Hm... seems like you're using IE. Can I suggest a better browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera? There are other choices too.

If you wanna stick with IE, or can't switch, I'll warn you right now, while most of this site should work with IE, stuff might come up buggy, so you might not enjoy it as much...

Kalajel's free games and resources 2: The sequel

Jul 22, 2020 11:36 pm
Hello everyone,

I was asked on the Discord to clean up my resources and free games thread (still available here), and sort the links by categories. I figured a brand new thread was the best solution for it. So this will become the new free resources and games thread. I'll still use the old one and sort through the links there to classify them here, but eventually, the old thread will slip into obscurity (or I might delete it, I don't know...). So without further ado, let's start this (thought the next posts will most likely be placeholders for now)!

Table of Contents

Free Games. (RPGs)


Character Sheets.


Play Aids.



A little bit of everything...

Online Dice Rollers.

Online Generators.

Downloadable/Online Programs.

Other Free Games. (CCGs, wargames, etc.)

Gone but not forgotten. (dead links)

Suggestions and Comments.

Games/Resources In Other Languages.
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Free RPGs
There are plenty of nice free games available out there on the net. This post is where I'll put up all the free RPGs I come across.

(Note: Concerning the dead link for the Adventure Time game based on D&D 4th, I checked the pdf I had saved of it, and the creator left his e-mail address in it. It might be worth contacting him and get a pdf of the game that way:

A fan-made Burning Sands sourcebook made for 1st ed. L5R.

Future Shadows, a free sci-fi RPG.

Icar. A free sci-fi game.

1km1kt (100 monkeys, 100 typewriters). Many free RPGs are available there.

Goblinoid Games site where you can download free, no-art versions of Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, and Apes Victorious (as well as a few character sheets).

Basic Fantasy. A free OSR game.

Talislanta available for free!

The All Seeing Eye. A simple english fan-translation of Das Schwarze Auge.

Free download for Open D6. Another link here at the Open D6 wiki. Here is another place where you can download Open D6 books. And yet another place to get Open D6. And yet still another place here.
And here is the D6 Holocron for the old Open D6 WEG Star Wars game. Some more Open D6 games:
Appleseed Open D6. The site is a bit wonky and might require several tries before it works properly...
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Open D6.
Evil Dead Open D6.
Matrix Open D6.
Neverwhere Open D6.
Starcraft Open D6.

RPG Library of Open Game Content. Site where you can download many open content games such as Bulletproof Blues, Gumshoes, Open D6, and many more...

Siege Perilous. A free Ultima RPG.

Dominowriting's site. Many free games are available here, Microlite 20, Risus, and more... Microlite20 Nexu. Another place to download Microlite and Searchers of the Unknown. Another alternative for Microlite.

Free game: The Window.

Free game: Nicotine Girls.

A free game based on the video game Dragon Warrior/Quest.

Free game: Dinky Dungeons.

A site to download various editions of Microlite. I thought it no longer worked, but turns out it is just a bit finicky to load...

RetroRoleplaying. A site where you can download (or linked to other sites where you can download) many retro clone OSR games.

Free game: Dark Dungeons. I don't want to bel Elfstar anymore. I want to be Debbie.

Free game: OSRIC.

Artikid's Visual Gallery. You can download Voidspanners for free as well as a few Italian games...

Spellcraft & Swordplay. The rules, Errata, and Character sheet are free, the rest cost money...

You can contact the creator of The Fantasy Trip here to get free TFT pdfs.

Naruto Pen and Paper RPG.

The Dungeon Squad! Companion. Download Dungeon Squad! and variants here. The site is a bit slow...

Free game: Gods & Monsters.

Haunted Attic. Free games created by Joe Williams.

Free game: Ops and Tactics.

1d4 chan's homebrew rules page where you can get plenty of free games. Warning though, some of them can get very neckbeardy...

Distant Star Games' site. A few free games like Thrash or Mascot Tan.

Free game: Heroes Against the Darkness.

Free game: Old School Hack.

The Free RPG Blog. A few free games.

Free game: Pirates!

Bleach D20 classless system.

Free rpg: 1974 Style.

Darkshire's free RPG list.

E. Chris Garrison's list of free RPGs.

Mozilla's old repertoire of free RPGs.

Year of Living Free. List of free games.

Free game: Cosmos.

Twisted Confessions. Site where you can get many free games, like Snowball and Fastlane.

D20 Dr. Who.

Site where you can download several free RPGs.

Free game: F20. An hybrid of Fuzion and D20.

Download Fate for free. Though you can still make donations... An alternatedownload page can be found here, which also gives access to a few SRDs.

Free game: Forgotten Futures.

Free game: Highlander, The Gathering.

Free game: Men & Supermen.

Free game: Record of Lodos War RPG.

List of free Japanese RPGs. Some are translated in English, but many remain in Japanese only.

Free game: Final Fantasy Zero.

Genius: the Transgression. A fan-made RPG for world of Darkness.

Living Libre FOSsil Bank. Another list of free RPGs.

Free game: Five by Five.

Free game: Brutal. SPLAT!

Free game: FFRPG 3e. I'll also link their old site via internet archive here as there are a lot of good homebrews which were never transferred to their new site...

oVeRsOuL gAmEs. Home of Dungeon Plungin', Dice Chucker, Flat Out War!, and Quique.

Free game: Dungeonslayers 4th ed. And here is the old archived download page.

Void. The game where nothing happens...

8-Bits Dungeon.

Three Muses. Site of the d6 RPG.

A Wizard In A Bottle. A site where you can download retroclone RPGs.

Naruto d20.

Diceless Hero Games. A free game: D6 Pool. Generic, but works best with modern-era games.

Mythopoetic Games. Where you can download Danse Macabre, Wayfarer's Song, and Mythos of the Maori.

Free game: Dominion Rules 3rd ed. Works best for historical or low-powered med-fan. the 2nd edition is still available here.

Free game: The world of Gaianar.

Les Livres de l'Ours. You can download Shell Shock and The Hard Way as well as more free French RPGs. There's also a few other goodies...

Free game: Kumquat Tattoo.

I tried finding the page for Mini Dungeon, but their download link seems to be broken, so instead, I found some here and here. There might also be some more resources available here on this forum (I did not have the time to check it all...)

Free game: Roaring Twilight.

Free game: Telgrathia.

Free game: Cheap & Cheesy Fantasy Game.

Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG.

A fan-made Halo RPG.

No Time to Play. Another listing of free games. The second link will give you a free Earthbound Tabletop RPG.

Fan-made Fallen London RPG.

Halo Mythic. Another fan-made Halo RPG.

Lady Blackbird a storytelling RPG.

Zodiac's old site Where you can download another Final Fantasy RPG, this one inspired solely by FFVII. Zodiac FFRPG's new site is here.

Hogwarts RPG: A free Harry Potter game.

Free game: Violence. And another place to downloade it.

Get Mazes & Minotaurs for free here.

Greg Stolze's site where you can download his free games.

Zozergames website where you can get Zenobia, totem, and even more free RPGs.

Free game: Universal.

Alpha-Zulu Games website where you can get the free RPGs Mnemonic and Alternacy.

A free Sci-Fi game: AIF.

Another free Sci-Fi game: Zamani.

Free game: Faunae.

Free game: JAGS.

Best With Stuff's free RPGs (and one card/board game).

I think it was on the Discord, I remember someone asking about the Monster Girl RPG. Turns out there are a few version: one for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, one for Dungeon World, and one for Genesys. There might be more that I'm not aware of yet... Again, a fair bit of warning, this game is a bit neckbeardy...
There is a Monster Girl Quest wiki and a post-apocalyptic version (Mermaid After The End). Same neckbeard warning as above...

Free game: Dragonwizards RPG. A D20 RPG.

Red Ash World Engine.

Free game: The Cursed RPG.

Dreams and Dragons. Another small list fo free RPGs.

Free game: Golden Age.

Free game: The Hodge.

Free game: Disparity RPG.

Free game: Legend System.

Free game: Simlicity.

Free game: Tiny D10.

Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wasteland for Fate, and a few other free games (mostly Fate or Fudge stuff...).

An RPG based on the old Star Wreck parody movies.

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery. A retro-RPG.

DragonQuest (no, not the video game).

Fallout pnp

Berengad Games' site. You can download Anima Prime, Meridian, and a few other games and resources...

Another Final Fantasy Game. Version 2.5 this time...

Final Fantasy d6.

Free game: Tales of Adventure. (TOADS).

Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Warning: can get a bit adult-theme at time...

A huge list of indie RPGs. Not all of them are free though.

Free game: Cthulhu Dark.

Free game: Tear-able RPG.

You can get the old Marvel Superheroes RPG (FASERIP) here.

Killsplosion! The pvp RPG.

Free game: D02 system.

6d6 Core. I don't quite remember how you download the book for free. I just remember it took me a while to figure it out. I think you have to register...

Free game: Danger Patrol.

Empty Game Box download page.

Free game: Circe.

Free game: 4C system.

YORE's page of free RPGs.

Low Fantasy Gaming.

Free game: Dreams RPG.

Yggdrasil Distro. Home of the SAGA roleplaying game.

Free game: Dead Simple RPG.

Free indie RPGS. Mostly French, but there are a few English ones available (denoted by the Union Jack).

GURPS Lite free.

Eclipse Phase. A free Sci-Fi/horror game.

Sci-Fi 411's list of free RPGs.

Free game: Donjon. (in html format)

Free game: Pokemon Conquest.

Free game: Actual Cannibal Shia LeBoeuf.

Taxidermic Owlbear. Where you can download a few free retroclones as well as resources for other retroclones. Also, for some reason, Dark Realms, which is on this site does not seem to appear in the list of free downloadable stuff...

A few free RPGs. Shroom Goons, CarPG, Main Sequence.

Free game: Hunters Dark.

Old Skulling. A blog with a few free games.

Faith: a free sci-fi game available in english and spanish.

Fallout Equestria RPG.

Free game beta version: Skies of Glass.

Free game: Beloved.

Free solo game: Swords of the Skull-takers.

A solo RPG engine.

Transformers RPG. (scroll down a bit and there are links for RPGs based on other cartoons...)

Sky Wars Edge of Kingdom.

Free game: Shinobigami.

Wendy's Feast of Legends.

Aliens Savage Worlds.

Sword & Wizardry Light.

Listen All Y'all. It's A Sabotage. A free 1-page Beastie Boys RPG.

Heartseeker. A 2-page traditional fantasy adventure.

Harry Potter RPG.

Pillars of Eternity Tabletop Role-Playing Game. Alpha.

G.R.E.B. An alpha RPG of genetically-engineered rejects.
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System Reference Documents. Many games have published those, allowing many people to play their games for free, so long as they have an internet connection... This post will be for any SRD I come across.

Hypertext D20 SRD. D&D 3.5/5 and Pathfinder (1st ed. only?). It also has a fantasy name generator.

Fate SRD. Another Fate SRD. And another one.

Spirit of the Century SRD.

Diaspora SRD.

Open D6 SRD. Another Open D6 SRD.

Six Sided Fantasy Reference Document.

html rules for The Fantasy Trip - Melee. I guess that counts as an SRD? TFT-Wizard is here.

WotC's SRD for 3.5. The archive is a bit wonky, and as such, you might want to try other 3.5 SRDs. Still, I included it here for the sake of completeness...

WotC's SRD for D20 Modern. Same problem as above...

d20pfsrd. Pathfinder (1st edition only?) SRD.

Earthdawn SRD.

Paizo's official Pathfinder SRD. (only 1st ed.?)

An old Gumshoe SRD. And the new one.

Anime D20 SRD.

Runic SRD.

An old list of SRDs.

Open5e 5e SRD. 5thSRD. another 5e SRD. DnD5e SRD.

Open Gaming Network. SRDs for many games, including 13th Age, Dungeon World, D20/D&D, Sword & Wizardry, Fate, Traveller, and many more...

WotC's official 5e SRD. Complete with OGL.

D&D wiki SRD. An another D&D wiki with SRDs and homebrews for 3.5/4/5. And yet another D&D wiki with 3.5 SRD and homebrews for 3.5/4/5.

Open Gaming Foundation's list of various d20/3.0 SRDs.

An html D&D3.5 SRD. can also download the zip. Another 3.5 html SRD.

Another old 3.5 SRD. D20 System Reference Document v3.5. (Since a lot of those 3.5 SRDs look alike, I decided to group them together...) And yet another one. Attack of the Clones. Revenge of the SRDs.

Roll20's D&D 5th Compendium. Not quite an SRD, but it seems the best section to post it as you have all the info you need for spells, monsters, and classes.

D20 future SRD.


Another D20 SRD. And yet another one.

Andargor's HQ D20 SRD/Database.

Modern SRD (d20 Modern).

D20 SRD (3.5) and house rules. D&D 3.5 SRD. pdf form this time. Another old 3.5 SED. Still another 3.5 SRD. And another one for good measure. But wait, There's more!

Old Burning Wheel D200 SRD-to-BW.

Darkshire's list of SRDs.

d20 Modern SRD. Another d20 Modern SRD.

Beast Hunter SRD.

Fudge SRD. Another Fudge SRD.

Polyhedral SRD.

D10-0 SRD.

Dragonstar SRD.

3.X SRD with some resources in Italian. Goblinoid Game's old 3.x SRD.


Pathfinder wiki SRD. (1st ed. only?)

Dicepunk SRD. (a bit slow)

Mecha D20 SRD.

Warrior, Rogue & Mage SRD. Another WR&M SRD.

Battle Century G SRD.

Revolution D100 SRD.

D&D 4th ed. SRD.

An old Traveller SRD.


Another d20 SRD.

dice geeks's list of SRDs provided by griffrpg.
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Character Sheets
Character sheets and other record-keeping documents, such as party inventory, GM's campaigns notes, ect. If you have to fill it up, you'll find it in this post.

Print Free Graph Paper, free character sheets for many games.

Mr. Gone. Character sheets for White Wolf/WoD stuff. A few other resources as well...

Mad Irishman's character sheets.

Mutants & Masterminds 3 character sheet.

Knave character sheet for online play.
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Scenarii? Well, whatever... so you have your games, your players, and the characters are done. Now you need a scenario to play. Well, step right up my friend, you'll find plenty of them in this post...

Free scenario: Kobold Alone.

DM David's blog. You have two small side treks available for D&D5e available here.

A few one-page dungeons.

Steampunk adventure seeds.
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Play Aids
Rules summary, cheat sheets, flowcharts, GM aids. Any sort of accessories which helps with the game will be listed in this here post.

Jul 22, 2020 11:42 pm
Maps and other player handouts. Anything which you can print and show to your players (or maybe even a few things you won't show them) will be listed here.

Paratime Design's site. A lot of free and cheap maps available there. Well, technically, there are a few other resources as well, but since a good 95+% of this site is about maps, I've decided to put it here instead of the "a little bit of everything" post.

Ye Old Map Maker. A Flash-based online map-making tool. Though it is possible to buy versions for your various mobile devices...

E-adventures tile mapper. Allows you to create your own dungeon maps using the various E-adventures tiles. May be shut down eventually, so they recommend using Tiamat instead...

Forum Ancient Coin's gallery of ancient world maps. Useful for historical or pseudo-historical games.

Davesmaper. A mapmaker using geomorph dungeon tiles. Seems to be very glitchy and it would not quite work on my computer. If this site gives you trouble as well, let me know, and I'll move it to the Gone But Not Forgotten section...

Fantastic Maps. Maps and how to make maps.

How to turn your sudoku into a dungeon.

Free Maps Share. Also has a few other downloads, but very few still work...

Inkewell Ideas map generators.

Sign up to a newsletter to get free maps.

A map creation tool.
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Do you want some background music? Perhaps some nice pictures to show your players? Perhaps there are rules for a unique dice game which is very popular in your world? Anything which helps with immersion will be listed here.

A huge list of fantasy names of all types and genres.

A list of names by real-world nationalities.

Two fantasy names generators.

Lisa Shea. By scrolling down a little bit, you'll be treated to puzzles and riddles for RPGs.

An ugly site with many resources which can be used for western games. Many of its links no longer seem to work, but you still have access to some music and western-themed fonts, so there's that... Speaking of western games, I recently found a trove of western sayings, expressions, and lingo on many sites, too many to list off here, so I'll just leave the google results here and let you check those sites out yourself...

Do you need some Pazaak decks for your Star Wars games?

Tabletop Audio.

The Obakemono Project. A collection of Japanese monsters. Descriptions only, no stats. You'll have to come up with your own...

Some fantasy wallpapers. Yes, they're meant to be your desktop, but they're high-def and can be used for illustrations in your games as well...

Karen's Whimsy. A site of public domain illustrations.

Public domain Images.

Incredible @rt Department. A list of free cliparts and public domain images and photos.

Playlists for RPGs.

Fake Name Generator. Used for writing, it can help come up with an NPC for a modern-day game. To complete the whole thing with a portrait, use

Sotrnatr's gallery. Many images for your games...

For some quick NPC portraits, use and then run those photos through

More ambiant music for your RPGs.

Ambient Realms. Even more music for your RPGs.

RPG Ambience. Music and visuals.

Behind The Name. Etymology and history behind first names.

List of drug names.

20,000 names from around the world.

Wikipedia's lists of names.

RPG Audio Mixer. Music and sound effects for your games.
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A little bit of everything
Some sites will offer a bit of every resources listed in the above posts. Any sites which offers "a bit of everything", or even some resources that doesn't fit neatly into other posts will be found here., maps and map generators.

Brain Food riddles for your games.

The Red Dragon Inn. Various resources for AD&D.

Alderon's Tower. A trove of resources and generators for various games, but mostly AD&D stuff...

Wizard's Keep. Some resources for 3rd ed. D&D.

Resources for O.R.E.

A link for drivethruRPG, as you can find many free/cheap games, character sheets, SRDs, scenarios, etc. there. And a link to Paizo Store for the same reason.

Donald's Miller D&D page. Many resources for AD&D.

Resources and online tools for many games.

AD&D Downloads. Site with many resources for AD&D.

Obsidian Portal. A campaign planner and organizer.

Dark City Game's site. A few free games (Legend of...), some paper minis, and other resources.

A discussion about dungeon mapping. Some dungeon generation tips to be had there...

Age of Fable. A variety of resources and generators for a few games, including a random character generator or pre-gen characters (go back to the main menu) for their own game (Age of Fable), which, unless I'm missing something, is nowhere to be found on this site... Very strange...

Mythmere Games site. While you can still download Swords & Sorcery for free on without the need to use waybackmachine, the various other supplements and resources available on this site would otherwise be lost...

The Oriental Hardpoint. An oriental campaign for used with the d20 (D&D 3.X) system.

Clean Dungeons. A large listing, complete with descriptions of many historical, mythical, and fantasy weapons and armor.

Halberd Games' page. A few free RPGs as well as resources for other RPGs and at least one wargame.

Dragonsfoot. A treasure trove of resources for many games, mostly OSRs.

Omar's Home Page. A page with resources for GURPS 4e (including some sort of downloadable program), Fudge (including an SRD), and Planescape.

Wicked North Games' site. Resources for Azamar and Westward, and free downloads of the D6 Magazine.

Heaven's Feel. Some resources for Fate/Naruverse, Buffy/Angel RPG, and the Unisystem.

Play Transformers, G.I. Joe, and many more using a variety of superhero games systems...

Download section of Bully Pulpit Games.

Antipaladin Games' site. You can download Mini Six here as well as a few OSR stuff...

A site with some resources for The Fantasy Trip. And here is another site with resources for TFT, though this one feels slow ans sluggish... And TFT Codex 200, Another site with TFT resources (and which actually works well).

Tormentor's Virtual Wasteland. A site with many resources for post-apocalyptic games, such as D20 Modern, Alternity, Darwin's World, and Gamma world...

Incompetech's site. Music and graph paper.

Gawd 'Elp Us Games. Lots of free RPGs and wargames as well as resources.

Dragonslayergames. Some artwork, ideas, and a few GURPS character builds. Nothing too wild... Site can be slow and wonky...

Stargazer Games. A few free games, adventures and supplements...

D&D Adventure. Resourced for D&D 3.X.

Pyromancers. Flash-based map generator (can be bought on Steam as well), and a map gallery.

A list of free RPGs, war games, and card games.

Miniature Wargaming +. Mostly resources for war games. A bunch of resources for board games and war games.

White Wash City. Download free western-themed RPGs and wargames.

Erratas for Traveller.

The S&W Companion. Resources and adventures for Swords & Wizardry.

Talien's Tower. A bunch of CoC, D20, and Heroes free games and a few resources.

Cumberland Games & Diversion free downloads page. Get Risus for free here as well as Sparks and a variety of other resources (Including Cray Canyon Cold Snap, a supernatural western adventure for any system).

Free game: Twilight, the Rapid Tactical Role Playing Game. I put this here because it's part of Dungeon Damage's website which is full of other resources. For some reason, the link to Twilight seems to be nowhere to be seen on the main site...

BRP Central. Resources for BRP, Runequest, and Gloranta (account required). Home of Perram's Spellbook which allows you to create new spells for Pathfinder (1st ed. only?).

Serena Dawn Spaceport. Settings for D20 Modern, GURPS, and Fuzion. A bit wonky...

Hereticwerks. Resources for OSR games.

Victorian Adventure Enthusiast. Victorian-era free games, resources, and adventures.

Kaze no Shiro's content archive. You can find adventures for L5R, and some other fan-made L5R contents. You can also download some of the Musha Shugyo fanzines (3rd edi. revised on which yours truly was part of the design team) here:
Issue 1: Imperial Families.
Issue 2: Minor Clans
Issue 3: Non-Humans.
Issue 4: Shadowlands.
Special Issue: Kyuden Soyodaze.

Stuff for Fudge.

Sham's Grog & Blog. Resources and ideas for old-school games.

Solstice. Sham's rules for an original D&D campaign.

EdOWar's Blog. Resources for many games.

SotU The Library. Site dedicated to Searchers of the Unknown.

Burning Wheel's site. You can get a few free downloads for some of their games... (account required?)

dmoz's RPG search.

Dyson,s Dodecahedron. Free games, adventures, maps, character sheets.

A Rust Monster Ate My Sword. Blog with a bunch of goodies. You can download the FU game for free as well as a few other goodies...

d101 Games' site. you can find free resources and goodies for their games...

Earthdawn Blod. Lots of goodies for Earthdawn.

Wrath of the Zombie. Blog with resources and free games. Warning, their logo might be offensive to some...

Teh old Eilfin Publishing website where you can download the quick start rules, and consult FAQ and erratas for Undiscovered: the Quest For Adventure.

Fast Forward Entertainment's old site where you can still download some d20 goodies...

RPG Hoard's old site where you can find adventures, fonts, magic items, monsters, traps, etc. for a variety of game systems.

RPG Archive's old site. Very similar to RPG Hoard in that you have a variety of resources for many games.

Creature Catalogue. Monsters from older editions of D&D converted for 3.X.

Another old site with a bunch of riddles.

Kamikaze's "What's wrong with AD&D?" page. Scroll further down for free alternatives to the world's most popular role playing game.

RPG Gateway. Another old site full of resources.

Resources for the O.R.E. system.

Living Room Games old website, where you can still find some goodies for their games: Earthdawn 2nd edition, Digital Burn, Complete Mafia, and Capcom world Tournament.

Diary of the Dr. Who Roleplaying Game.

PDF-archive, a place where you can store your pdfs for free. Could be useful for game masters... French version of this site is available here.

I'm not a super huge fan of chess, and I don't know how many people here are really into it, but if chess is your jam, you might want to check the following links (mostly online stuff):

Download section of DWD studios where you can find goodies for their D100 Lite games: Barebones Fantasy, Covert Ops, FrontierSpace, Art of Wuxia, and White Lies.

Goodies for Mythras.

Goodies for Wayfarers RPG.

Download for Savage Worlds.

RPGBOT. Let a robot be your GM. Another similar site, AI Dungeon, where you can play alone with an A.I. as a GM.

Abstruse Decapod's Free Tabletop Resources.

Rocketship Games download page.

Mutants & Masterminds characters conversion.

An old site dedicated to Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying. In English, French, and Italian.

Runequest Sci-Fi.doc

Gimmick Labs. Some free games, SRDs, and sheets...

Some Dark Sun goodness...

Arc Dream's resource page.

Frank Mitchell's Blog. Some campaign ideas, a free game, a few SRDs, etc.

Paper minis, battle mats, and area of effect templates. Some more paper minis from your games.

Resources for Strike! Play online without a GM.

A quiz (or is it a survey?) to find out which RPG is right for you.

Planet of the Paper People. Paper minis.

Paper Miniature Freebies. Many links don't work.

Greywolf Critter. Art, fonts, paper minis, etc.

Models & Miniatures in Paper Archive. (the site is a bit awkward to use: you need to click on the geometric shapes with the #s in them to get to the goodies...)

Junior General's paper soldiers.

Download section of Tripleace Games.

Some old Runequest resources.

The Hyperborean Age: a d20 campaign.

Risuverse. A ton of resources for Risus.

Site with a list of downloadable programs and online tools as well as some hooks for your games.

Basic Action Games download page.

Hero Systems downloadable goodies.

Spectrum Games' download page.

Paradigm Concept's download page.

Green Ronin support files index.

NathanRussel's old freebie page. You can also download some stuff on his new page here. Plenty of books to download. While there are no RPGs or games on there, there are plenty of novels which might inspire you for an adventure or even a campaign... Same thing for

DM Tools. Initiative tracker, virtual dice roller, and something about dungeons currently in the works.

Archive of resources for Tunnels & Trolls. Not everything works anymore, but it's still better than nothing...

Some tips about solo gaming.

Idea generator.

Some idea for dungeon generation.

Archive of Tastes Like Phoenix. Holds many articles, including the infamous adventures Mirror, Mirror and Fortunes Lost for L5R. Archived page of The Abyss, with some L5R (1st ed.?) goodies. Another archived page with l5r goodies (1st. ed?).

Eden Studios' support page.

Goodman Games' page. Under "Online Games" you can find some goodies, such as downloadable character sheets, pre-gen characters, and graphics.

Vandeet Traveller. Tools for space RPGs.

Resources for Paleomythic.

Kenzer And Company's website. There is support and downloads for many games.

The DM Lair. Free D&D5 resources.

Chaosmeister Games. Free games, resources, tips and ideas.

Zadmar's Savage Stuff. Free games and resources (mostly for Savage Worlds).

Brandes Stoddard's blog where you can find many ideas for D&D5 and LARPing.
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Online Dice Rollers
A bit of a joke on my last thread... Sure, you won't need 'em here, but what if you need to game in real life and forgot your dice (okay I'm stretching a bit here...). Basically, I'd rather not need them and still list them here than not have them listed here and sorely miss them when I do actually need them...

ROLZ. (and so it begins...)

hamete virtual dice server.

WotC's official D&D Dice Roller. (for 3.X only?)

Zero Dice online dice roller.
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Online Generators
Generate a dungeon? A map? A character? A treasure? Online generators will be listed in this post.

Chaotic Shiny. Generators, generators, more generators, and even more generators...

donjon. Another site with many generators for many games.

mkhexgrid. An online hexgrid generator.

Seventh Sanctum. Another site with a vast variety of generators.

A flash-based D&D 4 character generator.

Dungeon generators for Tunnels and Trolls, Labyrinth Lord, and Mutant Future.

Abulafia. A bunch of generators for your games.

Heromachine. Character portrait generators.

Dizzy Dragon Games. A few generators for for B/X D&D.

An old NPC generator for D&D 3.0.

Some name generators.

A town/city generator on's Fantasy Map Generator.

A maze generator. Online token maker.
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Downloadable/Online Programs
Some people have created programs to help with some aspects of a game or another, or just RPGs in general. Such programs you can download or use online will be listed here.

Utilities for dungeon masters.

Beyond Tabletop.

D20 Pro.

RPG Map Editor 2.

Sourceforge. This is a site full of programs to download, so obviously, a few people made some for RPGs. Simply make a search with "pen and paper RPG" or "tabletop RPG" to find a bunch of useful programs. A similar thing could also be said of Software.Informer is yet another similar site...

Mythic Table, open source VTT.
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Other Free Games
While this thread's purpose is for free RPGs, I do come across another type of game from time to time which is simply too good to not list here. Card games, board games, war games, etc. all can be found here.

A free boardgame: Pocketciv.

Variants and strategies for many board and war games.

Cheapass Games (and a few other publishers) have made their game available for free.

Ground Zero Games' site. You can get some of their games for free here.

Piecepack. The flexible, portable, affordable board game system.

Ye Olde Inn. Stuff for the old Hero Quest board game.

Free Wargame Rules.

Gutshot. A free western-themed war game.

Super Duper Games. A list of free board games.

Free wargame: Corvus Belli Infinity.

Get Lone Wolf Books. (Choose your own adventures).

Shaun's Free Wargames.

A list of free wargames.

Blue Chillies. Another list of free wargames. You can also check out free board games, card games, miniatures, etc.

War Engine. A free wargame.

Heroes of Feonora. A print and play free RPG board game.

Toymallet 40ยข. A parody of Warhammer 40K.

A D&D variant of beer pong... Yeah, I know, not really pen and paper related, but I found it funny enough to include it here...

7 free zombie-themed board games. Scroll down a bit...

Invisible City's (formerly Stonesoup Entertainment) list of free board games.

Free solitair Dr. Who board game.

boardgamegeek's list of free print and play board games.

Interformic Games' GRO.

Armada pnp. A two player strategic game set in the Wing Commander universe.

A Zen guide to pen and paper games.
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Gone but not Forgotten
It is the nature of the internet that some site dies. While I can use the waybackmachine internet archive to repair some broken links, others will have never been saved in this archive. Perhaps other types of internet archives exist out there which could have those sites saved, but I do not know of any... Basically, this post will be used to list dead links, just in case someone is a bit more internet savvy than I...

Edit: Turns out there is another internet archive out there. Archive-It which searches using keywords instead of URLs. For exemple, I've made a search with Dungeonslayers here.;id=1;url=http%3A%2F%2Falumnus%2Ecaltech%2Eedu%2F~leif%2FFRP%2Findex%2Ehtml (French) (French) (French) (French) (Italian) (French) (French) (French) (French) (French) (French) (Warning! This one makes the waybackmachine stuck in an endless loop of attempting to load the page and failing to do so.)
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Suggestions and Comments
From this point on, posts are for your own suggestions, comments, or to warn me that such and such link is dead... I might post here as well from time to time to inform you of any update. I'd really like this thread to be a bit like a wiki where everyone could maintain it, but that might be outside of the site's capabilities... So the best option will simply be to allow you to post from this point on.
Jul 23, 2020 12:28 am
Nicely done Kalajel!
Jul 23, 2020 12:39 am
Great job, man. I'm going to be sure to bookmark this.

Here's a link to a list of SRDs for many popular systems.
Aug 6, 2020 1:38 am
So yeah, so far I've noticed that in my old thread I had a few duplicate links already. Going well so far...
Aug 6, 2020 12:38 pm
A suggestion would be to create a "Table of Contents" with links in the first post. That way you can just click what sort of thing you're looking for and go straight to that post.
Sep 10, 2020 12:39 am
Two first page of my old thread have been transferred here. Going well so far, though I did found a few more duplicate links...
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