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Nov 13, 2021 5:27 pm
carkl3000 says:
That website is super cool!
I think so too!
Nov 29, 2021 6:45 am
Ok, was thinking about trying out a card-based RPG game called Through the Breach, and created a forum to test how feasible it would be with GP's card system. I have a few questions and possible requests.

1. Is it possible to create custom decks with their own unique suits/art/whatever? TtB substitutes the usual suits for its own, and removes face cards for straight values 1-13. This isn't a huge deal since there is a chart for converting it to a standard deck, just wondering how easy it would be to add.

2. Is there a way to create custom deck sizes? TtB uses a standard 54 card deck for skill checks, but players get their own private 13 card deck they use for other actions. I know there's no "hand" system, but drawing cards normally and saving those cards to a deck could be a workaround.

3. An option similar to private/GM rolls where you can toggle visibility on and off for card draws? It would be convenient to be able to reveal all or hide all before the roll to save clicking each card individually to show or hide it.

That's all I have now, more might come later with further tinkering lol.

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