had nothing. I knew there was no way I could continue to survive on Coruscant, so I tried to find a way offworld. I ended up being pointed to some contact for the Exchange syndicate. they said that they were getting aliens offworld because of the growing hostilities. I was naive. I had never dealt with criminals before and I had no idea what I was getting into. after the ship they put me on landed on Nar Shaada I realized why aliens like me were getting a free ride out of the Core. I was sold into slavery. I had lost everything: my money, my practice, my good name.. and now I had lost my dignity and personhood. I won't go into the details of the years I spent on that moon but imagine why female Twi'leks are so popular with the most unsavory of scum. I saw an opportunity to escape when I met Akhrirar and Zym so I took it. They thought I was useful so here I am, still flying with this crew. It took some getting used to this lifestyle and the more.... colorful parts of the crews personalities, but I'm glad to have them on my side and I will support them however I can. at least I get good medical practice patching up Akhirar after a job or Fuzil after a rough landing. One day I hope to have more stability and restore my honor, but as far as lives go, this isn't too bad.

I see Mala and being particularly grateful to Akhirar and Zym for saving her from slavery. Akhirar is entertaining to watch and Zym is a fellow female who she can relate to somewhat, even though Zym tends to be very secretive about some things. Fuzil knows his stuff and is pretty knowledgeable about fascinating things.. and he knows how to play holochess without her having to explain the rules to him EVERY DAMN TIME. Lin is a loudmouth swaggering punk kid, but he can back up all his wild claims. She's just worried that one day he'll seriously hurt himself or someone else and tried to encourage him to cool his jets once in a while.
I picture Mala as the (only?) voice of reason on the ship, takes responsibility over details of the running of the ship and crew such as making sure the larder is stocked, we have fresh medical supplies, the crew is in good health (despite their best efforts). one thing that she doesn't really talk about much is her time spent as a slave, she would much rather forget about that time in her life, but the bounty on her head is a constant reminder. Mala is a very proud person and wants everyone to respect her for her brain and not her body. Mala doesn't really flaunt herself as much as the typical twi'lek does, although she can lay on the charm when she has to. Mala much prefers intellectual pursuits like reading, watching documentaries, keeping up with the latest medical literature, which is difficult in the outer rim, dejarik holochess and opera. She isn't afraid to get dirty but would prefer to stay well groomed if she can (she'll do on the spot heart surgery if it will save a life without hesitation, but she will not like helping flush the engine coils in the ship's underdeck. Her goal is to one day have her practice restored and to be once again living the high life
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Mar 3, 2016 10:00 pm
Edited original post with reactions/relations to other characters.
Mar 3, 2016 10:48 pm
The Faster Than You - or FTY

This YT-2400 Light Freighter was originally owned by Lin's employer -- right up until the pilot decided he wanted the ship for his own. It has since been modified from its original paint scheme and had the transponder thoroughly adjusted in order to pass it off as the Faster Than You -- rather than as the original Lively Serpent.

By way of background, the YT-2400 is Corellian Engineering's update to the aging, yet reliable YT-1300 class. Using lessons learned over the decades since the YT-1300's initial launch, CEC's engineers packed as much power and as many sophisticated flight and cargo handling systems into the YT-2400 as it could possibly hold. The YT-2400 has a saucer-shaped hull with a central circular core surrounded by cargo and passenger modules. Like all YT series freighters, it has a starboard-mounted cockpit connected to the main hull by a pair of reinforced pylons. The cockpit section contains its own access hatch and crew escape pod. Overall, these ships are slightly smaller than the YT-1300, thus they make better, more efficient use of the space available to them.

While officially built as a civilian freighter to be used for legitimate business, Corellian Engineer's marketing and development departments are fully aware that the majority of their customers are, perhaps, on the far side of the law. The ship is touted as being "Double Plated" which is essential advertising-speak for military grade armor. YT-2400s also feature heavy shields, room for larger reactors and ion drives, and a number of dedicated weapon hard points that come out of the shipyard unused.

Core stats:

Silhouette: 4
Speed: 3
Handling: +0
Def: Fore / Port / Starboard / Aft: 1 / - / - / 1
Armor: 4
HT Threshold: 25
SS Threshold: 18
Hyperdrive: Primary Class 2, Backup Class 12
Customization Hard Points: 5
Weapons: Dorsal and Ventral Turret Mounted Twin Medium Laser Cannons (Fire Arc All; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Close]; Linked 1)

Floor Plan:

...with the slight modification that the Captain's quarters has two bunks -- presumably shared by the women. The other quarters with three bunks house Lin, The Green Mamba and Fuzil.
Mar 3, 2016 11:11 pm
"Ugh, I gotta sleep with the Tall Man and Moldy Lizard? Ima just crash in the pilots chair..."
Mar 3, 2016 11:50 pm
it's so nice to sleep in a room that smells like males are never allowed in here!
Mar 4, 2016 1:16 am
"Relax Lin. I am moving to the engineering room you both snore to loud. It is quieter there"
Mar 4, 2016 2:45 am
it is really bad when an engine makes less noise....
Mar 4, 2016 1:24 pm
darthoingoboingo says:
it is really bad when an engine makes less noise....
Well what im thinking is Lin loves to fly fast, Fuzil loves the ship. The running sounds would put him to sleep like when people use forest ambiance cds.
Mar 4, 2016 1:37 pm
*knocks on the girl's room door* "Can I get my Lavender and Mint Candle, I think it got mixed up with yalls stuff when we went shopping. Oh and if you see a bag with green thongs those are mine."

"Tot you know I have sleep apnea, I was big boned as a child. I have to admit it's nice having your own room... kind of makes you feel you have room to think. (yes I realize the only people bunking together are the girls)." *sets up a shelf to make prototype Green Mamba action figures of the team*
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Mar 4, 2016 2:01 pm
*taps Akh on the shoulder*

"If you are in need of sweet smeels I have a varity if essences. I have a nice Blartree blossom that should make this room smell nice"
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Mar 4, 2016 3:07 pm
OK, the lavender candle I understand because, well, lavender. But green thongs? That is harmful both to your circulation and my sanity
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Mar 4, 2016 3:11 pm
"If that's putting your sanity at risk, I don't know how you've managed this long with him around."
Mar 4, 2016 3:18 pm
"I find the hum of the engines relax the mind when sanity is on the line. That and a good herbal tea. I have a fresh pot of Sapir tea if anyone wants some"
Mar 4, 2016 3:19 pm
Good god I need a drink...
Mar 4, 2016 4:05 pm
I can see a facepalming Lin
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