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1.0 - The Rescue of Hethan Romund

Nov 10, 2015 7:25 pm
Urik takes a long silent moment staring at the vista. He breaths the free air deeply. The sword hangs at his side, humming with malevolent energy.

Urik sits down cross-legged, with the blade across his knees, and begins to meditate. He is trying to work through the darkness of the past few years, and to do so with the sword in his possession. This blade is the last tangible connection he has to his family, and unless a very compelling reason surfaces, he has no intention of giving it up.


Discipline roll (Will 3, 1 rank, 1 black for sword)

2 Success, 2 Advantage, 2 Threat

Total: 2 Success

Nov 10, 2015 10:01 pm
Kaveri, still not trusting the Force more than her own eyes, looks around first, then sets her rifle down and sits next to it, crossing her ankles in a Togrutan analog of a lotus position.
She breathes deeply and slowly, centering herself as Hethan taught her.

"I'm ready."
Nov 10, 2015 10:05 pm
Heyop takes a knee in the area and controls his breath remembering the open areas of the refuge. His hands instinctively going to the position as if holding a longarm in his hands from a scouts position in the field, thoughts of still being on the job and sounds of the wild around him. As his breathing subsides pushing out the discussion from a few minutes ago he nods, "Good to go."
Nov 10, 2015 11:43 pm
Dagger watches Urik start to meditate. He rolls his eyes a bit at the whole thing. Urik's desire for the sword, Hethan's almost child like interest in the whole temple. He mutters under his breath, "Can't believe I got sent to my room." He reluctantly sits next to Urik and closes his eyes in quiet contemplation. No regret truly exists for what he did to Malefax. He would do it again if need be. His focus was more on the words Heyop said to him. So far he had seen him as a friend. He had few true ones. But Heyop talked to him almost like a parent or chastising older brother. He hadn't known any of his own family growing up so the talk made him feel....remorseful, if only for the negative opinion Heyop expressed towards him.

He hated that he wanted Heyop's approval. Maybe next time he should at least consult the group. Consult Heyop.


Will for Meditation

3 Advantage, 2 Threat

Total: 1 Advantage

Nov 11, 2015 2:49 pm
The gatekeeper gathers Csillag, Kaveri and Heyop and leads them through a guided meditiation, "First -- breathe deeply. Let go of your thoughts and rely instead on your feelings. When you are calm you can feel the Force, and sense the unbalance of it here in the temple and valley..." Guidance like this goes on for some time as the three realize that this may be the first time ever they've had the mentorship of a Jedi -- or at least an imprint of a Jedi -- to help them sense and use the Force. As each of them finds the serenity the gatekeeper guides them towards, it is easy for them to sense the taint on the temple and the valley. "Picture the temple and perceive the taint of the darkside. Draw upon the force -- as you would draw upon water to remove dirt. Wash the darkside away, gently but persistently." The gatekeeper looks at the three, "Be cautious in you furrowed brows, this is not a violent act -- pushing aside the taint with violence makes your task harder. Think of waves, perhaps of an ocean, lapping against the shore that is the dark side and pushing it away and away..."

Meanwhile at the meditation terrace, Urik settles easily into a meditative trance and can sense the dark side taint being pushed away. Some of that effort tugs at his own darker emotions, lifting his spirits somewhat. Urik recovers all strain. Dagger finds it somewhat harder to focus and concentrate, with the events recently past roiling around in his head and his concern about the approval of his friend. Hethan sees both of them trying to be lost in their thoughts and wanders quietly away to search the temple.

After some time, the gatekeeper smiles, "Yes, that's it -- you've cleansed much of this taint away. Perhaps, if necessary, gather up the rest of the taint, as you would a ball of twine that's come undone. Tie it together in your mind until it is tight then imagine it elongating and disappearing into a bright void..." The imagery is odd, and of varying degrees of help to the three Force users in the assembly hall -- but finally, almost like a flash of lightning they can sense that they have succeeded, and broadly within the valley, life is back to normal. "Excellent." says the gatekeeper.

Urik and Dagger sense the flash as well and the living Force that is so prevalent in the valley and that imbues this temple calms them and restores them, encouraging them in the ways of the light side of the Force, rather than those of the dark. Serenity, coolness under fire rather than rashness and hate or anger. The world just seems righter now than it was and Dagger, in particular is able to achieve some perspective that no -- he has not been sent to his room as punishment, but rather he's sent here for renewal and nourishment. Dagger recovers all strain.

falryx sent a note to PhantomNimbus
With the ritual complete, the gatekeeper nodes to Csillag, Heyop and Kaveri. "You are, of course, welcome to stay here. This temple may yet house information that you would find valuable, and although it is in some disrepair, with a bit of work, I believe we could get the living quarters quite up to scratch. You needn't stay here permanently, but perhaps knowing that you have somewhere safe to return to after any future travels might be worth the time." He pauses to consider, "Yes. Even your rash and conflicted friends would find it good to be here awhile, I imagine."


Secret Roll

Nov 11, 2015 2:54 pm
Kaveri feels cleansed and refreshed from this experience, and a little awed at what's just happened. The world - the universe! - is so much larger than she took it to be.
Nov 12, 2015 3:09 am
Slowly opening her eyes Csillag lets out a long slow breath as she rises to her feet. Looking about the temple she quietly remarks under her breath "It would make a nice safe house or home base if the need ever arises."
Nov 12, 2015 3:17 am
Feeling a sense of calm finally overcome his racing thoughts, and self-judgement, Dagger opens his eyes to the vista anew. He takes the blaster, which hasn't left his side, and was sitting in his lap while he meditated, and holsters it. He decides to wander off to the living quarters the Gatekeeper had mentioned. Leaving Urik to himself if he doesn't follow Dagger.
Nov 12, 2015 1:45 pm
With everything finally done Heyop stood rolling his neck... that was odd to him but it was a new reality to the way the world worked. "It would be nice to know if more people under or around Malefax would be coming here... if there was a mercenary who got away don't know if he'd say much about what happened here. Plus he had to report to some probably. But for now, lets figure out what we can do to fix this place up. We may not be of much help but lets see what we can do for living quarters for us and if you know what needed to be fixed on, in... for? you I guess... Do you have a name or you just want us to keep call you Gatekeeper?" he finally added. He'd leave to see what the others were up to and get started unless the Gatekeeper had a list of things already to do. They needed a game plan regardless of if they were staying here.
Nov 12, 2015 3:37 pm
Urik remains in a meditative position as he feels Hethan, then Dagger get up and leave. For now, he is alone with the view, and this new expanded awareness of the living force.

The last time he attempted to meditate in this way was when he was a young boy. Feeling this new expanded awareness, Urik wonders if his meditations may have brought Malefax to him and his family. This thought, which before would have sent him to near suicidal levels of self-loathing, now causes him some disquiet.

This is the first time in 5 years that Urik has been alone and free. Thoughts of avenging his family and killing Malefax have consumed him for most of those years. Now that the subject of his hate, fear and wrath is dead by another's hand, he feels somewhat at loose ends; both afraid and exhilarated by the physical, spiritual and practical expanses before him. He has no possessions beyond the clothes on his back and sword in his lap. He has no connections to family or friends. There is nothing to tether him to the world. He has gone from being an abused slave to having a freedom so complete and total that he cannot even comprehend it.

I must speak with the others. They have lives...they must have plans. They freed me, now perhaps they can help me find purpose.

(OOC: To the GM: The others are speculating and wondering about the bigger picture of Malefax's network and motives. Urik has been with him for the past 5 years and may have picked up on some interesting tidbits here and there. Feel free to use Urik's voice/actions as exposition if you need to. Or you can send me a summary of what Urik would know and I can RP the exposition.
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Nov 12, 2015 6:11 pm
With the taint of the dark side gone from the valley, the party begins the efforts required to tidy up the temple and make it a home, of sorts. Hethan is beside herself with glee as she plunders the archives for scraps of information here or there. The gatekeeper is a frequent companion to any who seek his advice or insight -- but his knowledge is oddly incomplete in various places. Regardless, each of you, at some point, play the role of interpreter between the gatekeeper and Hethan as she peppers him with questions about the temple, about the Jedi, and about the Force.

The gatekeeper does what he can to help each of you with a better awareness of the Force -- and ensures that the Jedi code is known to you in full:

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

As part of cleaning up, the party discovers that Malefax and his mercenaries left behind credit chips sufficient to provide some much-needed cash to the party. A total of 1500 credits is found, enabling each of the party to enrich themselves by 300 credits.

When someone appears bored -- or at wont for something to do, anyway, the gatekeeper is always to hand with a suggestion. Perhaps some of the sensors hooked into the network could be repaired in some of the more remote locations throughout Mount Tellec and the valley. Or perhaps some of the local creatures like the flitterbats or sloths could be calmed and enticed back into the region to accelerate the valley's recovery. Or perhaps just some mundane sweeping and keeping of the temple including replacing some burnt out circuitry or repairing some walls, etc.

OOC: Assume that for the next ~2 weeks game time, you have the ability to do some things. Rather than roleplaying two weeks, I'd rather you guys had some opportunity to narrate this pause, in things. This can include working on skills or whatnot that you may choose to improve with Experience Points.

To do: Each character should roll 1d10. Subtract from that number any conflict you may have been given by me (I would have done this through a note to you) and add the result to your Morality. Let me know if you have questions.

The following XP rewards are made:

Urik: 10 XP (this is at your discretion - I don't want you to fall too far behind the rest of the party, if you prefer to not take it you may opt not to do so).
Heyop: 10 XP
Dagger: 10 XP + 5 bonus XP for being a reckless/enthusiastic character who was very true to form.
Csillag: 10 XP
Kaveri: 10 XP

Kaveri - please also pick an emotional strength and emotional weakness (CRB Page #50).

Once you guys have had a chance to talk about what you're doing (and I'll give you some room to back-and-forth if you want) I'll lock the thread and open the next phase of the story in a new game thread.

Nov 12, 2015 6:38 pm
Despite his actions Dagger manages to not have much of a moral conflict. Unsure if this was because his actions still removed a good portion of taint in this place, or if he simple didn't feel the impact of his rash actions, Dagger works to help restore what systems he can for the Gatekeeper. Absorbing his advice and chastising equally.

He will also attempt to spend some time with Heyop sparring in hand to hand combat to try and increase his effective melee.

Only -1 Morality. Dagger DGAF. Spending my 15xp to increase me Melee skill.
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Conflict vs 8 - (1d10)

( 7 ) = 7

Nov 12, 2015 8:07 pm
Urik is mostly quiet in the first few days. He seems awkward and uncomfortable around people, and has difficulty making conversation. He listens to the Gatekeeper frequently, but asks few questions and keeps his thoughts to himself.

In general, his demeanor is reserved and stoic. He says little, but joins in any tasks he can assist with and works very hard at them. He doesn't smile at all. Jokes are met with a confused cock of the head, when they are acknowledged at all.

After a few days, he begins making awkward overtures to his new companions. His furtive questioning quickly makes clear that he has no idea what is going on in the Galaxy at large. He is vaguely aware of the Empire as a political group his parents were running from, but has few details on what has been happening in the past decades. He obviously went from a sheltered colonial community to the forced apprenticeship of Malefax. His world has been narrow and confined to specific places and people.

OOC: If anyone is willing to toss me some details that their character would relate to Urik, that would help me RP a bit going forward. Not sure what everyone's experiences were in the Galaxy, and Urik's experience is very limited and focused. In particular, Urik would be very interested in any details regarding the Jedi order, Order 66, the Rebellion, Darth Vader/The Emperor and any atrocities of the Empire your characters witnessed.


Morality roll - (1d10)

( 1 ) = 1

Nov 12, 2015 8:19 pm
Dagger will regail Urik with the tale of his childhood. Like most Twi'lek Dagger was sold into slavery as a child and worked for cruel masters for a good number of years. He saw many slaves beaten to death and barely escaped with his own life. He vowed to free those he was enslaved with. He promised them they would be safe.

Before he even had time to formulate his plan a platoon of storm troopers, apparently on orders from Vader himself, took over the location and executed all of them. The only explanation he has ever heard was "crimes against the empire". He took up a new vow that day to hunt down and destroy Vader and the sith that follow the dark side of the force.

He spent years living in the seedy underbelly of various inner rim cities. This planet is actually the most remote location he has ever been to. The open, natural, setting is both interesting, and unfamiliar.
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Nov 12, 2015 9:21 pm
With the fighting over for now Heyop busiest himself assisting Dagger with his training. Revealing himself not to be a melee teacher as much as someone who's seen various weapons and moves sometimes used in desperation. Heyop spent most of his time in nature trying to nudge nature back into its tracks, sometimes he came back frustrated, some nights he didn't return spending his nights in nature. He'd find some time to talk with Urik to get the story on how graves were built. Heyop would assist the young man if he wanted to make such a place here. He would finally have time to greave.

Ooc dealing with wildlife, Assisting Dagger and Urik if needed.


Morality gain 1d10 - (1d10)

( 4 ) = 4

Nov 14, 2015 4:24 pm
All characters recover all strain and wounds.
Nov 14, 2015 5:09 pm
Here's my morality roll.


Morality - (1d10)

( 5 ) = 5

Nov 14, 2015 5:56 pm
szemely says:
Here's my morality roll.
Thanks - don't forget to spend your XP. :)
Nov 14, 2015 7:00 pm
OOC: I was waiting for the others to post, but I'm just going to throw a couple things in here before this thread gets locked.

Urik would have gladly accompanied Heyop into the wilderness to explore. He grew up on a colonial world that was mostly wilderness, and has some skill in Survival.

He also is beginning to feel a bond with Dagger. When Dagger opens up to him, Urik reciprocates and tells the story of his family. His parents discovered (somehow) that he was force sensitive, and as the Empire rose and the Jedi order fell, they chose to join a colonial expedition to avoid the Empire's reach. This may have been a mistake. Malefax found them somehow on this backwater world. He came in, killed Urik's entire family while Urik watched helplessly, then took Urik with him. He informed Urik that he would be trained as Malefax's apprentice. That was 5 years ago. Since then, Malefax has been "training" Urik mercilessly. "Abusing" would likely be a better description. Urik tried over and over again to escape and/or kill Malefax. Rather than being angered by these attempts, Malefax seemed to find them amusing. Urik is grateful to be free, and to have new companions who are not "masters".

A few OOC housekeeping questions:

1. Malefax would have come here in a ship. What is the status of that ship? Is it usable? Does Urik know where it is? Is it better, worse, or comparable to the party's ship?

2. Urik has very few possessions. Is there anything he can scrounge from Malefax's stores or the bodies of the mercenaries? In particular, I'm wondering if he could have found a blaster or medical supplies of any kind.

3. What is the situation with the sword? Can Urik use it now without penalty? Or is it still tainted? Is there anything Urik can do to "cleanse" it, or is it just an evil weapon by nature?
Nov 15, 2015 6:08 pm
Friar_Tuk says:

A few OOC housekeeping questions:

1. Malefax would have come here in a ship. What is the status of that ship? Is it usable? Does Urik know where it is? Is it better, worse, or comparable to the party's ship?

2. Urik has very few possessions. Is there anything he can scrounge from Malefax's stores or the bodies of the mercenaries? In particular, I'm wondering if he could have found a blaster or medical supplies of any kind.

3. What is the situation with the sword? Can Urik use it now without penalty? Or is it still tainted? Is there anything Urik can do to "cleanse" it, or is it just an evil weapon by nature?
OOC: I was looking for this thread -- sorry it took me a bit to get back to you, I lost track of where it was.

1. The hired mercenaries that Malefax had provided the ship -- it's safe to assume the merc who escaped has commandeered the ship for his private use and has departed Spintir.

2. You can find a blaster pistol, unfortunately medical supplies are in short supply. If you want to consider other incidentals, let me know -- I'm totally reasonable here. :)

3. No, it cannot be used without penalty unless it goes through some cleansing ritual. Unfortunately, efforts to figure that out have not provided any particular insight just yet -- perhaps if more of the holocrons of the temple are found they may be able to assist.
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