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1.1 - Nixing the Sixers

Apr 4, 2016 6:08 pm
A full 80 minutes pass between Breecha's transmission and the moment Kessel finally begins to stir and the interfaces begin disengaging from his implants. During that interval the patient bot sees massive amounts of indecipherable data scroll across various displays, presumably tracking progress as it is transmitted to Kessel from some unknown source. As well, schematics for what appears to be some sort of two-wheeled conveyance, and another for some type of tiny, flying drone flash on-screen as they are transmitted to Phantom.Nimbus for 3D printing.

As Kessel rises from his station there is a look in his eyes that is a mix of elation and terror. Sitting for a moment he takes a deep breath and runs his hand over his shaved head. Springing to his feet he throws Breecha a wink as he throws on a ratty T-shirt.

Bounding into the kitchen he plonks himself down across from Mack and looks hungrily at everyone's now empty plates. "Sorry for keeping you, folks! What're we up to today?"
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Apr 4, 2016 7:36 pm
Breecha follows behind, then deviates his route to the small makeshift armory where he stands next to the stockpile of ammunition, looking like part of the cargo.
Apr 8, 2016 8:53 pm
I believe a shopping trip is in order. Supposedly with some weirdo with a scar, as Tymora has implied. Is that the plan, Mac?, the AI prattles on in the comms.
Apr 10, 2016 11:15 pm
Returned from vacation!
Mack nods, staring at his empty bowl. "That's the plan. But we're not to mention the scar, apparently. Even if it looks likes Elfis the rock star."
Apr 11, 2016 4:49 am
Kessel tosses a burrito in the microwave and watches it reheat. The microwave timer dings just as Phantom.Nimbus alerts him that his new gear has also finished rendering. "Sounds good! When do we leave? I can't wait to take my sweet new ride for a spin!"
Apr 11, 2016 5:26 am
"QUERY: Additional Vehicle?" Breecha monotones, the closest one could expect the combat droid to demonstrate surprise.
Apr 11, 2016 10:05 am
"Yeah, buddy. I expect I'll still ride in the van most times. But at least now I don't have to Über when I go to GameCon. And I've always wanted to solo ride across the Baldur's Gate Bridge. Oh and speaking of 'additional,' don't be offended but I've built me some new tech okay? You've always done an awesome job watching my back but I've built some surveillance tech so now we'll have something that'll watch over you too, yeah?"
Apr 11, 2016 6:39 pm
Mack arches an eyebrow at news of a new ride. "It doesn't fly, does it?" Mack asks. "Because if it flies, I'm going to be a little jealous." He stands and places his breakfast dishes in the Telewash (Trans-planar dishwashing for 35 years!) and starts to gather up his gear. "That reminds me -- I need to pick up a couple new pieces of ammunition I've worked out..."
Apr 11, 2016 6:46 pm
"No flier, Mack, though that'd be sweet. It's a bike, but doesn't run on petrol. Well, you'll see."
Apr 13, 2016 12:37 am
"QUERY: Unit Assistance Required?" asks Breecha, referring to the shopping trip.
Apr 14, 2016 3:55 am
"Required?" Mack asks back, "Uncertain. Welcome, and desired, sure. But if you have other plans Breech we can accommodate. I figured there might be a thing or two we'd each have an eye out for to make things a little less treacherous for us."
Apr 14, 2016 8:08 am
Kessel nods. "You know I always feel better with you around, Breecha. But you are not ordered to participate, if that's what you mean."

At that moment a tiny drone silently floats into the room and hovers over Kessel's shoulder. "Ah, just perfect. Guys, this is he new surveillance tech I was talking about. This is O.W.L."
O.W.L (Overwatch Lookout)
Tiny construct, unaligned
Armor Class 11
Hit Points 1 (1d4 - 1)
Speed 5 ft., fly 60 ft.
STR 3 (-4), DEX 13 (+1), CON 8 (-1), INT 2 (-4), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 7 (-2)
Skills: Perception +3, Stealth +3
Senses: darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception 13
Flyby. OWL provokes no opportunity attacks when it flies out of an enemy’s reach.
Advanced Optics. OWL has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight.
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Apr 15, 2016 2:39 pm
Ah, I see the printer already finished up. I've already linked this directly with your cybernetics you should be able to fully digitize the drone and vehicle, and bring them back again. Just be careful with those things. I think we all already know that we can't have nice things around you guys, phantom chimes in.

Now are you guys just going to sit around all day? Again?
Apr 15, 2016 2:41 pm
Tymora checks the time, Oh, he's right, we should get a move on. I have to try and scrounge up some more work. Our mutual friend gave us some breathing room with that loan, but if we don't keep up cases it won't be for much good. Later, boys.

She quickly gathers up a messenger bag and hurries out the door.
Apr 15, 2016 9:32 pm
Breecha, having little need for breakfast for other morning necessities, steps to the van and begins to prepare for departure. By all indications, he is ready to leave at any moment.
Apr 15, 2016 11:34 pm
Mack looks around for Preserver -- who appears to be plugged in somewhere. "Let's make sure and leave some rMail for him -- he can either take public transport to hook up with us, or we can swing by and get him if he decides to come along."

He follows Breecha to the van, "Looks like it's just you and me, Breech -- you can pick the music." Starting up the van, the window rolls down and his head sticks out. "Ty? You got an address for me? If so can you ping it over to the van? Make it easy since I don't have the wizard with me." He smiles a little at his joke.
I haven't seen foolsmask around in awhile, so figured it was easy to leave him back and we can hook up with him once rela life improves for him.
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Apr 16, 2016 12:53 am
Breecha's transmitters link with the van's interface as he loudly situates himself in the back of the van, and closes the doors. Soon, the supple and nuanced tones of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E Minor fill the vehicle. The construct sits in silence.
Apr 16, 2016 8:22 am
Kessel sends O.W.L zipping high in the sky to watch out for trouble. He nods in approval as the violin concerto flows across the comms link. "I'll be right behind you, guys." He waits for the van to start moving before jumping onto his cycle.
Apr 17, 2016 4:18 pm
Assuming the relevant navigational data will show up on his display, Mack fires up the van and pulls out, headed in the general direction of the "shopping district" he's headed for.
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