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Sep 10, 2020 11:33 pm
I've had an idea which might solve a query I recently received via PM. In a few links I've already posted, it is possible to download some material in language other than English as well as English material, and if memory serve, I did linked to a Swedish game in my old thread (haven't reached that particular post yet). So I was thinking that perhaps I should add a section for games and resources which are entirely in a language other than English. I mean, given the previous arguments listed, might as well... So without further ado:

Games/Resources In Other Languages
This section is reserved for links which leads to site which are exclusively in a language other than English for our non-native-English speakers. Whenever I can identify the language in question, it will be added in parenthesis next to the post. (Note: those links may or may not be mostly French as I am French-Canadian. If you know other great games or resources in other languages, do not hesitate to propose them, either in this thread, by PMing me here, or DMing me on Discord.)

Pénombre. A french site where you can find resources for some games (Shadowrun, Star Wars, L5R), and Download a free game: Patchwork. (French)

Scénatiothèque. Scenarios for a vast variety of games. (French)

A French site with resources for AD&D, Bushido, Pendragon, and more. (French)

SDEN (Site De l'Elfe Noir). A Huge trove of resources. (French)

La Petite Hanse du Rôle. Resources for Deadlands, Dying Earth, Earthdawn, Jorune, and L5R. (French)

Pavillon Noir: La Révolte. A free pirate-themed RPG. (French)

Zombi Fanzine. A fanzine about roleplaying games. (French)

A site which allows you to download various scenarios which appeared in French fanzines. (French)

Free game: Tonton Baroud. (French)

Swarm of Heroes. The site seems mostly filled with dead links, but you can still download the French version of the old Marvel Superheroes (FASERIP) game. (French)

Some French riddles... (French)

Bric-à-Brac d'énigmes et de problèmes. More French riddles (French)

E-nigme. Another French site full of riddles and charades. (French)

Free game: Variation. And its simplified version: Variance. (French)

Elfes Noirs & Magie Blanche. Resources and scenarii for AD&D, D&D 3.0, Agone, Vampire... (French)

Free game: Exil. Also resources for Berlin XIII, Deadlands, Kult, Star Wars, and Castle Falkenstein. (French)

Free game: Virandia. (French)

Free game: La Terre Des Héros based on the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. (French)

Wargames & Figurines Seems to be a French fanzine about wargames. (French)

L'envers du Jeux. French site where you can download free RPGs, wargames, and board games. Strangely enough, their old site still works here, well sort of, so long as you don't click on "Acceuil" which will redirect you to the new site... (French)

Les Terres de Legend Free board game. (French)

Jeepeeonline. Some free games and a lot of resources. There are a lot of dead links now though, so you have been warned... There does seem to be a newer version of this blog. (French)

Free game: Tigres Volants. (French)

Links towards amateur free games. (French)

A list of free and interesting games on SFJ's forum. A few dead links. (French)

Le Royaume d'Hasgard. Some free games and resources. (French)

Le Scriptorium. A vast trove of resources and a few free games. The up to date version of this website seems to have less stuff, but still offer some free French magazines... (French)

Free game: Uchronia 1890. Steam punk. (French)

Simulacres. Casus Belli's own RPG. (French)

Free game: Imputrescibles. (French)

Brain Salad. A free game (DragOOns) and some aventures and supplements for some other games. (French)

Free game: Quenta. (French)

Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk JDR. A parody RPG based on comedic audios and The Dark Eye. (French)

A site with a free FFVII RPG. (French)

Dices Everywhere. A French blog about roleplaying games. (French)

Site with resources for Lord of the Rings and Midnight. (French)

Two sites dedicated to The Dark Eye. (both French)

PAZAAK for Star Wars. And some more PAZAAK. (both French)

La Crypte oubliée. Another huge site full of resources for many games. (French)

Jeux D'Rôles. Another blog where you can download free games. (French)

Free game: ROLES. (French)

Féerie Network. two free games available: Système Féerie and Solaires. (French)

Le GROG (Guide Du Rôliste Galactique). An actuality site dedicated to RPG. You can consult a list of amateur games, with links to their own sites. Some of them are free... (French).

Projet AbandonMag. A site where you can download issues of various discontinued magazines, including some gaming magazines. (French)

Free game: R.E.D.O.N. This seems to be an attempt to merge several RPGs together under a single universe... (French)

Gazette de Dungeon World. A French site dedicated to Dungeon World. (French)

Fabrica de Herois. Another bunch of character portrait generators. (Spanish)

Monster & Magi. (Swedish)

Rollespill.info. Site which hosts frequent game design contests. The designed games are available for free downloads on their Google Drive. (Norwegian)

ARMMME! The green skin roleplaying game. (French)

Archived resources for L5R, mot likely 1st edition. (French)

Asmodée's old archived site. You still get some downloadable goodie there. (French)

Monstres 5e. List of monsters of D&D5. (French)

Juda Prod's website where you can download resources for their RPG: ZOMBIES!!! (French)

La Voix de Rokugan. A fanzine about L5R. (French)

R.A.S. A sci-fi game which, though not free, has plenty of free goodies available on the site. (French)

Ostolinde. A site which offers a fan-made French Translation of the ruled for The One Ring: L'Anneau Unique. (French)

Tiers Age: A free RPG set in Middle Earth. It seems you need to contact the owner via e-mail to get the rules, but there seems to be plenty of links to other fan sites, and plenty of resources and play-aids available. (French, though there is a link to obtain the Italian version of the rules)

Aventures en Terres du Millieu. A French supplement to play some Middle Earth adventures using the d20 system. (French)

Aventurie.com, a site where you can download old, out of print versions of the French translation of The Dark Eye/Das Swarze Auge. Strangely enough, the downloads are in .doc format... (French)
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Nov 14, 2020 11:04 pm
I've slacked down a bit in the past few months, but I've started transferring links from my old thread to here again.
May 23, 2021 9:25 pm
I've been slacking up again with migrating my old thread's links here, sorry about that... But on the upside, I've found many new links, a lot of them provided by the community.
May 29, 2021 1:26 pm
I have to drop a link for alexandria.dk

Alexandria is an online library for role-playing games, board games, LARPs and the connected scene, primarily in Denmark and other Nordic countries. The library contains information for more than 9,000 scenarios, 400 board games, 4,000 persons and 1,000 gaming conventions. The project has existed since 2003.

Alexandria's purpose is to preserve information about the history of the gaming scene and communities. Furthermore Alexandria stores scenarios for every author who wants to share their scenarios. With the consent of the authors we currently have more than 1,500 scenarios available for immediate download.

Alexandria's data is gathered from public sources, dusty old programmes, role-players with exceptional memory as well as support and help from a huge amount of volunteers. We are not perfect - we might have a few errors and missing information, and we depend on the collective memory from the community - you can also help us with corrections.

Scenarios for download may be run under private circumstances. If you want to run the scenario at a convention or for commercial purposes and the scenario lacks information about this kind of usage you must contact the author for permission.
May 29, 2021 4:37 pm
Thanks @ runekyndig. I've added it to the list.
Jan 4, 2022 1:32 am
Alright, all of my old thread has finally been finished to be transferred here. Next stop, some list of other stuff I found in the meantime...
Jan 5, 2022 2:05 am
It occurs to me that there are already some threads here on GP which can be useful. Gathering a link to each one of them here might help new users more easily find them. So perhaps this warrant an entirely new section...

GP's Very Own
This thread will be dedicated in bringing together all the existing GP threads which might hold some sort of resource which can be of help for GMs and players alike. They are all gathered here for convenience's sake.

Map-sharing thread.

Public Repository of Custom Character Sheets.

Public Repository of Dice Highlight Codes.

Shared GM Sheets.

The Many Faces Of...

Character Image Sharing Thread (Fantasy).

Character Image Sharing Thread (Modern).

Character Image Sharing Thread (Sci-Fi).

Index of Public Games.

BB Code Legend Discussion.

Setting up Discord integration to your games.
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