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2.2 - Heyop

Apr 27, 2016 6:33 pm
No worries, as long as my test doesn't have you pouring a double Scotch... since you're at work. XD
Apr 27, 2016 11:38 pm
Ok. I've done more reading. If you want to use black force pips for negative emotions then you (or black force pips, period) you need to flip a destiny point (an easy thing) and take strain for each black pip you use. I'm going to continue under the assumption you'll proceed.
Apr 27, 2016 11:42 pm
Ok. Did more reading. Really all you can do with the basic power is cause strain. It looks like you need the first Control upgrade (10XP) in order to have a chance to have someone adopt a different emotional condition or /believe/ something.

I gotta admit the whole Force power thing is confusing how they've built it. The basic powers seem well nigh useless. So I'm going to take back the destiny point and ask for clarification. Are you attempting to cause strain (1) to the guy? if not I can roll with some narrative elements here, but from a game mechanics point of view there's nothing major that has occurred from your usage. does that make sense?
Apr 28, 2016 12:23 pm
I guess I'll rewrite up my next RP can we had wave the force useage out then since it seems kinda half dead sparkler?
Apr 28, 2016 12:51 pm
"I got to be honest with you, I figured you were like me in a way; a soldier... maybe high ranking though but from what you say I got to admit though you sound like more the worst and incompetent officer I've know. You find and recruit or kill Force users? How does that work? What's the requirement? Natural talent? Self taught and mildly competent." Heyop stated in disgust.

"Those you don't think know enough latently you what? Kill? And your Master he just tortures them or trains them depending on his mood? How is that any good? What happens when he finds someone more adept than you? Are you out? Killed? Is he waiting for you to try and challenge him? Your organization and structure at least to me makes no sense... There's no Rank and File really and morale is solely based on the whims of what seems to be a mad man or a spoiled child! You two aren't recruiting for the 'Dark Side' you're committing genocide to me it looks. It doesn't look like you're trying to win really with this strategy against the Light side since it hurts you just as much as makes you feel superior. Is your only option to now figure out how to train and grow potential that isn't easily seen or available for what you want but to just kill if it's not easy? Is that what you're promoting winning and gathering forces if it's easy? That's poor leadership and speaks to mental issues to me. Do you even really think you two can win in a battle with this ideology? What's the point? After killing off Force users foolishly and blindly eventually there won't be any more, not for you to battle or deal with I mean existing period that includes you. I've seen a lot of death and hold in a lot of hurt and emotions, I take the good with the bad. I don't use it to lash out and throw a tantrum most of the time and make myself feel superior by spreading pain and suffering to others. So if you're real I got to say we probably won't be friends but I can't totally hate you. I don't know what happened to you in your life or what your Master did for you to turn out with way or if it's just you but you need help but I do feel sorry for you, you might be chosen by your Master but in a way I don't think he's training you really because you don't seem to be living up to probably your potential or thinking for yourself. You probably don't hear this a lot but... Inquisitor... you need help." Heyop stated chasticing the man a look of pity and disappointment on his face as he grew silent.

"You can state my friends are weak, hell to be honest I feel weak at times too. You may not admit it but you probably feel the same as well at times. Doesn't mean others are stronger at the time... just different. That doesn't mean I'm going to sit by and watch people do the wrong thing for what they think is the right reason. So if you're going to strike down anyone who stands up because they don't agree with you and you're too foolish to open your eyes to what you're doing well.... My name is Heyop I'm right here, reminding you to wake up. You can strike me down but there's always going to be somebody to stand up and remind you. Right now, right here, it just happens I'm the guy doing it." he states staring down the man throwing his hands out and away to the sides looking to see what the man would do.
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Apr 28, 2016 2:22 pm
Cap stands stoically through this tirade. "And that, is why the jedi are extinct. Always lecturing and never realizing the power that the Force provides them. Happy little mewling sheep adhering to their mistaken code rather than using the Force to free themselves from their shackles." He kicks Csillag to the floor and waves her away with his saber.

"The Dark Side is far simpler and far more powerful -- because we don't have to spend years debating with one another if it's appropriate to go to the bathroom before we go." Csillag gets up and wanders away -- silently -- disappearing into the edge of darkness that has fallen in the room. Cap gestures to the center. "Come and kneel, boy. I will secure you for transport to my master and you can learn the value of your idle chatter about values."
Apr 28, 2016 2:44 pm
"Well now that Csillag is safe I don't think I'll be doing that or trying to comply with you." Heyop states watching her go, unsure if it's real. "The power the Force is a tool, it matters how you use it in the end, if you think the code hinders I guess you forget it tempers as well. You make it sound like the Dark Side is easier but that doesn't always mean it's better or right. Considering your Master might just up and kill you next week doesn't speak volumes of Job Security to me either. And yeah sometimes you should probably look before you leap and think about things, unless the Dark Side is a bit delusional... or mostly based of teenage angst. Actually that explains a bit about Malefax... You are implying the fact you have values too though. So besides making yourself look good and kicking the legs out from under others and possibly being mentally dysfunctional... what can you and your Master really teach me, how to be a better person? Well probably not, how to use the Force when you feel like it? How to toot my own horn about what I do and how I'm great? I never really saw the point to that last one though. I do think in a different life I could very well have ended up like you if I felt I was weaker and took shortcuts to get around things... granted you could have been like me also though if you just knuckled up and bore the brunt of your burdens in life but since you claim to be 'far superior in the force' I guess you'd probably state you'd be better at being good too though. You don't really want to talk but we've been talking a lot it seems and you run away every time I attack you so what are we going to do? Agree to disagree and go our separate ways? We're going to just butt heads it seems either physically or verbally over ideology and stalemate. So what do you want to do besides request me to submit which you probably figured out I'm not doing since I don't see the point and you refusing my request for you to change which you aren't doing it I guess since it's not easy." Heyop asked with a shrug.
Apr 28, 2016 4:06 pm
"Then you will fail your test and die here."
Apr 28, 2016 4:12 pm
The figure is no longer in the room -- it is no longer dark and the blue circle that once was in its center is now gone. A little dust shakes from the ceiling due to some sort of seismic jiggle.
Apr 28, 2016 4:14 pm
Heyop shrugs, "Well I guess it's been an okay run then. Grunts gotta die sometime."
Apr 28, 2016 4:38 pm
Several moments pass -- and Heyop's stomach grumbles a little. It's been awhile since he's had the luxury of a meal, or a snack, and this has all been somewhat stressful. Distracted as he is by his own thoughts, it takes him a moment to realize he now shares the room with some dusty looking old people.

One is a human female, another is a cerean male and the third appears to be a mirialan like himself. They sit in a wide semi-circle with Heyop at the center.

The human says, "Stubborn. Unbending. Does this not make him brittle?"

The cerean male replies, "It may. It's not clear if he's learned anything from his time here."

Both look to the third - the mirialan female. The human asks, "Luminara?"
Apr 28, 2016 4:45 pm
The mirialan pauses to consider. "I recall a time where my own stubbornness nearly led to my downfall. A young padawan was insistent in her efforts to aid me, and these saved my life. We must be careful in our tests, Setele, that this one is not judged for doing right too harshly."

The human female nods. "This is true -- but he knows nothing. He must understand that the Force does not bend to his will, but that he must hear it and move with it. His arrogance and stubbornness can lead him down the path of the Dark Side if he does not understand that he must be open to receiving guidance -- and not just interested in giving it." She smirks and looks askance, "Or debating it to death."
Apr 28, 2016 4:47 pm
The sound of a wrapper opening can be heard as Heyop pulls out a less that tasty slightly gritty food bar from his bag. Mentally he reminds himself it's fuel not food as he chokes down the possibly sand and stone based food stick.

"Uh... Hey quick question... are the others okay? Also I kind of learned something but stating what I think I learned will likely not make you less stressed about me." Heyop offers up looking expectantly at the three.
Apr 28, 2016 4:56 pm
The cerean considers, "It would seem then, that I sit in judgment between these points of view." Heyop's question is considered. "I'm afraid we do not know what has become of your friends. They may sit on the cusp of failure and death. The Force does not test you without consequences." He returns to the matter at hand, "This test -- which you may have failed in spirit, but perhaps not on technicality is not yet resolved. This temple is known for the test of bonding -- it tests whether you can forgo your bonds and act in a universal best interest. Can you sacrifice the bond for a better outcome? Can you sacrifice yourself for those who need your help?"

He considers, "It is not clear that you can do this. Your sense of self-preservation and righteousness is concerning. These lead into the passion of heated argument. This passionate anger is the first step down the Dark Side. You are dangerous now. You sit at perhaps the most dangerous time for you with respect to the Force, and the test is unclear if you appreciate the risk and can submit to the will of the Force."
Apr 28, 2016 5:09 pm
Heyop listens and oddly feels like he's before an appraisal board back in the military finding himself locking up into a position 'at ease'.

"I've lived most of my adult life as a Grunt, and I still unfortunately think that way most of the time. I've learned from these past few months... I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to the Force. It's complicated to feel when it's not just based on Faith and what you can normally touch and study. That being said I guess I can understand what you're saying... except for the whole 'bond', which is probably bad considering that's the whole point of this place. Do you mean you want someone to stay here with you or a link to other people. I think I can make sacrifices for others but the best outcomes don't always happen I can state from experience but I'm kind of worried about the others. So how about this if they're going to fail and die could you just uh.. just fail them? I'll take their place for the rest. Also my apologies for asking but are you people ghosts?" he states.
Apr 28, 2016 5:36 pm
"The bond we speak of was traditionally between a Master and his Padawan. Over the years this could be a very deep bond - but the Force encourages us to be cautious about our emotional ties -- and this place is known for its ability to test than bond, and specifically the ability to let it go." He gestures to himself and his colleagues, "We have each been a Padawan and trained them. There comes a time where you must be able to do what is right, even at the risk of losing yourself or someone with whom you have a bond. Setele's own master was struck down as she fled to provide a warning to the Republic thousands of years ago. Had she stubbornly stuck with her master, the impact to the Republic could have been far more dire."

Letting that sink in, he adds, "If you are ready to sacrifice yourself for the others -- why did you not do so when offered that chance in your three tests? We have no control or impact on the fate of the others. Their fate is their own to manage. As to what we are -- consider ourselves a way for the Force to interact with you."
Apr 28, 2016 6:04 pm
Hethan Romund. Would she be considered his Master? She couldn't actually 'see or feel' the force. Considering the example given he'd done the opposite to save her.

"Hostage situations are always a gamble." Heyop states, "In the first situation I moved to buy Dagger time, as well as in the second scenario with Urik. I don't know much of lightsabers but does diving on a weapon really slow down the user much to then kill the hostage like picking up food with a fork? The odd thing about these tests was the hostages not trying to break free and flee when there's an opportunity. I know each of these people and for better or worse they value their life. Was I suppose to dive at their attacker and take the hit? Given the clue to not take a violent path I tried to talk things out... that just stalemated and to be honest I've spent the last several years mostly just talking to myself or animals so I don't think I'm the best at it." he explains running a hand through his hear shaking his head.

"I don't see the point to sacrifice myself or getting myself killed if there's no benefits to me, or peace of mind the others are safe. Unfortunately it sounds more like you would have preferred me to attempt the idea of self sacrifice first without weighing if it would do any good or if it was the best option." he shakes his head trying to figure out what they're really trying to tell him.

"Misguided altruism is just as dangerous as delusional righteousness the latter being what the 'Inquisitor' spoke of." he adds.

Heyop was confused but at least glad they weren't ghosts.
Apr 28, 2016 6:18 pm
"The inquisitors do not act from a sense of righteousness. They act for power and victory. They believe that using the Force to gain power sets them free of their bonds -- but there is always a Master of the Sith who manages the puppet strings. The freedom they believe they gain is an illusion. They are slaves to the Dark Side and its desires. Because they follow a path that allows them to do what they will in the service of victory -- they believe they are free."

"The third test was explicit - you were asked to give up yourself for your friend. It appeared you agreed, and then backed away. This is what causes some consternation with you, young one. In the other tests, it was not apparent that you weighed any option beyond violence."

The mirialan, Luminara speaks up. "A jedi must sometimes take risks upon herself in order to enable the greater good for the outcome. We sought evidence that you understood that."
Apr 28, 2016 6:32 pm
"Yeah his whole ideology made me wonder if he was more shell shocked than I use to be." Heyop admits as they give him sagely advice. He blinks with the questioning of his lack of self sacrifice, "You guys... sorry and ladies... didn't actually want me to get myself killed and/or tortured after my friend was free of danger did you? That's sounds more like just giving up. Yeah doing something in the heat of the moment is kind of my knee jerk reaction, thinking too much usually isn't my strong suit."

Heyop scratches his head for a bit.

"Yeah I guess I don't understand. After my friend was free and running away getting captured and killed I don't see who that benefited... Well maybe the inquisitor. Did he have a quota of people he needed to bring in? Or was I suppose to be more reckless about my personal safety to save my friends each time... Is...uh... is that the bond?" Heyop states seemingly more confused as he talked.
Apr 28, 2016 6:44 pm
"Reckless, no. Selfless, perhaps. Choosing to put yourself at risk for others -- trusting in the Force is a critical step towards greater understanding." Setele offers.

The lone male asks, "Why would you seek to walk the path of the jedi?"
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