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Session 1: Before the RPS Tournament

Feb 22, 2016 3:28 pm
Saki arrived at the hotel right on time as instructed, but received no formal welcome. She had been sent over to help round out Floyd's staff during the big tournament by Tommy "The Bear" Bouchard, a French-Canadian maple syrup kingpin with whom Floyd worked very closely in the business of "Imports and Exports".

Perhaps master Floyd forgot that she was to arrive in the early morning, or was pre-occupied. Or perhaps one of his maids/butlers forgot to remind him... in which case he really was in need of an extra maid with her caliber of professionalism and experience. In lieu of this, she welcomed herself into the establishment and proceeded to look for a suitable task. Surely, it would reflect well on her if she began picking up slack right away and working without hesitation.

"I would have thought someone had been preparing breakfast by now... " she thought to herself, as she walked into the kitchen. She slipped a cutesy pink apron over her navy uniform and smiled in wide-eyed delight at the variety of high-quality ingredients and top-of-the-line appliances stocked in the hotel's kitchen. She loved to cook. "Alright Saki, time to work your magic," she said aloud to herself.

Without hesitation, she got to work. Since she hadn't yet met master Floyd and didn't know his palette, she'd have to improvise. She looked around the kitchen and found a variety of things which she could work with. Flour, check. Butter, eggs, check. Bacon... and of course, Grade A top shelf Dark Amber maple syrup. "Well then, bacon pancakes it is..." she thought to herself as she visualized this perfect creation and began measuring out ingredients.

Roll 1d6 to make breakfast, Skill = 3
will put this in the roll details next time..
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Making Breakfast - (1d6)

( 4 ) = 4

Feb 22, 2016 5:46 pm
Kohaku follows Master Floyd to the bath door carrying his large fluffy towels for him. She leaves them on a bench in the locker area and scurries off to leave him time to soak. She sees Akita heading toward the bath as Kohaku is about to enter the living quarters for her own very quick shower. She considers calling out to her that the master is already in there and would like to relax alone most likely, but figures the cat-girl will figure it out herself very quickly.

As she disrobes, Kohaku can't help but worry about how the master felt after their match. Talking to herself outloud, "He had entered so confidently that I actually worried he might win. He didn't, but he is showing improvement. He has been dedicated to his MMA training for longer than I expected, that shows true character, unlike his former life as a criminal."

Stepping into the warm cascading water, Kohaku remembers the way Floyd limped toward the bath. "I do hope I gave him enough encouragement. I hope he knows he is improving. I should go reassure him again." Kohaku steps out of the shower and starts to head for the door, but catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Seeing her bare flesh causes her to blush. "Was I about to run over to the master like this, just to spare his feelings? What was I thinking? I will make sure his breakfast is extra special and say something then. OH RIGHT! I need to find the others and tell them we are eating after Master Floyd has bathed."

Finishing her shower quickly, Kohaku gets into her uniform and affixes her signature bow. Finishing with her gloves and cuffs she checks the master's room seeing that the other maids have attended to it. Nodding in satisfaction she checks their rooms. Not finding them loafing around she heads to the private kitchen.

Upon entering she sees Sakiaguchi already working. Kohaku sizes the new maid up while she works. She can't help but mentally chide the woman for her scandalously short skirt, but then smooths her own skirt to check it isn't out of place. She decides she shouldn't say the master reacts to Sakiguchi's mode of dress will be another hood test for him.

"Hello, I am Mori Kohaku, a fellow maid in service to Master Floyd. You must be Saki Sakiguchi. It is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for being so diligent in seeing to our master's needs for nourishment. That is commendable...however...our master is a man of...shall we say...exclusive tastes. Bacon and pancakes might not suit his mood this morning. Can you do anything to liven them up? We have a well stocked ladder. For example, I will be preparing my signature morning dish, 'Arashi no nochi no hinode' for all of us to enjoy. If you can't, just do your best and the master will decide if kitchen duties are where your services are best used." Kohaku moves through the kitchen with what she hopes is practiced ease preparing some ingredients. She places a metal bowl in the deep freeze and begins mixing some spices. When she is done she puts her work into a few plastic containers and places the lid on them. They go back in the pantry. Then she checks the supply of caviar and eggs. Seeing what she will need in the refrigerated pantry Kohaku turns back to Sakiguchi.

"The master will not be eating for sometime, 8 o'clock to be exact, so we have some time. I am going across the way to the library to see that everything is in order there. If you need any hel...anything at all, don't hesitate to ask. And if you would be so kind, make sure the other maids are aware of the schedule today. I haven't seen either of them this morning and Master wants them to know breakfast is after his bath."
Arashi no nochi no hinode is the Google translate result for 'Sunrise After the Storm'. The dish is made up by me. It is 'eggs on a cloud' and caviar. Eggs on a cloud is a very simple to prepare, you chill the egg whites and whip them so the become fluffy. Then you put make a spot for the yolk and bake it. Caviar is often served on eggs for breakfast according to another Google image search of 'caviar for breakfast'. All in all it isn't a lot of work...but you got to look good in front of the newbies! ;)


Skill 2 Coooking contest GOOO!!!! - (1d6)

( 3 ) = 3

Feb 22, 2016 9:46 pm
Rina freezes, dead, at the Masters approach. Her training had not prepared her for such an event--it was her job to be in and out before he arrived, not to face him hea--oh. Oh dear. Oh dear.

At first, she simply stands like a deer in headlights. And then the blush starts to creep across her face. As if that wasn't bad enough, Akita bursts in and starts making advances that are SURELY IMPROPER. It's almost too much for her to take. Her voice trembles almost as much as her knees as she manages a bow and a quivery "It..Seems that I h-have miscalculated the time of your arrival..ah..and it appears that A-akita and you have, ah..I should be washing the breakfast and preparing the laundry.", her head visibly steaming the entire time as she starts nervously twisting her drills around her fingers. "E-enjoy your..ah..That is..!" is the last thing she manages before losing her composure completely and fleeing the scene in the direction of the laundry room.


Moe through embarrassment, Affection 3 - (1d6)

( 4 ) = 4

Feb 23, 2016 1:13 pm
@Remnant - You can roll whatever stat you like as long as you roleplay it and it makes sense. It could go either way based on your post, the devil horns make it seem more like cunning though.

Floyd swings the door to the bathroom open, naked as the day he was born. Both Akita and Rina get a very personal view of his body, which (as a bishonen) is actually quite attractive even in his old age.

Akita gets the back view, and she sees the intricate gang tattoo on his back! Every member of the Floyd family has a tattoo of a Canadian animal - and his is the majestic burrowing owl!

Both Rina and Akita get 1d6 favor for the 'personal' view of Boss Floyd.
As Floyd prefers pure hearted maids, Rina has the option to gain an additional 1d6 if she also takes 1d6 stress. AKA: The whole 'I can no longer be a bride' shtick.

"Gahaha, yes it is a nice tattoo isn't it- GAH! I didn't notice you there Akita... did you say Brandy? You certainly know the way to my heart!"

He turns back once he hears Rina speak and quickly covers his important bits with one hand, but the damage had already been done! The emabrassed look on Rina's face tears Floyd's heart in half, and he attempts to break the tension with a small joke.

"My dear Rina, you can't take a bath fully clothed!"

However the joke had little effect, and Rina shot out of the room with incredible speed.

"Gah! Rina! I'm sorry~~~~!!!"

Torn between his bath with Akita and chasing after Rina to apologize, Floyd doesn't know what to do! Waitin' on the roll from Remnant.


Meanwhile in the kitchen, the Saki and Kohaku complete their dishes. Kohaku's dish directly appeals to Floyd's tastes, and is sure to make him happy no matter what. However, Saki's pancakes are absolutely perfect - even a professional chef would have difficulties recreating those fluffy, sweet pieces of heaven! Clearly, these maids are a forced to be reckoned with. Will they fight against each other as rivals, or will they cooperate in order to maximize their talents?

While sizing each other up, both maids hear Boss Floyd's cry of apology. Since the only two maids not present in the kitchen are Rina and Akita, it would be safe to assume that they caused some sort of trouble.

Those cooking rolls will come into play whenever breakfast is served.


Working as a showgirl for the tournament is an wholly unappealing job. Even worse is the cleanup, last year they had to call in backup maids from the other hotels! Whoever Boss Floyd favors the most will be spared from that hell...

Make sure to tally up your favor on your character sheets (Lookin at you Kilbert :P)
Since Roguelike joined early and is at a disadvantage favor-wise, I'll let you roll (3d6) for an extra item given to you by the SASS.
If Rina contacts her cult (whoever they are), they might send her some help as well...
Feb 23, 2016 1:18 pm
Going with Cunning since I saw the master's butt.


Bathing with Booze & Cigar plan (plus peeking) Cunning 4 - (1d6)

( 5 ) = 5

Gaining Favor from peeking - (1d6)

( 5 ) = 5

Feb 23, 2016 4:14 pm
As Kohaku entered the kitchen, Saki gave her the once-over. Saki thought to herself:
"Well, she certainly gets right to the point, doesn't she? At least she's frank and direct- might be good to have a co-worker like that..."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mori Kohaku. I look forward to working together," She said with a slight curtsy.
"By the way, I love the way you wear your bow! Soo cuuute!!" she continued as her sparkling yellow eyes lit up with a mix of genuine admiration for the accessory and desire to break the ice and make a nice impression on her new co-worker.

She looked at the elaborate dish that Kohaku was preparing. As fine and gaudy as the master's taste may be, she knew that no mortal man could resist the secret pancake recipe handed down for hundreds of years by one generation of arcane sisters to the next. She took some powdered cinnamon and confectioner's sugar and sprinkled them on top of her pancakes for some flair, and put the syrup in a fine crystal dish for presentation. She made only aesthetic changes, knowing better than to mess with a recipe that was already perfect.

"So it looks like perhaps I was a bit hasty to get cooking and didn't take into account the master's tastes... but I'll still bring this out for him during breakfast in case he'd like to try it." She remembered that she hadn't yet taken the time to bring her bags to her quarters. "I'm going to go ahead and find the other maids. It was lovely meeting you- let's catch up later!" She dismissed herself from the kitchen.

When she arrived at her quarters, she made a mental checklist of her belongings. "Make-up? Check. Extra miniskirts? Check. Wallet, cell-phone, toothbrush? Check, check, and check. Chainsaw? Got it." It seemed that everything was in order...

"But wait... where was that other really important thing? I know I had it somewhere...", she thought, reaching into her handbag. (Fendi, of course- Ms. Sakaguchi was always at the height of fashion). "I think it was right here...."

*Cue 3d6 roll for random item*
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Attempt to compliment/flatter new co-worker, Affection 1 - (1d6)

( 5 ) = 5

Get random item from SASS - (3d6)

( 4, 2, 1 ) = 7

Feb 24, 2016 12:09 am
"Sounds like they are in the bath. Good luck!" Kohaku gives Saki a small wave as she leaves to check on on the study. Inside she finds the room more or less in shambles. Books are piled shoulder high and falling over. Several ashtrays are filled with ash and cigar butts. Empty classes and beer bottles lay scattered around with a smattering of empty whisky and wine bottles. It would seem Boss Floyd had some high roller or family over last night without informing the maids.

Kohaku's shoulders and head droop momentarily, but then with a snap she raises her head and squares her shoulders. She makes a note to herself to remind Master Floyd that the maids are happy to have the work, but if he doesn't inform them of such things he will quickly over work them and lose their loyalties. Then Kohaku gets her cleaning supplies and sets to work tiding up, being mindful of the time as she works.

At one point she has a pile of black garbage bags that need to be moved to the incinerator before she can continue. She looks for a cart or something but can't locate one. Finally she goes down to the hotel proper and asks to borrow a luggage cart from a bellhop. "Please sir, I need this cart to assist Master Floyd." She claps her hand and bows deeply. At the bottom of her bow she hears a loud commotion behind her. She turns around to see a pile of bellhops who seem to have passed out. When she looks back at the original young man she was speaking with to ask what happened, his blood explodes from his nose and he to passes out too.

Kohaku is of course confused by this odd behavior (because she is pure), she loads the men onto the cart and takes them to the hotel physician to be looked after (because she is heroic). Figuring that the bellhop won't need his luggage cart while he is tended to, she takes it and uses it to remove the trash bags. When she returns the cart she sees three of the bellhops and returns her borrowed cart. The middle man starts to speak, but then blood explodes form his other nostril and he collapses again. Kohaku instructs the other two to take him back to the physician and make sure he rests, then returns to the library to start shelving books. She works hard to get everything back in it's proper place and finish before she needs to go finish preparing breakfast.
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Favor for light housework - (1d3)

( 3 ) = 3

Skill 2 to clean the Library fast enough and poperly - (1d6)

( 3 ) = 3

Feb 24, 2016 1:05 am
Rina retreats to the safest place she can imagine--the Summoning Pit in her room. Several tearful incantations later, Krog'tharak, Lord of Five Thousand Tortures, King of Pain, Master of Suffering, and Head of Human Resources in the Adherents of the Divine Wings of Shining Darkness--the fastest growing alternative religion in the nation!
After a long and detailed conversation, Rina finishes "...A-and now I can't get m-ma-mah-ah-harrieeeed!" The King of Pain nods, adjusting his glasses with a sharply taloned hand. His blasphemous voice sounds only of breaking glass and tortured screams, but Rina nods, seemingly able to understand. "You're right..I just need to keep working hard!"

Rina, now dry-eyed and resolute, heads back to the Master Bedroom to prepare Boss Floyd's outfits for the day. Something authoritative for the interviews, something more formal for lunch, and something formal (but fun!) for the night's festivities.


favor gain - (2d6)

( 6, 2 ) = 8

[inability to marry intensifies] - (1d6)

( 1 ) = 1

Prepare outfits for the day's business Skill 4 - (1d6)

( 5 ) = 5

Feb 24, 2016 9:23 am
@Foolsmask - Oi, you can't go around giving yourself favor! But yeah, 1d3 for cleaning the library..

Kohaku leaves the kitchen area and begins to clean the library. However, the mess is far worse than her skills can handle so it takes her longer than she anticipated. Because of the extra work required in cleaning the library, Kohaku will be preoccupied with cleaning until it is time to serve breakfast!A score of '6' is on the cusp of amateur/professional, so I figure it'll just take you longer to finish the task. Lower than 6 would've meant you failed.


Boss Floyd watches Rina run from the bathroom in tears and it hurts him deeply.... however the allure of Akita and the Bathmaster 8900 stops him from leaving. Plus, it's cold as hell out there and he's naked.

"Ah well, we can't take back what's already been done."

He wraps a towel around his waist, and grabs the bottle of brandy.

"I can't deny my maid's request, I'll let you wash my back Akita! Just, don't use your tongue...that thing is rough."

Akita's 20 > Rina's 12! Rina takes 6 stress from the encounter!
Akita earns 2d6 favor for the romantic atmosphere!
The Bathmaster 8900 earns 1d6 favor!

After Akita finishes up, she gives Boss Floyd his privacy and leaves the room.


After the scrubbing, Floyd rests in the bathtub sipping a glass of brandy. The AI within the Bathmaster 8900's voice calmly speaks, it has a sort of twangy southern accent.


"I'll only drink one, I should be fine! Gahaha!"


Rina expertly lays out several outfits for the day, most of which include some sort of floral pattern - the boss likes his flowers! When she finishes up, she notices a shadow in the mirror. She instantly recognizes it as a demonic present from her cult! They must have opened up a portal to send it to her... how sweet!

Rina earns 1d3 favor for the preparation!

Kilbert, roll 3d6 to see what Krog'tharak, Lord of Five Thousand Tortures, King of Pain, Master of Suffering, and Head of Human Resources in the Adherents of the Divine Wings of Shining Darkness has bestowed upon Rina!


Resistance to alcohol (Difficulty = 6) (Will - 2) - (1d6)

( 6 ) = 6

Feb 24, 2016 9:52 am
The time is 0730, about time to start setting up for breakfast.

Floyd had stumbled out of the bathroom, and made it back to the master bedroom to get dressed for breakfast. Rina quickly stows the present from her cult, and begins to help him get dressed.

Floyd is a talkative drunk, and even one drink will loosen his lips. It's obvious that he is more qoosey from dehydration than from the alcohol, but he still can't help but talk.

"Ooooh that Kohaku. She doesn't let us call her Mori does she? Sooo mean. Do you think she's still worried about gettin caught by the cops for that thing she did?"

His breath is minty fresh, he must have brushed after he got out of the bath.


While exploring the hotel, Saki makes her way into the master bathroom. She notices that the changing room needs a little tidying, so she checks on the main room as well. She notices that someone has attached a letter to the bathroom door. The only writing on the envelope is "Slippy", written in very nice cursive. Not sure what to make of it, Saki pockets the letter to show to Boss Floyd later. Once she opens the door, it is apparent something has gone very wrong.

Random Event!

The entire bathtub - the Bathmaster 8900 - is missing. The only thing left in the bathroom is the torn up floor, and a single pipe squirting water in an arc. Saki immediately closes the door and considers her options. It's obvious that the bathtub has been stolen, bath-napped if you will, and it is easy to deduce that the culprit is this "Slippy" character that left the letter...

As Saki is about pull out the mysterious letter to read it, Akita arrives at the entrance of the changing room with some cleaning supplies. It appears she intended to clean the main bathroom.

Dun dun duuuuuun!
Also, Kohaku should be done with the library by now. Instead of making you wait, I just made her miss some important stuff.
Feb 24, 2016 12:01 pm
Rolling for Favor will update with my post later today, (out the door to work)
Akita is slightly jealous of the Bathmasters but purrs as she works on the Boss. Either the boss is use to her giggling by this point, didn’t notice, or doesn’t mind. She dabs at the Boss with the soapy luffa sponge since he was being a bit flirty, she whispers in his ear that he should find out that it isn’t and gives him a nibble before she finishs up and is dismissed.

Skipping back to the bathroom Akita enters to see some new maid, nodding she waves to her with one hand and looks at the bathroom and blinks checking out the bathroom and it’s lack of features. Slowly turning to the new maid her eyes quadruple in size and tears well up and her low lip quivers before she cries a little, her tears flopping to the ground like water balloons that won’t pop. Finally getting over the shock in a few seconds she then looks back to the bathroom without the Bathmaster 8900 and water shooting out of a random pipe. She develops a nervous tick looking from scene to the woman several times.
”THE BATHWATER!!!!” Akita yells as she flails about moving back and forth.

She goes over to the maintenance area and turns off the water before stomping back in front of the girl her tail straight and brissled as she hisses at her, ”Did you take the MASTER’S TUB! Where is it! It has water in it! It’s not like I was going to take some of the water!” Akita demands her cat ears up straight as she continues to hiss at the new maid. Did she know the boss just got done in the bath? Was she keeping the bath water all to herself?

”Explain… Well explain while you help me clean! The bathwater’s gone…” Akita demands her voice trailing off as she pouts.

Remnant sent a note to handle
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Favor from time with the Master X3 - (2d6)

( 2, 1 ) = 3

Cleaning up after turning off the water cus it's easier (Skill 2) - (1d6)

( 3 ) = 3

Feb 25, 2016 1:51 am
Rina reaches through the mirror, taking hold of the gift. What a softie, that King of Pain. Rina nods to herself and stashes the item away.

"Boss Floyd, please allow me to make my sincerest apologies known for my earlier...Impropriety. I was completely off schedule, and I was wholly unaware that you and Akita were..that is, that you had engaged in..Ah.." Rina flushes as she attempts to apologize, descending into stammering at the thought. "H-have the proper arrangements been made f-for your m-m-marriage?" She finally manages to get out.

"Th-that aside, I've noticed your impending meetings with the staff. Please allow me to assist you directly in order to make up for my previous failure. I am certain my secretarial and managerial skills are prepared for this task, or the Thousand Torments be visited upon my soul." Rina is perhaps a little too resolute in declaring a curse upon her own soul, but Adherents are just like that.


favor gain - (1d3)

( 2 ) = 2

Moe through misunderstanding. Affection 3 - (1d6)

( 6 ) = 6

Demon presents! - (3d6)

( 4, 4, 4 ) = 12

Feb 25, 2016 3:39 am
Saki took a deep breath, in and out. She was perplexed at what she saw. So much so that she barely noticed that her colleague was indeed part feline. There.. was a bathtub here at one time.. right?

“Hey- get a hold of yourself... I just got here! I'm here to help, okay? We’ll get your bathwater. But first- who are you and where is master Floyd?”
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Feb 25, 2016 1:38 pm
"Usually one introduces themselves first when asking someone's name... Kurasawa Akita maid of Floyd-sama Master of The Maple Leaf Hotel." Akita states putting her hands on her hips and flaring her nostrils a bit of steam coming out the latter part of the statement about the Master was implied to be rather important. After feeling a bit proud of who she served she looked around, she had done a mediocre job at best and let out a sigh. Toweling off from being drenched in hot water and cleaning she answered the rest of the question, "He's probably changing in his bedroom... he might be naked... we should go and see if he needs help." Akita stated drooling a little bit and chuckling as she thought of memories of the day before wiping off her mouth.

"I'll take you too him. He'll probably want to know about BathMaster 8900. You have a letter of introduction?" Akita said in all serious before turning away.

BathMaster 8900 you are a worthy rival for the Master's attention... when we get you back maybe you, me, and the master... Akita thought to herself a vision of the bathtub in the air over her going full blast.

*Headed to the bedroom with Saki (First name right?) in tow unless she wants some dialogue along the way.*
Feb 26, 2016 2:04 am
Finished in the Library, Kohaku is heading to the kitchen when she overhears Akita and Saki talking about the missing bathtub. "Did I hear you correctly? The master's bathtub is missing? And you had just finished using it? How can this be? Does the master know? Well I was in the Library, so it wasn't me. We must open an investigation at once!" Kohaku seems to freeze for a moment, then as she begins to fade, you realize it is an after image of the maid and she is running back to her room at hyper speed. She returns in a flash, blurring blue speed lines behind her. When She comes to a stop she is wearing a deerstalker cap, her signature bow to the side, and a plaid half cloak is wrapped around her shoulders, both items are sky-blue and white, perfectly matching her uniform's color scheme. In her hands she holds a large magnifying glass with an dear antler handle and a comically large calabash pipe. Rather than smoke though, large pink bubbles that smell faintly of bubblegum stream from the pipe.

"We shall begin where the crime was committed and search for clues! Keep a sharp eye out, the culprit always returns to the scene of the crime. They are a cowardly and superstitious lot. Come Watson! The game is afoot!" You have no idea who she is talking to as she seems fixated on looking at the ground through her magnifying glass, as though she will find footprints on the walkway. It's almost as though she is just spouting detective tropes rather than knowing how to actually do police work, but she is going ot give it her all.
I imagine finding and protecting the Master's belongings is a Skill test, but I can accept other attributes if the GM decides otherwise.


Skill(2) to detect who stole the bath - (1d6)

( 5 ) = 5

Feb 28, 2016 9:47 pm
"Sakaguchi Saki... pleased to meet you. As of this morning I too am in the employ of master Floyd. Though I've arrived a bit early today, he sent for me a number of days ago and should be expecting my arrival." Saki politely introduced herself as she gave the cat-girl a once-over. 'What an... energetic little girl. I'll have to keep my eye on this one,' she thought to herself.

"I'm going to assume that bathtubs don't usually just disappear from the hotel. Just my luck to walk in on my first day and see a sight like this.. Oh well, looks like we'll have to work together to sort out this out. Let's get started!"

Once Akita turns the water off, Saki begins sorting things out and cleaning up the crime scene, but taking mental notes of anything else strange or worth investigating. While Akita is in the maintenance area, Saki quickly and carefully takes out the letter. The room, not terribly well ventilated, was still full of steam from the hot bath earlier. As such, if there were any glue on the envelope, she still might able to open it up, read the letter, then seal it back up again- making it look as if it were never opened.

She reads the letter quickly, seals it, puts it back in her pocket, then gets back to cleaning up by the time Akita comes back.
Edit: forgot to post this as character, but I figure that doesn't matter too much
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Helping Akita Clean up the Scene- skill 3 - (1d6)

( 6 ) = 6

Sneakily peeking at the letter - cunning 4 - (1d6)

( 5 ) = 5

Mar 1, 2016 10:21 am
Boss Floyd finishes up putting on the 'authoritative suit', how Rina found a Hawaiian shirt that looks authoritative is unknown. He takes a seat on his bead while reaching for a pair of argyle socks.

"Marriage? With Akita? I'm think I'm past my prime for marriage! Gahaha!"

As he stands up from tying his shiny black shoes, he takes a swig of water and nods in agreement to Rina's suggestion.

"Accompanying me is a good idea, it'll help you understand how the hotel works. As long as the others have no objections, it'd be great to have you! Forget about business for now though, I'm absolutely starving! I'm gonna whip p some of my special 'Spiced Potatoes', Gahaha!"

Floyd confidently heads towards the kitchen, it appears that he expects each person to make a dish to share. Rina hurriedly follows after him.


Akita and Saki manage to clean up the destroyed room with extreme haste. The bathroom now looks brand new again, and is awaiting the installation of a bathtub. (Combined roll of 24, which is off the charts)

Akita and Saki each get 1d4 for cleaning up the mess before Floyd found out!

Using skills usually only found in seasoned professionals, Detective Kohaku has deduced that the thief must have hacked the Bathmaster 8900's central AI! The bathtub came in a box and completely installed itself, so it would be possible to reverse the process as well. Once the tub was back in box-form, the thief probably escaped to the first floor though the courtyard. Anyone who was skilled enough could easily traverse the floors, maybe installing an electric fence would be a good idea for the future...

As to discovering who actually stole it? Well, Floyd has many enemies, so it is difficult to pin down at the moment.

Kohaku also notices a bit of residue on the door, was something stuck there before? A calling card perhaps?


On the way out of his room, Floyd notices that Saki has moved into her room.

"Ah, that Bear must have finally sent his maid. He wanted to get on the RPS action, so I made his entry fee an employee! Gahaha!... I haven't seen her yet though. Maybe we should take a peak at her room?"

He reaches for the handle, but stops short of grabbing it. He feels like there might be a trap behind that door...

"On second though, my instincts are telling me it's a better idea not to. Anyway, time for breakfast Rina! We got a schedule!"

He see Akita stomping towards him with a serious look (as serious as a cat can be anyway) on her face, but he brushes her off and exclaims "Breakfast! Schedule! Potato! Gaha!".

@Akita - You did manage to find his dirty gym clothes, and you took everything just for good measure


Kohaku can roll to beat Saki's attempt at sneakily read the letter!

Saki quickly reads the letter, although it's more like a taunt or a calling card. It reads:

Dear Pretty Boy Floyd
(soon to be not-so pretty!),

I have taken which
you hold dear, and will take more
for each game you play

-Slippery Target

This thief appears to have a thing for haiku.


You all note that the time is 0755, almost time for breakfast! There's enough time to set the table and cook something, if you have not already. A sub par breakfast will surely lead to a loss in favor!


Boss Floyd managed to cook something that isn't completely disgusting hard to swallow. The last time he tried this dish it was just a bunch of raw potatoes covered in various spices.


Spiced potato! (Skill - 2) - (1d6)

( 3 ) = 3

Mar 1, 2016 2:07 pm
”Well I’ll be sure to introduce you. And no usually the bathtubs don’t disappear from the hotel especially the Boss’ private bathtub.” Akita stated once the work was done and they were headed to the bedroom to find it empty. Akita moves from the Boss’ bedroom to the kitchen once she looked at the time and seeing him not there. Stepping in front of Saki she sidesteps presenting the Master as if introducing a god among men or a rare work of art. Because to Akita she thought he was.

”Behold Master Marcus ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd, former head of the Floyd family, and Master of the Maple Leaf Hotel. A man among men… no A GOD among men!” Akita states tossing flower petals before putting a spot light on the Master and shaking folding fans with Maple leafs on them next to him from one of his sides to the other behind him. She sweeps up the flower petals before tossing a thumb over her shoulder at the new maid once back in front of her Master.

”Bossu, this is the new maid Sakaguchi Saki. Also the bathtub has been taken, we shout down the water to the area so it won't flood. She was there before me and may have more information and Kohaku… I took the liberty of letting her search for clues while I came to inform you and introduce the new maid to the Master. Hopefully Kohaku’s found something out. Since it’s almost breakfast time please excuse me, if the Master wishes it feel free to discuss this important matter of the missing bathtub with Sakaguchi since she was the first to arrive and as stated if you’ll excuse me I should prepare a breakfast worthy of the Bossu.” she states introducing the new maid as a second thought in comparison to the incident and excusing herself.

With the important details out of the way Akita glanced over and saw what the others had prepared. Her cat ears flipped straight up and his nostrils flared. Akita fired up the oven putting a cast iron skillet in as it heated rapidly while quickly moving to the cold storage for some food stores. Coming back with what she needed she pulled the skillet right before the temp reached the preheat temperature and put it on the stove top before dropped the steak in with a bit of garlic and onion powder with a healthy dose of salt. In a frying pan she made scrambled eggs while she prepped a single cup of coffee in a French coffee press. Flipping the steak she ended up plating steak and eggs with a small bottle of hot sauce and steak sauce on the side as a few small bowls with chives and cheese in each. Pouring the cup of black coffee and prepped it for the boss the way he liked it. Writing out a small note she put the breakfast on a tray with the note.

Remnant sent a note to handle
Akita smiled to herself Pssh after a rough work out you need protein, and Bossu's a guy so that means Meat! Guys like meat! Hahahaha! quietly her tail swishing back and forth... she wasn't the best of cooks though.
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Favor from cleaning up the bathroom - (1d4)

( 3 ) = 3

Attempting to sound like Akita took control of the Bathroom situation Cunning 4 - (1d6)

( 6 ) = 6

Making Steak & Eggs with Coffee Boss' Style Skill 2 (or Cunning 4 for food prep being targeted) - (1d6)

( 6 ) = 6

Mar 2, 2016 11:03 pm
Rina contents herself with simplicity for her breafast choice--a simple fruit platter will more than suffice to balance out the grease and starch pervading the meal as-is. The nutrition of the Master is every bit as important as his satisfaction in a meal well-prepared.


Cooking, Skill 4 - (1d6)

( 2 ) = 2

Mar 7, 2016 9:41 am
Everyone sets up the table for breakfast. Floyd is a bit disappointed that the table was not prepared in advance, but it doesn't make anyone lose any favor.

Who's ready for the LIST OF PAIN(tm)?!

Floyd made spiced potatoes with a - 6
Kohaku made the caviar stuff - 6
Saki made pancakes on steroids - 12
Rina made fancy fruit - 8
Akita made steak and eggs (with skill, not cunning) - 12

After everything has been laid out for all to enjoy, Floyd serves himself and samples each of them. He obviously enjoys the pancakes and the steak the most, as he went back for more multiple times! It's worth noting that he ate the caviar first, since it was his favorite style of food - ostentatiously fancy.

"This meat....these pancakes. How can they taste so good? My potatoes can't even compete, I feel like I should give up cooking all together!

Boss Floyd takes 6 stress!
Kohaku also takes 6 stress from losing the competition, but she also gains 1d4 favor for cooking Floyd's preferred food!
Rina takes 3 stress from losing the competition! Meat and sugar > Fruit!
Saki and Akita both gain 1d6 favor for cooking the best food!

Once breakfast starts winding down, Floyd finally notices the note that Akita left him. As he reads it everyone at the table notices his brow furrow with confusion. He looks up from the note, and then reads it again. There is an moment of silence as he gathers his thoughts, if anyone has something to say before he takes any stress now would be the time to do it!

He's at 13/20 stress. Any good ideas/suggestions/insights will reduce the stress he takes from the bathtub theft!
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