Serenity's Revenge [ EDIT ]

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Firefly meets Master and Commander in the Ninth World

The PCs are crew on a ship. Smallish crew, definitely a few NPCs, but no more than ten, probably more like four to six. Think Firefly, a naval vessel plying neutral waters.

The PCs are from an island nation that a few years prior had been in rebellion to a larger empire until the rebellion was crushed convincingly. Some of the PCs would be former rebels, now citizens of that empire, but bitter for their defeat. Now, with a buccaneer crew, they ply the waters on the edge of a despised empire in search of freedom and an honest (or dishonest) living.

The game would start having just escaped the attack of a superior foe, a privateer of uncertain motivation.
The intention for this game is a medium length campaign, which could last a year or longer. Focus will be on exploration and exploring the characters search for a home in a world they don't want. Combat will be one way to resolve problems but not the focus.

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Any official Numenera sourcebook is fine (leaning on Destiny and Discovery, but first edition is entirely suitable as well). If I don't have the specific book, I might ask for a screenshot of any material you use.

Let's make character's inside the game, though, troupe style. I want the characters to be connected, and have a say on the ship design and NPC crewmen.


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