Primeval PbP Netiquette

Feb 10, 2015 8:07 pm
Hullo, folks,

I figured I should start posting up some of the rules and guidelines for the PbP game, and so will start with the obvious.


Well, as I'm sure everyone is aware, there is always the necessity of posting a list of the etiquette "dos and don'ts" on forums ad mailing lists, and I can't think of a place better suited and in need of these sorts of rules than PbP lists. Needless to say, the Gamers' Plane site has a bunch of rules as well, but what follows are the netiquette rules and guidelines for the PRIMEVAL: Tales of the Anomalies Play by Post (PbP) forums.

We're all friends here - okay, well, not necessarily friends but certainly more than acquaintances, even if it is only in virtual e-mail reality. Be nice, be patient, and kind to the other folks on the forums. Abusiveness, nastiness, and flamewars are not going to be tolerated around here.

Once the actual game starts, it will be important to keep the story threads straight, and to keep the non-game related issues separate from the story and plot threads. While the in-game Subject line and header will be handled primarily by the Moderator, please change the Subject line and header for all other threads that you create to suit what you are talking about in your messages. Use the OOC Discussion Thread for things that are not related to the actual game being played (like the discussion of rugby and stuff in the Introductions Thread!, just saying). Bear in mind that this part of the forums is for the playing of a PbP game, not for discussion of general PRIMEVAL talk (be it about the tv series or the rpg, though the rpg's rules and mechanics will be covered in a separate thread) or dinosaur topics. For that, there are various other forums and the like to be found on the internet, but if the demand is there I can set up a separate Thread for discussing the tv series (and creatures and beasties).

It is important that folks keep the quoting of text to a minimum. Do not quote the entire message to which you are responding with a three-line answer and the like. There are more specific rules in the Game Posting file about how to quote during the actual play of the game...but the basic rule of thumb here is to keep quoting to a minimum. :)

The Primeval RPG is a roleplaying game set in the world of the PRIMEVAL tv series, that does its best to emulate and simulate that world, and because we are playing the game in the real world year 2015, there can be adult themes to it, re: sex, drugs, alcohol abuse, and other elements. Not to mention any aspects with adult elements that will occur in various cultures and at various times in the adventures in which you will partake. However, at the same time, I have to take into account the Gamers' Plane policies as well as the fact that there are potentially younger players and/or folks who've joined to read the posts and find out more about the game and all...

That said, consider the rule to be very simple. There is to be no triple-X (XXX) material posted here, although I fully expect there to be references to sex, sexual activity, substance abuse and the like, but let's keep it behind the doors or in the lovely tree and grass shacks of the Cretaceous or wherever it is happening. Where violence is to be described, be graphic enough to get the point across, but to the point where it doesn't gross people out and make them lose their current meal. Don't go overboard. But the basic rule on this is to use your common sense and judgement. You never know who might be reading these posts, and how old they are and how mature they are.

From the point of view of the game, once we start, I have no objection to folks writing in 1st Person or 3rd Person. Do what seems best for you. If matters become complicated and some people have trouble with the style of writing, I guess each and everyone of us will have to live with it. Whatever works for each of you, although within the rules of the game posting mechanics, which will be posted to this list when we're closer to actually playing the game. Just be consistent with the manner in which you post, and remember which character belongs to whoever is playing him or her (or is an NPC in the case of the other characters and personalities you'll meet along the way).

While there are two supplements for the Primeval RPG available at this time (Primeval: Evolution and the Primeval Companion) in addition to the main rulebook, during the course of this PbP game, and for the purposes of character creation, the players will only be using the main rulebook. Thus, for the purposes of character creation, this will put all players on the same footing.

While not having the Primeval rulebook may be slightly disadvantageous for anyone who wants to play in the PbP game, it is not the "be all and end all" that it might seem. The character generation process for Primeval is simple and easy, and not having a copy in any form of the rulebook will make the process slightly more difficult, but not tremendously so. While the Primeval RPG Rulebook is useful for character creation, players should not be accessing the Rulebook or the GameMaster's sections of said rulebook when playing the game, as the Moderator's purview is the game rules and mechanics. The rulebook is worth having for players, as it gives them access to all the basic rules without having to get entangled in the Moderator/GM side of things. That said, the game system and its mechanics are simple enough, such that I feel there is something to be said for experiencing the PRIMEVALverse for the first time or going into it with a clean slate, and no biases.

That said, the rule on which Primeval RPG books and supplements are to be used is simple. Players can use whichever game rulebooks and supplements they want to use for character creation, assuming they have the books; however, anything used from these books in terms of creation guidelines and rules, or equipment and new skills is at the discretion of the Moderator. While all characters are created relatively equal in the Primeval RPG system, there has to be a modicum of some texture allowed for the creation of characters, and thus, the Moderator will be the sole arbitrator of whether a character created by a player is suitable for the PRIMEVAL: Tales of the Anomalies PbP game.

That's it, those are the netiquette rules. I trust everyone can live with these rulings and my thoughts on them? :)

Any comments, questions, or the like are welcome. :)
Feb 10, 2015 8:19 pm
Fairly typical and easy to abide by. As a note I tend to post in past tense third person. Finally in my defense the rugby conversation was getting to know another player and imo on topic in an introduction thread. Future rugby conversations will be OOC. See you all in game and looking forward to exploring the anomalies with you all.
Feb 11, 2015 3:40 am
Hullo, Azzorak,
Azzorak says:

Fairly typical and easy to abide by. As a note I tend to post in past tense third person. Finally in my defense the rugby conversation was getting to know another player and imo on topic in an introduction thread. Future rugby conversations will be OOC. See you all in game and looking forward to exploring the anomalies with you all.
Glad you think the rules here are fairly easy to abide by. Nothing complicated about them, but I felt that they needed to be stated up front.

As for the rugby conversation, I knew that it was about getting to know another player, and so was on topic. But I don't want to encourage that sort of thing (rugby talk in as a generality, rather than specific about players in the game). Still, it's all good. :)

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