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Crew Roster

Aug 4, 2015 12:26 pm
Copy/Paste your character here so everyone can see.
Aug 6, 2015 11:17 am
Borgoz, Infiltrator (+2 DX)
XP: 1
Racial Abilities
Agressive: +1 to MAT and RAT, MND+IN to retreat.
Claws: WB +1, OD -1
Giant: 2-3m tall, all BOD checks +1
Regeneration: Heals 1HP /round/rank
Tough: DEF +1

BOD: 8
ST: 4
CO: 4

MOB: 8
AG: 0
DX: 2 (Class Bonus)

MND: 4
IN: 0
AU: 0

HP= 22/22
DEF (Unarmed)= 19
DEF (w/ Pistol)= 16
INI (Unarmed)= 11
INI (w/ Pistol)= 12
MR= 5
MAT (Claws)= 18 OD -4
RAT (Pistol)= 13 OD -2

Available Talent Points (TP): 0

Martial Artist III: While unarmed WB +3, OD -3, DEF +3, INI +3 (OD +5 for unarmed combat not aplicable).
Close Combat: +1 WB in melee.

Level 2
+1 ST
+1 Martial Artist
+1 Close Combat

Simple Clothing
Shoulder Bag
8x STILL: 1D20/2 HP
Light Breastplate: DEF +2
Arms + Leg Guards: DEF +1
Holdout Laser Pistol: WB+2, OD -2, INI +4, -1 each 5m, Holdout (draw as a free action), Overload (-8 OD)
Assault Rifles (2h) (WB+4, OD-4, ST-3, INI -1, Rng -1/10m, Weapon Effects: Sustained Fire, Knockdown)
10 Cigars: +1HP if smoked when catching breath.
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Aug 7, 2015 12:50 pm
Kaale Ricks (nickname: Kalerik).

Humavari, Infiltrator (+2 AG)
Racial Abilities:
Fleet Footed: +1 to all sneak samples.
Night Vision: Can even see in total darkness
Talented: gains an additional talent point in the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th levels.

BOD: 7
ST: 3
CO: 1

AG: 4
DX: 1

MND: 5
IN: 1
AU: 0

HP: 18
DEF(unsuited): 8
DEF(spacesuit): 9; damage causes leaks
INI(unarmed): 12
INI(chainsword): 11
INI(HOpistol): 14
MR: 5
MAT (chainsword): 13 (-3 OD)
RAT (HOpistol): 10 (-2 OD)

Available Talent Points (TP): 0

Stealth II: +4 on all checks regarding stealth.
Zero-G Training: +3 on all checks regarding Zero-G movement.

CREDITS: 10 (on a credstick)
Simple Clothing
attaché case
shoulder pack
Space Suit
x10 cigars
Holdout Pistol
x20 Projectile Magazines

Hair - green, but he tends to cut it short and hide it under a helmet or cap.
Background: Kaale is a jock pilot who loves the feeling of space and the rush of engines more then anything. He has spent most his adult life fine tuning his reflexes so he could be a better pilot.
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Aug 7, 2015 5:59 pm

Hereixth "Hotwire" T'ayil
Skal’Az Engineer & Weapons Tech (Tecker)

Level 2

BOD: 5
STR: 0
CO: 1
MOB: 7
AG: 0
DX: 1
MND: 8
IN: 3+1
AU: 3+1
HP: 16
DEF: 7+AV (3)
INI: 7
INI (H.O. Laser): 7+4=11
INI (H.O. Pistol): 7+2=9
INI (Pistol): 7+1=8
INI (Assault Rifle): 7-1=6
MR: 3
MAT: 5+WB (0)
RAT (H.O. Laser): 8+WB (2) + HUD (1) =11
RAT (H.O. Pistol): 8+WB (1) + HUD (1) = 10
RAT (Pistol): 8+WB (2) + HUD (1) = 11
RAT (Assault Rifle): 8+WB (4) + HUD (1) = 13

Available Progress Points (PP): 0
Available Talent Points (TP): 0

Talents/Special Characteristics:
*Cold Blooded: -1 to all actions when below 10C (5F) & -1 for each further -10C (5F)
*Cyberable: No disadvantages by incorporating cyberware.
*Mental Blocker: Unaffected by powers that read thoughts or try to affect the mind.
*Night Vision: Can see in total darkness.
*Short legs: MR -1
*Technician: +3 to all checks involving the use (except attacking) or repair of technology
*Tough (Scales): DEF +1.
*Engineer II: +2 to all Engineering checks

*0.85 credits on a CredStick

*Simple clothing
*Grappling gun

*1 x S.T.I.L.L . (Dose (1/ hand as action in combat) Heals d20/2 HP. Effective once / 24 hrs.)
*1 x HealGum (1x / 24hrs: While chewing +1HP/Rd; d20 Rd.)
*Nutritional Ration (15 meals)

*Spacesuit & zero-G thruster pack
*Protective vest (+1 AV)
*Arm & Leg Guards (+1 AV)
*Helmet (+1 AV; -1 INI)
with HUD Visor (For Helmets: See Distances; +1 RAT; 5 STA scanner)
with Respiratory filters

*Shock Glove (+5 OD, Incapacitates*)
*Assault Rifle (2h) (WB+4, OD-4, ST-3, INI -1, -1/10m, Sustained Fire, Knockdown)
*Holdout Laser (1h; Holdout (draw as free action); +2 RAT; -2 OD; +4 INI; K.O.; -1/5m)
*Optional Overload Mode (-8 OD) requires charging and cooldown)
*Energy Battery Belt (Reload energy weapon as free action 1x/fight. Recharges in d20mins)
*Holdout Pistol (1h; Holdout (draw as free action); +1 RAT; -2 OD; +2 INI; -1/5m)
*Pistol (WB+2, OD-3, INI +1, Rng -1/10m)
*Ammo Belt (Reload projectile weapon as free action 1x/fight)10 creds

*ToolStick (grants +1 to Engineering checks)
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Aug 9, 2015 4:29 pm
lol, funny Jabes, I was almost tempted to use this pic for Sakl'Az as well. :P

Good thing I went with something else... :D
Aug 10, 2015 6:45 am
Haha I found a whole bunch, mostly images of Bossk. But mostly too tall. This one does nicely :-)
Aug 10, 2015 3:43 pm
Yeah, I know what you mean... I was either Bossk or that Gorn captain from STTOS... XD
Aug 11, 2015 12:15 am

Male Skal-Az (Cold-Blooded [-1 all actions when below 10C & -1 for each -10C], Cyberable [no disadvantage incorporating cyberware], Mental Blocker [not affected by powers that reads thoughts or influence the mind], Night Vision [Can see in total darkness], Short Legs [MR -1], Technician [+3 all checks involving repair or technology, except attacks], Tough (Scales) [DEF +1]), Level 2 Teker (Class Bonus: IN/AU, Training Talent: )
XP: 5/15

BOD: 5
ST: 0
CO: 1

MOB: 7
AG: 1
DX: 5

MND: 8
IN: 4
AU: 0

HP: 16
DEF: 10
INI: 7/8/11
MR: 3.5 (currently 3 because of doctor's bag)
MAT: 6
RAT: 15

First Aid I: +2 on First Aid checks.
Hacker II: +2 on all checks to use computer to research data, program or manipulate code, and penetrate computer network security.
Lucky Devil I: 1/day can ignore fumble and repeat check.

Simple Clothing
Attache Caise
7x S.T.I.L.L. (Heals D20/2)
Protective Vest (AV+1, Type: L, Location: Torso)
Arms & Legs Guards (AV +1, Type: L, Location: Arms & Legs)
Sensor Helmet (AV +1, Type: L, INI -1, Night & Heat Vision [-2 vs. stun grenades w/heat vision], Location: Head) w/Rspiratory Filters (immune to stun & toxic gases) w/HUD Visor (See distances; +1 RAT, STA scanner)
Baton (WB+1, Feature: KO [unaware target must pass comparative BOD+CO+level+Endurance against damage or struck unconscious])
Holdout Laser (WB+2, OD-2, INI+4, WE: Holdout weapon [unholstering is free action], Energy Overload [OD -8 with single shot, 1 round to overcharge before attack and 1 round to cool down and cannot be fired], -1/5m)
Pistol (WB+2, OD-3, INI+1, -1/10m)
Energy Battery Belt (Reloads energy weapon as free action 1/fight. recharges in d20 mins.)
Zero-G Thruster Pack
Laptop (+1 to Hacking & Programming checks) w/Developer Program (+1 Programming) w/ Hacker Software (+1 Hacking)
Flashlight (Halogen)
Welding Torch
1x Doctor's Bag (+2 First-Aid, Allows medic checks, -0.5 MR)
5x Medi-Pack (1 application: +2 First Aid or Medic on one patient)
Synthrope (100m)
4x HealGum (once/24 hours, +1HP/rnd for D20 rnds).
5x Stabiliza (+4 Natural Healing check, 1 dose/day)
4x Cigars (+1 HP when Catching Breath)
2x Antidote (Grants additional Defy Poison check, -2 per additional applications)
30 x Standard Rations (30 meals)
243 credits on credstick

I guess I could always play the captain...

Edit: forgot my -1 to INI from the helmet...

Level Up Info
Level 2: DX +1, Hacker II, Lucky Devil I, Left 1 of the 2 doctor bags in the Ronin so it can be used by anyone in the med bay.

"Party Inventory/Stuff to sell"
2x Pistols
1x assault Rifle
4x Spacesuits
2x Zero-G Thruster Packs
Various Tools (280 Credits)
Faulty Sensor Helmet (Night Vision Non-functional)
Broken Cooling Unit (8 Credits)
Wielding Torch
Toolbox (Engineering +1, MR -0.5) (I'm surprised Hotwire hasn't jumped on that one...)
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Aug 11, 2015 12:30 am
Hey guys, don't forget your empty credsticks: it is part of your equipment after all. :P
Aug 11, 2015 2:03 pm
Here is the schematics and floorplans of the ship Ronin:

(the following is the description of the ship taken from the pdf, and slightly modified. Dex can, and probably will apply modifications to those if he wants to, so nothing written here is set in stone)

The Ronin is a Privateer-class light freighter designed to haul cargo or passengers. This class of vessel is easily modified and has proven very popular with independent traders.

Like many independently-operated freighters, the Ronin has been modified to support a handful of offensive systems. The weapons are meant to dissuade pirates, but can also serve to fend off over-zealous custom agents should the need arise.

• The Ronin has three low-end laser cannons installed. Two are turreted in the center of the ship (one dorsal and one ventral). These can be operated by gunners, or linked and fired by the pilot or co-pilot. The third cannon is forward-facing and mounted over the cockpit. This is the only weapon system available to the command pod when detached from the main hull.

• Two linked, forward facing missile launchers are housed near the bow of the ship. each launchers carries eight missiles and reloading requires access to the exterior of the vessel. [THESE LAUNCHERS ARE CURRENTLY EMPTY] (Fair enough...)

• Also, there are a small point-defense lasers situated at strategic locations on the hull. These function automatically and do not require the attention of a dedicated gunner. (Bummer... XD)

• Lastly the Ronin has a standard set of grapples installed. These can be used to retrieve cargo in deep space, or to grapple other ships.

Interior Areas

Air Locks & Corridors
Passenger air locks are situated on either side of the main hull and ramps can extend from these to ground level for easy access. The air locks and the corridors beyond are spartan and worn but clean and well maintained.

General Storage
Basic equipment, including tools, food, and ammunition is stored in this room — either in small transport crates or on metal shelves lining the walls. While the large bays are used for transporting commercial cargo, this area holds those items needed in the day to day operations of the Ronin.

Secure Storage
Though not a vault, this small room has a reinforced door with a high quality electronic lock. The interior is also monitored by security sensors and a camera. Valuable times or delicate cargo can be securely stored in this chamber. In a pinch, it can instead serve as a cell for transporting troublesome passengers.

A basic refresher and toilet facilities occupy this room. Everything is clean and serviceable, but not fancy. A small panel outside of the door indicates if the room is occupied.

Crew Quarters
There are two set of bunk beds here and a pair of storage cabinets here, as well as a common table shared by the occupants. The room is rather crowded when occupied by four people, but usually only one or two are present on any given journey.

Note that the captain and co-pilot have private quarters and so the beds in here are for additional crew or passengers.

Command Pod
The command pod is the bridge area for this ship. From here the pilot and co-pilot can operate all of the ship’s systems and weapons.

The aft section of the pod holds four passenger couches — present because the command pod can also serve as a launch. Sliding up from the hull it can operate independently, though only at sub-light speed. The launch carries enough fuel to make planet fall and then return to the Ronin and re-dock. While the command pod is away the main hull is left to operate on auto-pilot, though it can be guided somewhat using the workstation in the engineering section.

As the medical facility for this ship, this room holds both a rejuvenation chamber and a small operating theatre (which doubles as an examination area). There are wide assortment of testing and treatment devices crowded in here and the usual array of pharmaceuticals on the shelves. This area currently allows 1 person to receive medical care at a time. Someone recovering in this place heals at 2x the standard rate for natural healing. Upgrades: None.

Tech Lab
This room serves as a repair shop and electronic lab. There are complete tools and facilities available for doing mechanical or electrical crafting and repair work. Cabinets full of spare parts line one wall and a micro-fusion forge keeps the room a bit on the warm side (perfect for Skal’Az!). Many of the tools are of alien design, but all are top quality. Upgrades: None.

Officer’s Quarters
Both the pilot and co-pilot have quarters adjacent to the lounge. Inside is a bed and simple cabinet.

The central section of the main hull holds the crew’s lounge (which is also available to passengers if any are aboard). Food dispensers are built into the wall, as is a large video screen. The natal table in the center of the room can retract into the floor — providing an open area for exercise or other activities.

The engineering room allows direct access to the ship’s drive systems. The walls and ceilings are the casings for various engine components, some of which extends well into the room. There is a multi-purpose workstation in the center of the chamber and a myriad of controls and access panels throughout the area.

The entrance to engineering is a pressure door, allowing the chamber to maintain atmosphere even when if the main habitation is breached. The doors from the interior of the cargo bays have the same function.

When the command pod is detached, the workstation here can be used to pilot the ship in a limited manner. Under these conditions the (insert ship’s name here) flies in autopilot mode but will follow basic instructions. There are no gunnery controls at this station however — the missiles cannot be fired, the the turreted lasers can be manned and fired manually.

Most of the engines, life support apparatus, fuel tanks, and other critical systems are housed in the forward tines, or in the main hull above and below the habitable area. Access is possible from the interior by removing floor or ceiling tiles but, as with most craft, it is more usual to gain access to these areas by removing exterior hull plating (best done in space dock).

The corridor immediately outside of the engineering room also sports a number of access panels and controls. It also contains the ladder which allows access to both the dorsal and ventral turrets.

Cargo Bay
The default configuration for the Ronin has a large cargo bay on either side of the aft part of the ship. Magnetic conductors in the floor are used to clamp down the metal freight boxes. The controls for these (and the lights, cargo doors, and environmental systems) are all on a workstation just inside the interior door. The cargo doors also have redundant controls at the aft end of the chamber.

The ship's stats. They are noted for D20 Modern, but I'm sure Dex will be able to make something out of this. The length of 140 ft is equivalent to about 43 meters (42.682), although they suggest making each 5-foot square measure 2 meters instead (which D20 Modern and Star Wars D20 often do anyways), which would make the ship measure 56 meters in that case...

The Ronin's floorplans with legend.

What the ship actually looks like.

The Ronin's Command pod with D20 stats for it.

The Various Ports configuration just in case we don't want to just haul cargo...

Some more nice pictures of the ship in action:

The Command Pod.

Flying over a city...

A little fly-by...

Fending off some pirates...

Edit: Modified the post to add the ship's name...
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Aug 11, 2015 7:58 pm
Sweet! :-D
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Aug 11, 2015 8:19 pm
I take it that so far you like the ship. :P
Aug 12, 2015 4:34 am
I'm not seeing anyone buy food rations. Right now I am over budget the cost of rations (0.15 credits) :-P Might also swap my mag boots for a radio but I see no one's got a radio for me to talk to except S'skaar.
Aug 12, 2015 4:41 am
I've bought 30 rations.
Aug 12, 2015 4:16 pm
Aug 12, 2015 7:42 pm
Aug 12, 2015 7:44 pm
Aug 12, 2015 7:52 pm
Aug 12, 2015 7:58 pm
Hotwire has got to get himself one of those rainbow parasols! :-D And strawerries!
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Aug 13, 2015 9:31 pm

I've been working more on the ship and came up with a rough draft of what it's SS/DS4 stats could be. Dex is free to use/ignore/change anything I come up with here, so once again, nothing is set in stone...

DEF: 16 (I used a base of 10 [alternately, could also use its d20 Defense instead, can always experiment with other ships] + [its d20 Hardness ÷ 5]).
HP: 42 (I used [its d20 Hardness ÷ 5] + [its d20 HP ÷ 10])
INI: +3 (I simply used its d20 Initiative modifier. It would be added to the INI of all characters making actions using the ship. Ex: gunner, pilot, ect. [?])
MR: 7 (I simply used its d20 number of squared moved. Of course the scale would be much bigger. If you insist on the actual scale, I calculated it down to 150m per point or MR. Of course, other scales could be used... [?])

Piloting Bonus: +5 (I used its d20 Pilot's Class Bonus. It would be used to the pilot's piloting spacecraft checks. [?])
Targeting Bonus: +3 (I used the average of its d20 Gunner's Attack Bonus and Targeting Bonus. It would be added to the gunner's BOD+DX checks made to fire the weapons. It would not affect damage, sort of working like the turmoil bonus from DS4 [if a hit is scored thanks to this bonus, the maximum damage is lowered to the maximum amount possible using only the gunner's MOB+DX+WB+talents]. [?])
[Alternative: perhaps the INI bonus could be ignored and the pilot would gain the ship's Piloting Bonus to his INI and the gunner(s) would gain the ship's Targeting Bonus to his/their INI?]
Engines: Ion engines, Thrusters
Sensors: Class II sensor array, Targeting system (I've checked other Future Armada ships, and the sensors seem to go to Class VI, at least so far...)
Ship Size: S (I decided to go with the following arbitrary ship sizes: T = fighters, interceptors, S = small freighters, gunboats, N = corvettes, frigates, L = destroyers, large freighters, H = cruisers, C = dreadnoughts, battleships, carriers)
Length: 56m (I used the whole "turn each 5-foot squares into 2 meters squares" for all dimensions/distances)
Weight: 1500 tons
Crew: 2
Passenger Capacity: 4
Cargo Capacity: 300 tons
Grappling Systems: Grapplers (I haven't put the d20 Grapple Modifier as there is no rules fro grappling in DS4, but if you want to know if your grapples reach their target or not, I guess we could always use the Targeting Bonus for that... [?])
Armor: Vandium Plating
Communications: Laser transceiver, Radio trnasceiver

Defense Systems: Autopilot system, chaff launcher, damage control (repairs D20/2 damage on ship), magnetic field, point defense system, sensor jammer.
Weapons/Attacks: 2 fire-linked lasers (-1 per 900m, WB+2, OD-2), 2 fire-linked CHE missile launchers (8 missiles each, WB+0, 3x rolled damage), 1 laser (-1 per 900m, WB+2, OD-2), point defense system (-1 per 10m, WB+0 x10).

(I'm not quite sure about the damage and ranges of the ship's weapons yet. I went with the "basic" laser for the ship's lasers. This may sound low, but I was thinking of proposing something like the old WEG's Star Wars people/speeder/starship scales, probably changing the WB/OD depending on whether a character attacks something of a bigger or smaller scale than himself or his vehicle... For starship combat, I was thinking of making it pretty much like regular combat: each character can make a move [which only the pilot would actually use to move the ship] plus an action such as firing a weapon, using damage control on the ship, using a second move action, evasive maneuver [adding ship's Piloting Bonus to the ship's DEF for 1 round?], jamming sensors, using chaff launchers, etc. [?])
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