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Chapter 3 - HQ Interlude

May 21, 2016 3:45 am

The Returning Members
As another day turns to evening at sea, you hear the call. LAND HO! You've finally arrived back in Neverwinter. Torment comes down to make sure you heard the call and make sure everyone is doing alright.

Not going to lie, still a little surprised you all made it back in one piece, she jokes, slapping Utes on the back as she lets out a chortle.

Aelar's troupe is safe and in time even the blight that seems to have affected one of the sisters has faded into the past. Luckily she seems to remember nothing of what happened around that time. Probably for the best. Watching your sister killed on a table in front of you can really haunt a person.

You finally touch down in the city and Ramas, having traveled with you, informs you he is heading to the headquarters in the Beggar's District. I have much to report. They will probably want to see you and your guest. Well, all of your guests. As soon as possible.

The sun hangs only inches from the horizon and the glowing orange light slowly fades away. Gas street torches are being lit by guards and the Docks is rather quiet, a big change from the usual hustle and bustle of the day.

The New Members
Unbeknownst to the returning group two relatively new members to The Daggers have already made their way to Neverwinter's main headquarters. Having just arrived today they have found lodging in rooms right next to where the groups already are. The half-orc commander, Samuel, has greeted you upon your arrival, and has called you again into his office after you got settled in. Thank you for coming so quickly. I am not sure if you have heard word through the network of the Red Tavern incident, or much on the case of The Bard. I will catch you up to speed on that when the rest of our active team returns.

Just then a man with two short swords slung across his hips walks in. His black hair pulled up tight in a small bun. He salutes Samuel, something that shows his ex-militia training. Sir, the group is back in Neverwinter and will be in soon to debrief. We have completed the first rescue successfully.

Ah, good to hear, good to hear, Samuel says, a large smile crossing his face. He turns back to the two of you. It looks like we have good timing. We will debrief when the rest of the team gets here. Until then feel free to make yourself at home in the headquarters. I'm sure it will beat the quarters you've had while out on assignment. Uh, what was it The Daggers had you doing again?
What do you all choose to do? To the new members, feel free to flesh out what assignment you think The Daggers would have had you on that utilized your particular skills.
May 21, 2016 5:36 am
"Watching pirates," mutters the genasi druid in a voice like a clogged drain, picking mud off of his boots and flicking it onto the floor. For a water genasi, Firn almost appears to have avoided a bath for far too long, covered in a layer of travel dust while his musty leather armor looks faded with grime. They say that water genasi smell of fresh rain, but in Firn's case he smells more like mildew.

Firn looks obviously uncomfortable in the chair and in the city, lips pursed tight in an expression of disapproval at the trappings of civilization. "But, I am always ready when The Daggers call," he continues, and this time his voice has an assertiveness. "Whatever you need me to do, I'm glad to help."
May 23, 2016 12:05 pm
Once Ramas leaves to give his report, I say to no one in particular, "Well, that was a bit of excitement, wasn't it? Perhaps it is in our best interests to take one evening to relax and enjoy ourselves, yes?" I can't wait to find a new book to dig into. There must be a well-stocked library somewhere. I can't believe I haven't seen to visiting it already!
May 23, 2016 1:22 pm
Xadira. You recall from your last visit here that the main hall of The Dagger's hideout is probably one of the largest looking libraries you have seen. It takes up the span of a few city blocks, and is entirely lined with bookshelves. All packed with bound books, scrolls, and maps. Outside of that you think you may be able to find a nice bookstore in the City Core. There are a few good merchants there.

Firn. Samuel greats your willingness to serve with broad smile. Good, good. You two were chosen for your very unique and particular skills. Also, after our debriefing, you are free to use the facilities here. We even have a very soothing bathhouse located in Hall E., he says, looking at you Firn as he says that last line, trying to be quite subtle.
May 23, 2016 1:41 pm
Aelar stretches and smiles, happy to be back on land again, "What do you think, Utes? It's your prince that's in danger, so I think you should decide our course from here."

Aelar wraps an arm around Talia's waist and pulls her close to him, and leans close to speak with her, "I'll get you settled in and safe here, and once I've taken care of retrieving the prince I will be back for you, I promise."
May 23, 2016 10:56 pm
Ütés doesn't immediately respond to Aelar's query. Still sore from the fight with Gasher and suffering a bit from the continuous rocking of the ship, she simply stands still, enjoying the feeling of not wanting to puke her guts out.

"Yes, the good prince" she finally answers "My duty to the King is to once again rescue the dumb lad from his own misadventures."

She pauses for a moment as she looks towards Aelar and Talia, and then toward Xadira. "My duty to my friends, however, is to ensure their well being before we venture forward. Let us rest and recuperate and when we're ready we will start the quest for the prince."
May 25, 2016 1:33 pm
A good nights sleep would be good. Plus I'm sure The Daggers will have much to talk to me about, Bill says as he and Aelar's troupe follow along as you head towards the Beggar's Nest where the hidden entrance to The Dagger's main hall is.

I would like to speak with you as well when you are free, Davos the fortune-teller says to Bill.

It isn't long before you've found yourself back into the main hall through that dingy decaying looking door. You see a desk once again with Green, the small gnome sitting there reading through a rather large tome. He looks up for a moment from his book, Welcome back, is all he says and goes back to his reading.

You suddenly realize there are two gnomes here. Two Greens actually. The other one sits just behind and to the side of the one reading a book. He looks taller and he looks up at you smiling. He gets up and walks over. When he stands you realize that he is actually as tall as an average person, but looks like Green the gnome who is only a few feet high. The fake Green had been trying his best to hunch and look smaller when he was sitting.

Ah, Utes, Aelar, Xadira! Welcome back, glad to see you made it in one piece, and it looks like you were successful in your mission?, says the fake Green.
May 25, 2016 1:51 pm
"Fortunately yes, though it was a very near thing. I expect Samuel will want to see us?"
I think it was Samuel who sent us out in the first place?
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May 25, 2016 1:55 pm
Fake Green grins widely. Of course, of course. Samuel is actually in his quarters with the two new additions to your quest. He looks over Utes for a moment. Then after your debriefing maybe you should go see our healers back in the Healer's Hall, he says, pointing farther back into this massive main hall of The Daggers. You see a banner above an offshoot hallway from here that has a decorative healing hand symbol.

As he talks the Fake Green starts to change. His skin turns back to it's pale ashen-grey color and his eyes revert to a solid cloudy white. His hair grows back into longer white hair and you see Taft standing in front of you, still grinning widely.
May 25, 2016 2:16 pm
In the commander's quarters, Nix has just finished delivering her report on the espionage mission she has just returned from. She delivered this report telepathically, without uttering a word out loud. This is a talent of hers few are aware of, even among the Daggers (though of course the commander is well aware). To most, Nix is simply a particularly crafty and elusive rogueish gnome who is an exceptional spy. Her svirfneblin heritage is obvious in her skin coloration and her bald pate. Underneath the too-large forehead, wispy, upturned eyebrows sit atop large, intelligent eyes. If people only knew just how intelligent, and in what way, they might steer clear of her.

Nix turns her penetrating gaze on Firn now, studying him. She has never seen a water genasi before.
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May 25, 2016 3:45 pm
Firn sniffs, then wipes his nose with his sleeve, leaving a streak across his face as well as his clothes.
May 25, 2016 4:01 pm
It's not long before a changeling walks in followed by a half-elf, human, elf, and a good number of other people. Samuel is quickly overwhelmed by people in his office.

Taft, it's a bit crowded in here, how about you take our non-mission critical people to quarters by the rest?, Samuel says.

Taft, the changeling, nods agreement and leads the larger group of the troupe out to the rooming hall. From the perspective of the new people the people that remain are the half-elf, elf, two humans, one female soldier type, and one male in a pretty tattered looking robe. Also standing there is a halfling that has remained behind from the troupe.

That's much better. First off welcome back. I'm very happy to hear the first portion of the rescue has gone successfully. Ramas has already been in to notify me of the events at the keep. It sounds like you handled that situation quite handily. With the destruction of the entire keep we will certainly put a dagger in the plans of The Bard, he says to Utes, Aelar, and Xadira.

For the second rescue our spies have brought us news that your prince is still being held in Salar, a town out in the deserts of the far east. We have brought two of our agents in whose skills will be indispensable to you in this, he continues, gesturing to a small purple looking gnome and a blue creature who smells of mildew and mold and seems to be utterly bereft of this fact.

Utes, Aelar, Xadira, these are our agents, Fin, the water genasi, and Nix, our Svirfneblin mystic., he says, gesturing to each in turn, And to you two, these are the ones that have been the center of the Red Tavern incident. For a brief overview they were targeted by The Bard, drugged by a special cocktail he has brewed up that causes uncontrollable rage and aggression. Aelar's troupe, and Utes' prince were captured during the attack and we have been putting our resources behind them to aid in their retrieval.

He pauses after all of this to gauge your response to all of this information.
May 25, 2016 4:09 pm
The water genasi stands as introductions are made, planting his boots in the very mud he had picked off earlier. Since the mud had already dried, this does little more than create smashed dirt on Samuel's floor.

"Hi," says Firn.
May 25, 2016 4:14 pm
Aelar watches Talia leave, giving her a wink and a smile as she exits the room, then turns back to Samuel and the new agents, "Things turned out better than we could have expected. Unfortunately, we haven't heard from Crolwell, since before our battle with their leader. It's nice to meet you, Firn, and you too, Nix," he sweeps a low bow at this point, ignoring Firn's dirtiness, having seen much worse on the beggars and drunks in his travels, "I'm sure your assistance will prove invaluable in our task."
May 25, 2016 5:11 pm
"Oh, hello! So very good to meet you all." I stand as far from the water genasi as I possibly can, cleaning my robes with a quick prestidigitation spell for good measure. I quickly nod to the other newcomer.
May 25, 2016 9:25 pm
Nix gives Samuel a sidelong glance when he calls her a mystic. She gauges the others' reactions to that a moment before a smile lights up her face. "Hiya! I'm Nixquilnamitzontecon Cuatextliyol. But like the commander said, you can call me Nix. Everyone does. Pleased to meet ya!" she says in the breathless, cheerful manner of all surface gnomes.
I'm playing up the fact that psionics are rarer in the world than magic, and often regarded with distrust or aversion.
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May 25, 2016 10:32 pm
"Is there any other news of this Bard? Has anyone determined exactly why so many of the musically inclined were rounded up and brought to that keep, and/or what he could be plotting next? Has anyone been able to procure a sample of the substance used to poison our minds, as well as others? Oh dear, what if the Bard has captured Crolwell?! His life could very well be in danger! Although I must say, he is a resourceful fellow. Crolwell, I mean. Although perhaps the Bard is as well. I wouldn't know for certain." I look up expectantly towards the veteran Daggers, awaiting answers.
May 25, 2016 10:39 pm
Ignoring most of the formalities Ütés simply asks, "How many days travel is Salar?"
May 26, 2016 2:44 am
Samuel looks less than enthused by the stream of questions that pour from Xadira as he struggles to even get a semblance of an answer in to any question before another has flown out.

He turns to Utes when she speaks, All in due time, first we need to know what happened at that keep. Many of the questions your friend has may be answered by the man in the cloak there. Ramas has informed us that he seems to know much of The Bard. We also have our spies looking into the whereabouts of Crolwell.

With this Bill steps up to talk.

Aelar, you also notice Eagin is still in this room, and he walks up by Samuel's desk and takes a seat, listening intently as Bill speaks.
May 26, 2016 2:59 am
OMG. Guys, I'm so pissed. I wrote like a 2 page long diatribe on this awesome backstory of these characters, and the my computer crashed. Lost it all. Rewriting now.
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