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Jul 26, 2019 2:49 pm
I had an epiphany as one does when you're supposed to be working. As most of us would rather have a fast site than one where the full roster of public games is viewable but the DB backend slows to a crawl, we can create an index ourselves so that Public games are findable to new players or the generally interested.

Post a link to your public games here, and I'll maintain this top post as an index.

Depictions of violence: Note that Gamers Plane has community standards for the depiction of violence. This index has not been vetted to ensure that all public games listed adhere to these standards. If you are sensitive to anything particular, then before reading through the game it might be wise to send a PM to the GM asking about language and tone in that game. Any violations of community standards should be reported to Keleth, the site administrator.
Old School Modules
Game Details:
Forums: Old School Modules
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Old School Adventures brought into 5e -- The PCs move from one adventure to another from the 1e days
Sparks of Discord
Game Details:
Forums: Sparks of Discord
Spycraft 2.0
Game Wiki
[ +- ] Synopsis
Been running now for a little of a year with a great couple of players. Always looking for new blood!
AD&D Mega Campaign
Game Details:
Forums: AD&D Mega Campaign
is a 1st edition AD&D game that seeks to play through some of the classic modules of yore.
Into the Borderlands
Game Details:
Forums: Into the Borderlands
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- a reworking of the classic adventures In Search of the Unknown and Keep on the Borderlands.
Kingmaker Solo Game
Game Details:
Pathfinder 1e -- a solo running of the Kingmaker adventure path
Game Details: game
Forums: forums
IronSworn RPG -- solo play
Galaxy Aflame: A Star Wars Clone Wars Story
Game Details:
Forums: Galaxy Aflame: A Star Wars Clone Wars Story
A Star Wars FFG Clone Wars era game
[ +- ] Synopsis

Menace Under Otari
Game Details:
Forums: Menace Under Otari
Beginner Pathfinder 2e -- if anyone has interest in learning Pathfinder 2e, this might be a good game to follow, as it's a teaching game
Riches Of The Dead
Game Details:
Forums: Game Fourms
Star Wars WEG d6
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Our Friends the Machines (Retired)
Game Details: Tales from the Loop
Game Forums: Forums
-Tales from the Loop (Sci-Fi/Mystery)
-Currently Playing: Our Friends the Machines: The Kids investigate strange goings-on in Boulder City following the launch of a new line of toys.
Impossible Landscapes (Retired)
Game Details: Impossible Landscapes
Game Forums: Forums
-Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game (Surreal Horror/Mystery)
-A campaign beginning in New York City, 1995 that focuses on a missing woman, a mysterious play that drives people insane, an asylum, a country that doesn't exist, and the end of the world. The Agents skate the edge of a mystery that unravels their existence and struggle to find a way back from a fictional country called Carcosa.
Aftermath (Retired)
Game Details: Aftermath
Forums: Aftermath
Pathfinder 1e, Homebrew sandbox campaign. Players explore the world in the aftermath of the War of the Mage Kings.
[ +- ] Game Synopsis

Out of the Abyss (Complete) (Retired)
Game Details: Out of the Abyss
Forums: Out of the Abyss
Dungeons and Dragons 5e Official Module -- The PCs traverse the Underdark in order to defeat the Demon Lords of the Abyss
Tyranny of Dragons (Retired)
Game Details: Tyranny of Dragons
Forums: Tyranny of Dragons adventures
Dungeons and Dragons 5e Official Module -- Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat
-- The PCs race to thwart the Cult of the Dragon's nefarious schemes
Strongholds and Followers (Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: Strongholds and Followers
Dungeons and Dragons 5e -- A test of the Stronghold rules by Matt Colville
-- The PCs gain control of a stronghold and begin fighting back against the troll menace to the south
Ghosts of Saltmarsh (Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: Ghosts of Saltmarsh:
Dungeons and Dragons 5e Official Module -- The PCs take on perils from the sea in and around the town of Saltmarsh
[ +- ] The Story

Montréal Dark (Bilingual) (Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: Urban Shadows
Urban Shadows - a political urban fantasy game.
[ +- ] Game Synopsis

Star Wars: Shadow of the Inquisitorius (Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: Star Wars: Shadow of the Inquisitorius
FFGs Star Wars RPG (Force & Destiny)
[ +- ] Star Wars: Shadow of the Inquisitorius

Ghosts of Gondor (Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: AiME: Ghosts of Gondor
Cubicle 7's "Adventures in Middle-earth" (D&D 5E overhaul)
[ +- ] AiME: Ghosts of Gondor

An Adventure Unlike Any Other (Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: An Adventure Unlike Any Other
A time-traveling GURPS game.
Hero High (Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: Hero High
focuses on teenaged super-heroes and high school problems.
Top Secret (Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: Top Secret
is an older, but lots of fun, espionage game.
What Lurks in Darkness (Retired)
Game Details: Game Page
Forums: Forums
Wildsea system -- has the characters sailing an ocean made of trees to check up on a town with which contact was lost after a natural disaster
Soul and Blood (Retired)
Game Details: Game Page
Forums: Forums
Wildsea system -- the characters came across a treetop-ship on a religious voyage that has been attacked, the crew and passengers murdered and mutilated in some gruesome ritual.
The Void Between The Stars (Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: The Void Between The Stars.
[ +- ] Game synopsis.

Cragmaw Castlel (Finished)
Game Details
(D&D 5e) vignette just (probably) finished. I haven't retired the game yet, but the main story is complete I believe (unless one of the characters decides to attack or poison the King over dinner lol).
Cyberpunk in Space (Finished)
Game Details: Cyberpunk in Space
Forum: Forum Link
The system is a Homebrew developed by CESN with some simplifications and additions by me.
[ +- ] Synopsis

Of Flesh and Steel (Finished)
Games Details
Things From The Flood
The game is finished and can be read from beginning to end, if anyone is interested to get the full experience. The entire IC experience is 455 posts.
Content Warnings for this game: - Body Horror - Pregnancy/Childbirth - Violence/Death - Animal Abuse
[ +- ] Synopsis

The Ugliness (Finished)
Games Details
Things from the Flood
This game is a continuation of my previous public game: Of Flesh and Steel
Content Warnings for this game: - Body Horror - Violence/Death - Sexual Themes - Suicide
[ +- ] Synopsis

Traveler (Ongoing)
Games Details
Things from the Flood
This game is a continuation of my previous public games: Of Flesh and Steel and The Ugliness.
Content Warnings for this game: - Violence/Death - Child Abuse - Gaslighting
[ +- ] Synopsis

A Star Falls Over the Rhyhold (Retired)
Game Details:
Savage Worlds (SWADE) using the Blue Rose setting.
[ +- ] Synopsis

Looping the Flood (Retired)
Game Details:
A two-stage game starting with Tales from the Loop, and then to pick up with the same characters several years later for Things from the Flood.
Paracosms and Rinds(Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: Paracosms and Rinds
(Nongenre specific / Reality-mingling)
(QuestWorlds / HeroQuest 2nd)
[ +- ] A vague gist

Spelljammer: This Isn't Waterdeep(Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: Spelljammer exploration game
Dungeons & Dragons 5e
[ +- ] Game premise

The Price of Loyalty(Retired)
Game Details:
Forums: game index
a high level game of Generals and Kingdoms, not individual characters, based on the (original) Might and Magic Setting.
Game Details:
Forums: Knave
Knave is Ben Milton's classless OSR toolkit, a rules-light game that boils old-school play down to the basics. The game focuses on dangerous, low-level adventuring; on misfits, ne'er-do-wells, and nogoodniks for whom robbing tombs, delving dungeons, and exploring ruins is somehow the best chance of avoiding an early and shallow grave.
Sep 23, 2021 2:56 am
The Other Side
Game Details: The Other Side
Game Forums:
Fate Horror/Mystery
Not Currently Accepting Players
Content Warning!
[ +- ] Synopsis

The Armitage Inquiry
Game Details: The Armitage Inquiry
Forums: Forums
-Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition (Horror/Mystery)
-Blackwater Creek: Wherein the investigators hunt for a missing professor in a small town, full of secrets, near Dunwich, MA.
A Night at the Opera
Game Details: "Delta Green"
Forums: Forums
-Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game (Horror/Sci-Fi/Conspiracy)
-Operation BRILLIANT REPOSE: An FBI task force is assigned to investigate a pair of gruesome deaths in a small Death Valley town. Bizarre evidence and the intrusion of operators from some sort of DOD Special Access Program force the Agents to confront hidden truths about the government they work for, and the reality they exist in.
Beneath Curnbrey Citadel
Game Details: Beneath Curnbrey Citadel
D&D 5e - Castle Drama and Dungeon Crawl -
[ +- ] Synopsis
Sep 23, 2021 3:00 am
For those of you watching this thread, I've deleted all prior posts where people have shared their public game details., and separated the list into three more easily managed posts.

Going forward, please post your details below as before, and when I've added the public game to the appropriate list above, I'll delete your post. The purpose of the deleting is to make the lists above easier to find.

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