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Nov 2, 2021 9:54 am
Step 0. Find out how PbP works

If you're new to Gamers' Plane then you might want to play in a game before running one. This will help you understand the conventions and tools in Gamers' Plane.

Read the "New GP Member Guide", take a look at the "Index of Public Games", and check out the "Your Introduction to Gamersplane and PBP" thread for a tutorial game.

If you're already running a game then maybe use Len's handy table first: "Before You Start That New Game! (A D20 Table)".

Step 1. Gauging interest

If you intend to run a game that's open to everyone, and you want to find out how many people are interested in playing it before you start, then post an interest check in The Games Tavern, discuss your idea on the Gamers' Plane Discord server, or chat to your friends in the OoC threads of your existing games to gauge interest.

Step 2. Create the game

Create the game. Qralloq's video "Tutorial Video Series - How To Create a Game" will show you how to create a game and advertise it in the Games Tavern.

Step 3. Optional stuff

a) Dice rules
Optionally, consider adding your game system's special dice rules (and other options) to your game. These special settings are used to highlight dice, integrate character sheets into the dice roller, and set your game background image. Take a look at the "Public Repository of Dice Highlight Codes" for more information.

b) Discord integration
Chat to your players to see if discord notifications would help. See "Setting up discord integration for your games" for more information.

c) GM notes and helpers sheets
Consider creating a character sheet to hold your NPCs, snippets, and rolls. Submit the character sheet to your game and once the game starts you'll have easy access to your shortcuts. See "Character sheets" BBCode for more information.

Step 4. Set up your game forums

Create your threads. The "Formatting Your Game Forums" shows how most people organise their forums. At the very least, you'll want a separate thread for Out of Character chat.

Step 5. Play

Start your game and have fun.

In your 'Out of Character' thread, consider starting with discussions about Safety tools, Posting Rates as Expectations and the style of game you intend to run.
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