Premise of the PbP Game

Feb 10, 2015 1:46 am
Hullo, folks,

Well... Since we have a couple of folks eager to get involved in the game and play (and there's still a few slots open), I figured I would post this up.

Okay, so you're here.

So your first question is: "What is the premise of the PRIMEVAL: Tales of the Anomalies game?" Good question.

The basic premise of this game, or the background if you will, is very simple. This is a Play by Post (PbP) game based on the Primeval Roleplaying Game based on the hit ITV tv series, and published by Cubicle 7 under license from Impossible Pictures and ITV.

This game will be set during the course of the Primeval UK tv series, during the period of the second series when the Anomaly Research Centre (ARC) was first introduced, thus allowing players to play Anomaly Research Centre (ARC) personnel if that is what they wish, and will feature original characters created by you, the players.

There will effectively be three potential "types" of characters - members of the ARC, characters who are not ARC personnel, and members of the Chronos Society. The Chronos Society, or more properly the Chronotis Society, is an organization that was supposedly set up and backed financially by one Professor Charles Chronotis (or so their history says). The Society was founded to bring together various people who have witnessed or been influenced by the temporal Anomalies, and these people now work together to investigate and understand the Anomalies, as well as to maintain the integrity of the timeline as they know and understand it.

The members of the Chronos Society may come from any time period, and do not strictly have to be people or beings encountered by the cast of the PRIMEVAL series in stories from the tv series. For example, while a player could play Taylor Craig, the young girl who went in pursuit of her dog into the Silurian era, one could equally well play a Victorian character who came into the present during a recent Anomaly incursion and who is now trapped here. Or perhaps the character is a Victorian member of the Chronos Society sent to the modern day through an Anomaly for reasons best determined between the Moderator and the player in question. Similarly, a player can play someone who has encountered a different ARC team member (perhaps a "good" Helen Cutter) or been approached by a member of the Chronos Society (such as a version of Stephen Hart who did not die but was recruited by the Society instead). Any type of player character can be played for this game with the approval of the Game Moderator, as long as the character fits within the PRIMEVAL tv series conception. Player characters, no matter what type they are, will not know that much about the Chronos Society, if anything, and it is possible if not desirable, that the player characters with Society origins will have their introduction into the Society make up part of their actual in-play adventures.

Note that in order to play in this game, the players do not require access to the Primeval Roleplaying Game rulebook; having the rulebook would be advantageous, and would certainly simplify creating characters, though it is not necessary for play. Furthermore, all player characters will be created in association with the Moderator. While player characters may or may not do a lot of travelling through Anomalies, player characters may be from any time period/background, as long as the player can justify their reasons for travelling through an Anomaly to the present time during the game).

I welcome any comments, questions, and the like here in this thread on the premise of the PbP game.

And further information on the game and other aspects of the background are available upon a simple request here in this thread.

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