Primeval: Tales of the Anomalies [ EDIT ]

This game has been retired! That means it's no longer being run.
The Primeval RPG is a modern-day science fiction rpg that is based on the successful PRIMEVAL UK tv series. This is a science fiction roleplaying game set in the modern day, in which temporal portals (called "Anomalies") are opening from the past and future into the present day, and your job as player characters is to contain the creatures and beings emerging from the Anomalies, while keeping the Anomalies and knowledge of them secret from everyone else. More detail on the game setting will be found in the message thread pertaining to Setting material and the like. Oh, and needless to say, this game has lots and lots of dinosaurs!

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Character generation for this PbP game will use the rules to be found in the main Primeval RPG rulebook primarily. All player characters will be human. Details on character creation will be found in the thread pertaining to Character Generation.

Note that players will not require the Primeval RPG rulebook in order to play in this game and create a character. The Moderator will take players through character generation as needed. :)


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