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King of Fall - Act I - Game Thread

Oct 1, 2015 8:19 pm
So it begins.

Please keep in mind, I may do some things differently, never done a PBP as a GM before, etc. So bear with me as we kick this off and I put together how to bring it to you.

Hopefully this will be an interesting game for all of us. Remember I work a lot and have a family so just keep that in mind. :)
Jan 13, 2016 6:50 pm
Let's call this a little flavor to kick this off with. This does not involve your characters, and you don't respond to this story piece. I will put the next (first) post up that you need to respond to soon. I am no author, so hopefully this comes out well. :)
The view looks out over a forest, a lite layer of snow sits on top the trees as the view slowly moves down to the top of the trees towards for floor of the forest. The snow is thicker on the ground as it falls sooner this far north. You see a lone figure running through the forest. As the figure approaches the view you see a woman, a beautiful woman, despite the odd painted patterns on her face. Dressed in furs and leathers of different animals. Her hair is brown and tied up out of her face by a leather strap across her forehead wrapping around the back. You see the hilt of a large sword sticking out of its scabbard on her back, and an axe and knife hung at her side.

She is running hard, breathing heavy and leaning forward as if she can only go so much farther. In the distance is a howl and guttural call of several horrid dog like animals called Worgs. She pauses for moment, catching her breath and turning to look behind her. She sees her nearest pursuer and turns and starts to run again. Her long legs taking stride after stride through the forest, bursting through branches and leaping over fallen trees. She can now hear the nearest Worg crushing through the snow, baying in pleasure as it moves in on it's kill.

As she leaps over the next fallen tree, she lands and kicks backward putting her back against the fallen trunk moments before the Worg comes leaping over the fallen tree. The Worg lands heavy, skidding and sliding to stop as it tries to wheel around at her, but she moves quicker. Axe in one hand and a knife in the other, she is on the Worg before it can get it's footing. Her hand axe strikes the Worg in the head, the blade deflects off the skull of the Worg, but the momentum of the blow keeps the Worg spinning in the snow. She dives right, coming up behind the new floundering, whimpering Worg. Her knife red with fresh blood from hamstringing the creature as she passed. Still trying to turn and face her, the Worgs back leg fails him as he tries to put it down to gain traction. She is already on him again, the axe buries in the skull of the Worg, it makes a final strange whimper and falls. She tries to remove the axe, but it is buried deep in the hard skull of the creature. She leaves the axe after one more frustrated tug but deciding the better course of action is to turn and run. The baying of the other Worgs closing in on her much closer now.

Running again, her breathing is heavy and her strides shorter as she ducks and leaps through the forest floor. Suddenly she comes to a sliding halt, arms flailing to her sides like she is trying to swim backwards through he air. As the view pans out from her, you see a cliff about 75 feet high, straight down to the forest tree tops below it. She manages to keep herself from tumbling off the cliff, and then drops to one knee. The baying and howling getting even closer, as they sense their prey is close.

The woman stands and pulls the greatsword from its sheath on her back as she turns in the direction of the closing Worgs and starts walking towards them. She brings the sword up in front of her, straight up and down in a form of salute.

"Ancestors, Brother and Sisters, those who sit in the Forever Halls, raise a glass to me." she says, eyes closed. "This day I will join you in the Forever Halls. Lend me your strength and guide my fathers blade." She opens her eyes, seeing the other two Worgs closing in on her. "Let them see what a woman of the north is made of, that a Chieftains daughter stands before them!" She yells louder with each word. "RAAAHHHH!" she yells as she bursts into motion, with power and grace she moves like the wind. Bringing her greatsword down directly onto the head of the Worg that didn't have time to rethink charging in on the seemly helpless being in front of it. The force of the strike driving the head of the Worg into the ground in a spray of blood. She pirouettes as she sidesteps with the force of the blow, stepping aside as the body of the Worg slides past her grotesquely, spinning the blade in her hands to bring it back up in front of her. The dead Worgs nearly cleaved head folded underneath it's body. As its momentum ends and it comes to a stop causing the tension of its contorted body to somersaultt the now limp body onto it's back with blood spraying out in bright red lines in the snow.

The final Worg, bigger then the other two she has already killed, isn't so quick to rush in on the woman, having enough intelligence to know this woman is no easy kill. He is pacing her back and forth, teeth bared in a low growl as he sizes her up. "Lets finish this beast, come and taste my steel!" she yells as she quickly moves and brings a strike down at the Worg, but he bounds back out of the way of the strike, then with powerful hind legs leaps back forward at the woman as the strike put her off balance for just a second. She goes down backwards as the large paws of the Worg catch her in each shoulder, bringing her down under the beast. She flashes the pommel of the blade back across, hitting the Worg in the side of the head right before its jaws would have torn out her throat. He yelps, and reels at the blow. The Worg bounds backwards off the woman and begins to turn back to her to come back in at her. The woman is scrambling backwards away from the Worg and trying to get on her feet. The Worg leaps again at her, but she rolls to the left on the ground then starts to roll back to her right using her momentum to bring the greatsword in an arc across her prone body. It bites into the snow and ground as the Worg jumps back again. She begins to back up again, and the Worg makes another lunge at her but it seems to only be to drive her backwards. Then the woman gets to the cliff edge and can go no farther back. The Worg lets out a howl, knowing he has his prey cornered. He paces her again, weighing when to strike.

She gains her feet again watching the Worg pace her. If a Worg could smile she could see it on his face. Leaning on her sword appearing to catch her breath a moment, but in a quick fluid motion slings the knife at her hip at the Worg. The knife buries itself in the chest of the Worg, just to the side of where the front leg and chest meet. The Worg lets out a pained, but angry roar and wheels directly at the woman. He leaps at her, and she roars back. You see the blade of her greatsword appear out the back of the Worg as they both tumble backwards over the edge of the cliff.

The view lingers there for a moment. The cliff edge with the trees beyond and below the cliff. You see red blood spots stark and steaming on the pure white snow. All you hear is the howling of the wind as swirls of snow whip around. The view fades slowly to black.
Jan 13, 2016 8:42 pm
It's a cold fall morning in Stowald. The sun is peaking up over the horizon and the world is waking up to it's warm embrace. The sky is spotted with clouds but none threaten to bring rain or storms. The smell of morning fires from the chimneys permeates the air as the people of Stowald get ready to begin their day, warming their homes to shake off the cold night. A few folk move about the streets, off to start their days business.

The town is small by town standards and is spread over a fairly large area. The older part of town which originally served as the home for many loggers and hunters sits uphill a little from the rest of the town. A small stone fort sits in the middle of this older area. The rest of the town has been built in the last 50 years or so. Since the mines in the Rockspires were discovered and exploitation of those resources began. Some came to mine, some came to start businesses to support the miners and those streaming in to strike it rich in the new found veins. That is until the King of Myr decreed that the Myr Mining Company owned all rights to the riches of the Rockspires. This has since stabilized the population flux of Stowald. The logging families of Stowald never skipped a beat during this time as business has always been good, producing much of the wood for the northern regions of Myr.

If you look around the town you would see forest covering the north. Sporadic trees and fields and farms to the south and east and hills rolling off to the west. The town sits off the Flann Tributary, which flows down into the Artus River to the south. You can at times see barges moving lumber and minerals down river. Rarely does anything come up to Stowald as it is the last stop on the smaller river and only in the spring is the river deep enough for anything beyond and flat bottom barge.

Your characters are in the town of Stowald, as we have established. Let's set our starting points and I will build us up from there. Since this is a PBP site, I may throw some details back on you to come up with, since we all have time to think about our posts. D&D but with some more collaboration then traditionally perhaps. Don't hesitate to speak up though if you don't like something, I am open to discussion on anything.

It's morning for all of you. Where do you sleep? Where do you live or stay? How would you start your day?

I think one or two of you have where you live or stay established, but this is your chance to make it full cannon or change it. I have special notes for a couple of you, but you will all end up with these so don't feel left out if you don't have a direct line at you right now. :)

Edit: I know there is no map, you can just describe the place you feel like you stay or whatever as well, and I will expand on it.

Galas you have noticed a new star that is suddenly in the sky in the western hemisphere. I would assume you are excited.
You find Mara has had a hard night. You find her asleep on the floor in front of the door to her room. Vomit and an empty bottle of rum on the floor next to her, but she has managed to avoid being covered in the vomit and is pale, but otherwise just appears to be passed out from drinking. (Which has become more of a thing for her lately.)
Jan 13, 2016 8:58 pm
As dawn breaks, a lonely figure on foot is just entering town. He is dressed in travel-stained clothes and leathers and a ragged cloak with the hood drawn up. His head is bowed slightly, and the morning light makes a shadow under his hood. He enters town and makes his way toward the tavern to see if anyone is awake there to take his custom.

Galas noticed the new star last night. Being an elf, he doesn't sleep, just meditates a few hours a day. Lacking a telescope, he was reduced to naked eye observation of this new celestial phenomenon. He has written a whole chapter in the tome he carries noting the star's relative position to other know celestial bodies, and sketching diagrams of its movements across the night sky. The growing dawn forced him to pause his labors, and hunger has forced him toward this village. He has plenty of rations, but a body needs warm food from a stove from time to time.

There are few about in the streets this early. A man sits on his porch smoking a pipe. He is missing his left arm and one eye. The remaining eye follows this short, slight newcomer up the street. A woman empties a chamber pot out her window. Galas makes his deliberate way to the town square, on the lookout for a sign indicating the local inn. There's always a local inn. Especially in towns like this.
Jan 13, 2016 9:03 pm

Here is a little more detail on the town. To help you. It's all in my head right now. Haven't named everything either so I will leave most of it unnamed at this moment.

As stated Stowald is considered a town, but a small one. It's been bigger at times and smaller at times.

Buildings and Businesses:
- King's Gold Inn (Mara ownes, and Oswald helps run and was own by his former friend.)
- General Goods store
- Specialty Store (Weird lady no one really likes, people go there for headaches and herbal treatments, rumors say she had more than that.)
- Several warehouses (Mining company, and Logging company)
- Myr Mining Company office
- Small Defensive Fort, used by the town guard and the few Lord's soldiers actually in the town.
- Houses for the miners family are in the new areas, as well as house in the older parts of the town.
- There are farms and ranches near town, with barns and other farm/ranch stuff.
- Plus many other standards you would find in a small town.

I will have a map at some point, until then I will try and build it in your head as we move along.
Jan 13, 2016 9:51 pm
Seeing Mara passed out on the floor... Again, Oswald sighs and bends over to pick her up. He carries her to her room and lays her on her bed. He gets a bowl of water and rag and whipes the vomit from her mouth amd washes her face.

"Beeeeenn.." Mara mutters through her lips making Oswald heart heavy. He looks away from her as she sleeps and stands up. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out the coins he had made from yesterday and places them on the table next to the bed. He makes his way out of the room and closes the door quietly.

This was a daily routine. This one quieter then most since she has passed out before he left.

Oswald pulls out a cigar from his pocket, lights it with a match, and takes a couple big puffs before he makes his way out the door to his one of many jobs.

"Another day.." He thinks as he leaves.
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Jan 13, 2016 10:16 pm
"There's always an inn..." Galas whispers to himself. He steps up onto the porch and give a forceful knock. Not banging loud; he doesn't mean to wake anyone, but loud enough that someone in the back kitchen would hear, if anyone is awake.

Oswald hears a knock at the main entance to the inn just as his hand touches the knob to leave.
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Jan 13, 2016 10:39 pm
Oswald grabs the door knob to leave, when he hears some knocking on the otherside. He cracks open the door to sees a hooded figure on the other side.

"One second.." he says and closes the door again. He looks arounf the area and picks up some dishes, a half empty bottle of alcohol, and other things that mess up the inn. This takes about 2 mins and probably the cleaning noise can be herd outisde. When he sees it is semi decent he goes back to the door ready to open it when he remembers his cigar. He puts it out real quick, stashes it in his pocket and then opens the door.

"Welcome to the King's Gold Inn. How can I help you? he says, just a lik out of breath.
Jan 13, 2016 11:13 pm
The door opens briefly before Galas, and he gets a glimpse of a rough, bearded face grumbling something at him before slamming the door back in his face. He hears bumps and clattering from inside and let's out a small, bemused smile. He know this is an odd hour to call upon a human business.
"Welcome to the King's Gold Inn. How can I help you?"
Galas give a shallow bow, "Good morning. I appologize for the early hour. I've been traveling all night. I'm seeking lodging through at least tomorrow morning, perhaps longer, and breakfast. I have coin."

Under his hood, Galas is wearing a floppy sort of hat the conceals his pointed ears. To Oswald's eyes, a pretty-boy youth in travel stained clothing stands at his door. The boys features are delicate, almost feminine. Like a male actor in a Disney XD tween sitcom.
Jan 13, 2016 11:14 pm
Thalisa's keen ears heard the knock from her room. Already roused and halfway dressed, she wondered who was here this early. It wasn't all that unusual, but it definitely was not the norm. Having worked here as a barmaid for the past few months as a means to gain as much information as she could, she'd learned the regulars and the locals well, and most didn't arrive for at least another hour or so.

"Traveler." She muttered to herself and hurried to finish dressing. She'd been at this a long time, yet the prospect of potential new leads always got her heart racing. She caught herself though, and took a deep breath. Reminding herself that this was a marathon, not a sprint.

Tucking a pair of daggers into hidden sheaths, she finished getting ready. Tying her hair back into a top-knot pony tail, she took one last look at herself in the mirror and nodded to herself approvingly.

She placed a hand on the door handle to her room, and suddenly her stoic expression broke into a beautiful smile and with a bounce in her step, "Maggie", as she was known to everyone, stepped out of the room and made her way into the common area.

"Who's here this early Puddin'?" She asked Oswald as she made her way around the bar, setting clean serving trays in their appointed place and beginning the morning prep for customers and locals.
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Jan 14, 2016 12:14 am
"Never worked a day in his life." Oswald thinks as he looks over the new pateron.
"Blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah ,I have coin."
he hears.

"Come on in. " Oswald opens the door for the traveler and motion him in.
"Who's here this early Puddin'?"
he hears Maggie say as she comes down and cleans up the rest of the inn. She was a godsend seeing she doesn't work for much coin, just really room and board.

"We have a new customer. Mara is... Uh... Sleeping in... Again. Can you help him out?" he stumbles on the words.

Not wanting to talk anymore he pulls his cigar out and lights it with a big puff.
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Jan 14, 2016 1:30 am
As dawn breaks the morning sun shines its face upon the child resting against a wall. The child was around 11 or 12 and was skinny and sickly looking. He had a craze of red hair cut short and, when he smiled, some of the teeth in the back were missing (for he sold them in order to make a penny or two). His fists were clutched tightly around something metal and round... coins.

The child awakes with the coins in his hands, remembering what had happened last night. Sheepishly the urchin stuck the coins into his broken shoes, not wanting to bring any attention to himself. His stomach growled and he realized he was famished, he needed to eat. The gnawing feeling came to him, as it always did. Those were not his coins and he knew it. Where could he go to get food?

Seeing across the street from where he lay, back against a house, a place of sorts with a sign on the outside. If only he could read.
The boy staggered, half asleep, up to a man sitting on the porch, puffing something. The child stared for a good long moment at this man. Not only did he have an eye patch, but his whole left arm was missing. He glared at the urchin staring at him dumbfounded.

"Uh-uh Mister, do you know what that sign says over there?" The young boy's eyes never leave the man's left arm... or the lack thereof.
Jan 14, 2016 2:29 am
DMC says:
"Who's here this early Puddin'?" She asked Oswald as she made her way around the bar, setting clean serving trays in their appointed place and beginning the morning prep for customers and locals.
Galas looks up, and does a double-take when he sees another elf. As she speaks out in fluent human bumpkin, Galas's mouth drops onto a round "O" is surprise. He seems frozen on the spot for a moment. In his shock, old habits drilled into him as a youth flare up. He touches his brow and begins to bow formally as elven courtiers do, catches himself halfway through, and awkwardly begins scratching his ankle in an attempt to play it off. When he tries to speak, all that comes out is a squeak that might have been the word, "Pumpkin?"

He shakes himself and turns, attempting to address Oswald again, looking anywhere but at "Maggie", How much for room and board through tomorrow?"
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Jan 14, 2016 2:55 am
Just before the sun broke the horizon, Anry was awakened by the shrill sounds of a rooster's crow. Startled, he sat up quickly, too quickly, and lost his balance. He tumbled out of the bed onto the floor. He sat on the bare wooden planks, wrapped in sheets like a mummy, wearing a sheepish grin, when Mrs. Oglesby flung the bedroom door open. Seeing that Anry was not yet dressed, she turned to face the empty doorway, and spoke in a concerned motherly tone with her back facing him.

"Are you alright? I heard a loud noise and was worried."

"Yes, ma'am. I'm alright, if a little embarrassed. Forgot where I was for a moment. Don't have roosters waking us up like that at home," he replied.

"Well, as long as you're alright." Anry could hear the smile in her voice. "Your mother'd kill me if I let you get hurt in the first week of your adventure. Now, as long as you're up, ya might's'well put on some clothes and join us for breakfast. The coffee's hot." Mrs. Oglesby pulled the door closed gently. Anry smiled wide. He WAS on an adventure.

After Anry ate his fill of a tasty creamed corn and spinach, flaky butter biscuits, and the most delicious fresh pork sausage he'd ever eaten, Mr. Oglesby asked him if he would mind running to the market to pick up a few things they needed around the farm.

"I'd be happy to, Mr. O. I was planning to head to King's Gold this morning anyway," Anry replied, "to see if I could book a gig to make a little extra coin. I know I'm not all that helpful as a farmhand." Anry chuckled.

"Nonsense!" cried Mr. Oglesby. "You're much worse than that." Anry and Mr. Oglesby laughed loud, while Mrs. O playfully smacked Mr. O on the shoulder with her kitchen towel. "And don't make me tell you again to call me Dill," he said, giving Anry a list of assorted goods and a pouch with a few gold coins.

Anry laughed and nodded. He grabbed one more link of sausage, eating it on the way back to the room he was using. He packed up his performing gear, in case he needed to audition, and began to head to town.

Just as he was heading out the door, Mrs. O caught him and handed him a glass of warm milk. "Here. Have one at the start of every day, and you'll be fitter than that fiddle of yours." They both smiled, and Anry downed the tall glass in one go. With a satisfied sigh, he turned and began walking to the town center, still wearing a silly milk mustache.
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Jan 14, 2016 3:16 am
"How much for room and board through tomorrow?"
"obviously this man didn't hear me.. Oswald looks at the man... Then back to Maggie.... Then back to the man and uses his eyes to point him in the direction of Maggie. See then man trying not to look at her and then he looked back at Maggie with her busy at cleaning.

He sighs, takes a big puff off his cigar and blows it out.

" 5 silver a day. Food and drink is seperate. " he states through the cigar gritted in his teeth.
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Jan 14, 2016 3:48 am
whipstache says:
With a satisfied sigh, he turned and began walking to the town center, still wearing a silly milk mustache.
Earidan backs slowly away from the glaring man all the questions buzzing in his head seemed to be squashed under that one-eyed stare. Lucky for him, he was distracted by somebody walking to the center of town. He backs farther away from the one armed man and, still keeping a wide eye on the man's left shoulder, rushes toward the center of town (partially in fear, partially in haste).

"Mister! Mister!" He shouts as he reaches Anry.
"I am looking for a place to eat? Did you see that sign over their? I did, but I can't read. Can you read? Is it a place I can get some food?"

Earidan had to be sure, because if it was that specialty store... all of a sudden the coins in Earidan's shoe suddenly feels oddly heavy as he asks the stranger a flurry of questions... and he has the sinking feeling in his gut.
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Jan 14, 2016 7:19 am
Good stuff so far everyone. Since King's Gold Inn is getting some attention, let me give you an idea of what you see.
King's Gold Inn

This Inn is quite unique. It appears to be built straight into the side of a hill. The second floor (from the outside) seems to sit on the hill almost, with piers holding up some of the second level above the double doors of the entrance. There is what appears to be a chimney stack sticking out of the ground on one side.

Upon entering the doors, stairs lead down into a common room and would seem to be under the earth. Most of the room has wooden walls all around the common room all the way up it's high ceilings. When you are down in the common room, there are actually two floors above, with the wooden railed balcony walks to the rooms. The roof covers the entire structure, some three floors up from the common room, with a covered opening at the top of the crest. One floor of rooms is set up as a common sleeping area with a dozen or so beds and some with curtains. The third floor has six individual rooms.

On the right side of the stairs down into the common room, is a partial bare area of the wall, where a fireplace has been carved directly into the rock. On the left is stairs up to the rooms, and as you walk further in, the bar and desk are along the wall, with some of the bare rock also displayed behind the bar. The back wall just has a single heavy door which leads back into the kitchens, and some of the underground storage.
Fun fact: The current owner Mara, doesn't understand or doesn't care about the historic significance of her establishment, but it is a well known, if rarely visited, Inn in the Kingdom of Myr. When it was originally constructed it was called the "Fool's Gold Inn" because it was built in a failed mining location. Apparently the miner's didn't realize there was unrelenting rock in this hill, or at least that's the tale.
Jan 14, 2016 4:26 pm
Oswald's sad demeanor alone was enough to tell her his state of mind, but his quiet, slow words about Mara confirmed it. She nodded quickly, having seen this a time or two before, and moved over towards him and Galas, smirking to herself at the elf's show of respect, and his apparent embarrassment of it as he scratched his ankle. High society. She hadn't been around that in a long time, and it was all she could do to keep that smile on her face from turning into a vicious scowl.

"Punkin' & Puddin'?" She exclaimed in a thickly accented voice. Her smile beaming as she sought to relieve Oswald of any further duties as of yet. "My aren't you two a pair?" She walked to the base of the stairs that led up from the common room to the outer doors. "Well don ya jus stand there." She said with a wink to Galas. "If'n yer not quick about it, Puddin' here might take Punkin' off tha menu!" She motioned for Galas to come downstairs. "Breakfast inna ready just yet. Fraid ya caught us with our britches down s'early, but it'll be up lickety split!"

With that, she turned and headed towards the kitchen to light the fires and get things in order for the morning arrivals. Glad to no longer be facing anyone, so she could let the false smile down.

This was going to be a long, long day.
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Jan 14, 2016 4:41 pm
Being forced to look at Maggie, Galas finally realizes, Ah, not an elf...half breed. I wonder who her parents were. Our race doesn't often mix with humans, at least not in a family way... Galas's thoughts stray to his father, putting a scowl on his fair features, Though one never knows, do we? Strange bedfollows abound.

"I assume I'll be paying her for breakfast. Would you like my silver for the room, or should I pass her payment for that as well? Is it extra for a private room?"
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Jan 14, 2016 5:25 pm
Oswald was making his way out the door. He was running late for his side job to make extra coins for Mara.

"I can't be late again" he thinks to himself. Last time he was late was because Mara was in a drunken tirade. Throwing things at Oswald. Yelling. Blaming. Took awhile to get her under control and to sleep it off. "I gotta hurry. "

He was just about to step outside...
"I assume I'll be paying her for breakfast. Would you like my silver for the room, or should I pass her payment for that as well? Is it extra for a private room?"
When he stopped in his tracks. His teeth bit down on his cigar. He slowly turned around to the pateron and stared at him for about 10 secs.

"Food is a silver... Drink is 1-3 depending on what you perfer... A private room will cost you 2 gold. " then he steps closer to him and raises his voice. "Now if you have anything else you want to know your lordship... TALK TO MAGGIE LIKE I SAID EARLIER!" he lets out a puff of smoke his face.

Oswald then turns and starts to walk again when from heard in the back room "OSWALD WHAT IS WITH ALL THAT NOISE! YOU WOKE ME UP! GET ME SOME WHISKEY YOU WASTE OF A OF MAN!!!"

He sighs. "Mara is up. Well looks like that other job is no more." he thinks as he puts out his cigar and makes his way back to the back room to another reminder of why he stays.
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